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Dianne Schuch - Lindsey

Dianne Schuch - Lindsey
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June 21
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I am a graduate of the JeJune Institute with a Masters Degree in Pointless Endeavors. I regrettfully copyrighted my work. It isnt copyrighted/ Take what you wish. If I posted it on a public forum, I no longer consider it my own. I should just feel greatful you even want to read it and consider it entertainment or viable information. Enjoy


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JANUARY 17, 2012 5:59AM

What is it....

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About me

A chronology of a life misrepresented

It is not quite my one year anniversary of being on the internet. I was a late bloomer, me the IT person, felt nothing good could come of the International Super Highway, and I am still not convinced that I am wrong, since the demise of my life as I knew it probably ended because of it. But then again, not quite 10 months ago, it opened new doors. Or windows - literally and figuratively speaking. And here I am, doing what my father always insisted I do, and that is write. Just for the sake of writing.

One day Job was complaining to God that nothing was going his way.

And God answered:

“Do you give the horse HIS strength or clothe his neck with flowing mane?

Do you make him leap like a locust, striking terror with his proud snorting?

He paws fiercely, rejoicing in his strength: and charges into the fray.

He laughs at fear, and is afraid of nothing.

He does not shy away from the sword, the quiver rattles against his side along with the flashing spear and lance. In frenzied excitement he eats up the ground.

He cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds.“

I watched Secretariat; unknowingly I picked it in my Netflix live streaming and left it on. It brought back the only good memory I have of my father in law, Jack Lindsey, when he and I watched him win the Preakness and ultimately the Triple Crown.

I had followed this horse’s career as a young girl when my father and I would go to the races. I recall clearly telling my father he would win, my dad of course called it what it was, a longshot. But he knew to listen to me.

You see, when I was ten and we went to off-track betting in Racine, I picked a jockey instead of a horse. The Jockey’s name was Mark, same as my little brother. I do not recall his last name, but I do remember him winning three races in a row, so I asked my dad for a buck and I placed my illegal underage bet. When I returned to the table and he saw my ante, he laughed and said he was glad he didn’t give me more money for such a frivolous wager. That jockey did, in fact, win four times in a row, and after that I was good luck, at least at the races; with my dad.

Sometimes he would use my birthday, age or other such seemingly random stake and he would win. So he bet on Secretariat and laughed at his probable loss. My father-in-law and I watched the Kentucky Derby and he rankled me about getting my father to place a generous bet on the unlikely hero of this story. It is the only time I ever remember him and I having certain camaraderie.

It sticks in my mind because this first unpretentious female-owned horse was such a magnificent master of his own destiny, all things seemed possible. And at that moment the seemingly impossible happened and I shared a moment with the most unlikely relationship. Secretariat and I would forever be linked in that one moment when he won by over thirty laps. A preposterous feat.

When I accidentally clicked VIEW in Netflix, I thought I had seen it all when it came to Secretariat. Why would a movie compel me? Then those words were spoken and I was once again transported to that magical moment when father, father-in-law, daughter and daughter in law, all celebrated my personal victory. Those words, from the bible, rewritten for the agnostic mind made me realize my self-deprecation has to seize.

I actually am writing to tell you why I haven’t been writing. Yes I am just that supercilious that I believe anyone really gives a shit. I am also that patently conscious that someone, if only one person, will read what I have to say. Then can my chosen initiative be considered a success.

At the very times you think there must not be a God otherwise bad things wouldn’t happen, it is those very events that prove there is, in fact, a God. He is a vengeful master and makes us contrite with His love when we need it the most. It never seizes to amaze me the cruelty we inflict on each other. Blood against blood. Love against love. Nothing is impossible if everything is possible. Everything comes back, sage advice. The passion of the moment may mean a lifetime of pain, if not for you, than for someone you love even more than yourself. I have seen the swift hand of justice deliver catastrophic blows in simple fate. If you think you’re immune, then you don’t think.

Did you ever not like someone and you don’t know why? Like John Malkovich. I can’t stand him and I have no idea why. He’s a great, believable actor, UNbelievable at times (great that is), in his craft, but I don’t like him. So much so, that I actually look for his movies NOT to watch, and then those are the very ones I end up watching. That is my appeal to many people. They don’t know why they feel compelled to be mean and dispirited with me, they just are.

I have far more intelligent things to say when I don’t talk so much. The very aspect of my being that attracts people to me ultimately drives them away.

I get far more enjoyment from my art and from my writing then I ever did from another human being. I have had countless requests to write letters for people, resume’s, complaints, reconciliations, thanks. I wish I were more introspective about that.

Ultimately, it makes nonesuch a prosperous living, but at least it garners a different kind of respect, better to be a starving artist than a rich politician. For instance that word nonesuch, it may never have been a word had I not idealized it. Who are we to say what is and is not a word when we are the inventor of words?

The written word gets far more respect than the spoken word, otherwise why would we embrace history so much?

Carve it on the bottom of some mammoth statue and it is suddenly virtue.


I have blown through TWO acers in lesws than a year.  No support from the company, and the last comment from therm is "These are considered a disposable computer, that is why we price them so low."

How dare they????  We have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren that are inheriting this preposterous idea.  Landfiulls are filled with computers, tvs, cellphones and microwaves, to name a few.  At what point do we realize this and rectify it?


I have a new computer, Toshiba, and a wonderful friend who always looks out for me.


I am greatful to him as I am to all of you.



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By the way IISTG means If It Seems Too Good to be True
Yes, this is absolutely positively true. If you lived this wouldn't you write about it? Some of the names of characters in this blog are fictitious. This is an account of actual events. Some of the events have been compiled together for the flow of the story. Even when I read my own work, I wonder how it could be so. But if you study your own life and compartmentalize it into less than 200 pages, you would be surprised how interesting it really is!


This material is the copyright Dianne Schuch Lindsey and cannot be duplicated in any fashion withoutthe express permission of the Author. All rights reserved ©

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A beautiful ditty about stuff running around in your head....just got back myself.
Brazen, welcome back, this is starting out to be a trying year on Salon.
I hve to say to you here that this is as gorgeous an exposition of what races through an intelligent, beautiful, feeling, edgy person's mind as I have ever read. Thank you wor sharing this w me. Rated.
Good stuff
Nice to have you back
The written word gets far more respect than the spoken word, otherwise why would we embrace history so much? How true this is..thanks for your return and so sorry for that disposable computer.
Welcome back. Unfortunately there is so much to read on OS and not enough time. Hope your new computer will run like the horses on the track.
I am happy that you are back and that you blessed us with this
stream of consciousness writing. I like the way it flows and expresses your experience and desires.
rated with love
Who do you like at Gulfstream, 5th race, this Thursday?
Congratulations, DS-L, on nearing your first anniversary on OS. I'm doing the same. I hope the coming year is a lucky one for you at the track of life!
Well welcome back. It's good to see you in here again.
Dianne, you are a prolific writer and yes I did notice you were gone. I'm just sorry I'm unable to read everything you post. I envy your ability to produce such good materially so consistently. I don't agree with what you say about God being a vengeful master, though. If God is love, which I believe, then there's no room for vengeance. But I've also had two Acer laptops and I have no argument with the fact that they are junk. Total waste of money and I wish God would wreak vengeance on that company! I love your observations here; what a cool story about Secretariat. As for the word "nonesuch" - I always associate it with mincemeat.
Interesting "stream of consciousness" and included at no additional charge: a short story about a horse, computer advice and admonitions to create new words.

Now how much would you pay?

In the end, I have to think we have to write for ourselves, or madness will overtake us (though a little positive encouragement doesn't hurt.) Keep writing.
Oh my what a wonderful thing to come home to!

Jonathan as always:}

MCS Looking forward to more of your prose

Poetess: Always heartening words from a prolific writer thanks!

Algis: all this blabber came to me suddenly upon hearing the book of JOB. I am not a bible belting word swan, but the rewriting of those words for Secretariat literally and still does bring tears for the generosity this earth has given us, free...all we have to do is give it back (Uxbol/Biutiful)

Linnn: I almost forgot about you, I need to come NOW

Ande, you are like a combination aunti/cousin I treasure. I see your face and want to talk to her.

Larry: sadly since my father's death in 1999, I have not been to many races even though I helped design the Sam Houston racetrack here in Houston much like a miniature Preakness and/or Kentucky Derby. My father in his last years owned greyhounds. Idadiditagain, after my mother, never a purse.
Justintime, for my nephew Justin, who actually went backwards out of the gate to catch the squirrel at it's end, again no purse, Carriemeback, after my neice Carrie, a fair purse.
And his winning "granddame" DazzlingDevon after my daughter his biggest and best purse to date. I enjoyed the Horse races so much in the north, they were so tawdry and unfascinating in Houston, but Arlington Park was awesome as was the Preakness my father and I attended where I actually wore a sundress and big hat. It is getting better so perhaps I will make a wager. Thanks for the headsup

Daniel, I have found myself through all of you over this almost year.

David; welcome back to you. Haven't seen you in a while.

Margaret, your words are sometimes intertwined with my stories you are an indepth writer to be plagerized (not, I would never) But just as I hedge my bets on Romantic Poetess, Yours also bring me great warmth.

Dunnithowl, How much would I pay? For a bet such as Secretariate, a cool thousand if I had it.
To stay on Salon, priceless.

Bernadine you are the exclamation point in this comment section. Well placed, is it not?

Finally is anyone blacking out aka Wikipedia on Wednesaday to protest the censorship of censhorship bill?
You are lovely, I'm glad you're here.
I like everybody!! The notes under their pictures of "I hates u!" are just my way of saying, I lubs u!! ~:D