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Dianne Schuch - Lindsey

Dianne Schuch - Lindsey
Houston via Kenosha, Wisconsin, Texas, USA
June 21
Friend or Foe...your choice
I am a graduate of the JeJune Institute with a Masters Degree in Pointless Endeavors. I regrettfully copyrighted my work. It isnt copyrighted/ Take what you wish. If I posted it on a public forum, I no longer consider it my own. I should just feel greatful you even want to read it and consider it entertainment or viable information. Enjoy


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NOVEMBER 5, 2014 5:35AM

Seriously...the front page....

...nuff said.

AUGUST 2, 2014 7:19PM

Thank you for your kind comments.

 I thought you all had forgotten me.


I always thought "she's out there, she'll come to her senses and we will see each other again.  She will explain everything and tell me why she was so cruel.


But instead I found out she had cancer and died and even… Read full post »

and I have no closure.  Read full post »
OCTOBER 24, 2013 6:11PM


As I have said, I am keeping my opinions close to the vest.   




(HLN) -- Sherry West defended her recollection of how her 13-month-old child was fatally shot in Brunswick, Georgia, as she testified Wednesday against De'Marquise Elkins, the teen accused of pulli

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Associated press:

MARIETTA, GA. — A man accused of fatally shooting a baby in coastal Georgia hid a gun at a relative's apartment the day after the slaying, and his mother and sister came to get it, a woman who lives in the home said Monday.

Danielle Williams testified that… Read full post »

Lace front wigs cause cancer.



What is a lacefront wig?  Here is the Wiki answer:


lace wig or a lace front wig is a special type of hairpiece or wig designed with a sheer lace base. Lace front wigs are made with real&… Read full post »


 Sherry West with 'her baby'



Thursday marked day four in the murder trial of a teenager accused of shooting and killing a Brunswick toddler at point blank range. It included more damaging testimony against the accused gunman, 18-year-old De'marquise Elkins.

Prosecutors argu… Read full post »

 Current proceedings on the death of baby shot in the face by 2 black youths,


MARIETTA, Ga. (CN) - Attorneys for the teenager accused of murdering a baby in a stroller tried unsuccessfully Wednesday to exclude testimony from the teen's accused accomplice.
     DomiRead full post »

swFortyone year old Sherry West, woke on the morning of  March 21, 2013, made herself breakfast, fed her little 13 month old boy and prepared him for a long overdue walk. 

She had not been out in a very very long time.

Sherry bundled up young Antonio, put him in his… Read full post »

AUGUST 19, 2013 8:34AM

WTF? Controversial Cereal Ad.

Cheerios has apparently ticked a lot of folks off.


So Much so, that the comments on YouTube for this ad have been closed.


I need to know.  Comments here are WIDE open.  

Why do you think this is controversial.  I just don't see it. 


 … Read full post »

AUGUST 15, 2013 6:45PM

What is a blog?

What is a blog.


It is a WebLog.  So why isn't it called a Wlog?  Do I need to answer that?

Here is the definition from our St. Wiki:

blog (a contraction of the words web log)[1] is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web&nbRead full post »



I had dieted during my pregnancy.  I was only 19 years old and after doing some math, I realized that if I consumed a little LESS food rather than more, this would be an opportune way to lose weight.  I weighed 136 pounds when I was given the… Read full post »

AUGUST 13, 2013 7:12AM

I was born in the wrong year.

AUGUST 12, 2013 7:30AM

OMG ..I understand Schrodinger's Cat!


and no I am not going to waste my time trying to explain.




click tracking
click tracking



My site is a mess because Salon deleted and then re-enrolled me bringing absolutely every post and it's corrections.


If you are here to read my book, use the links on your lower left, or the book index that has my other essays and help clinics.Read full post »

APRIL 26, 2013 8:02PM

OCD, Aspergers and Jonathan Wolfman?

Statistics tell us 26.2% of the population has been diagnosed with some sort of mental disorder in a given year. Every year 9.6% of the population is diagnosed with this affliction. According to the 2004 Census that translates to 57 million people. Of course this number is much highRead full post »

APRIL 19, 2013 5:36PM

Workplace Violence and Ann Curry



*Going postal, in American English slang, means becoming extremely and uncontrollably angry, often to the point of violence, and usually in a workplace environment.

Though the movie about the same thing says their Wikipedia research claims going postal describes a person who commits mu… Read full post »

APRIL 11, 2013 11:55AM

Third Secret of Fatima and The Pope

There has been much written and much more asked about the Third Secret of Fatima.

And every time it comes up, I become embroiled with research. I guess it has been some time since this obsession has occurred because from my last endeavor, the third secret had not yet… Read full post »


This is an absolutely true story Book Index

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"Grow old with me...the best is yet to be."  Robert Frost

Mel had made one last play at being God and decided I was no longer of any value to society and needed toRead full post »

This is an absolutely true story Book Index

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If human beings were shown what they're really like, they'd either kill one another as vermin, or hang themselves.


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This is an absolutely true story Book Index


Don’t you find it Funny that after Monday(M) and Tuesday(T), the rest of the week says WTF?

Dianne will be dead within a year

Yes that is what Mel was telling everyone and anyone.


I had stopped taking theRead full post »

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I have never known a more vulgar expression of betrayal and deceit.
Lucien Bouchard

It was as if Mel truly wanted me dead. And I felt that by killing myself I was improving the gene poolRead full post »


This is an absolutely true story Book Index

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Do not get in the business of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup

I received what seemed was a lifesaving phone call from one of my friendly co-patients atRead full post »

MARCH 18, 2013 4:45PM

Life in the NutHut ... IISTGp129

This is an absolutely true story Book Index

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I myself spent nine years in an insane asylum and I never had the obsession of suicide, but I know that each conversation with a psychiatrist, every morning at the time of his visit, madeRead full post »