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Doc Vega
Sherman, Texas, USA
March 03
An artist, a writer, small business owner, single parent who never sought government assistance in the midst of a severe recession, I love my country and worry for her everyday.

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Big Brother


In the Declaration of Independence our forefathers clearly established what the role of the federal government was supposed to be. A government for the people, by the people, and of the people was to serve the public. As opposed to a non-representative government that now passes… Read full post »


Many are now wondering if from the very beginning the fix was in on the Obama presidency. These concerns are understandable when considering that this president was not only illegally vetted, allowed a pass when there were serious allegations about his eligibility for… Read full post »


By Doc Vega

With more than six years of constant turmoil under the Obama administration many of us are asking  why hasn’t this president been impeached yet? Why has the steady decline of the United States been allowed to occur unimpeded as a president that Democrats argue is… Read full post »

  economic collpase

President Obama Wants To Further Punish US Corporations

In a speech given in California July 24th on Thursday, the President once again revealed his socialist agenda in proclaiming that he will push for the passage of a bill to penalize US corporations that seek… Read full post »

The myth of climate change imposed upon the masses! 

In order to control the masses a governing entity that wants to use force and disinformation will resort to the kind of tactics we now see the present Obama administration perpetrating. One might ask why would a constitutional republic want to countermand its very own founding docume… Read full post »

border sign 

As thousands of illegal immigrants pour through our borders unfettered by the presence of border patrol agents or laws of the United States there are some sobering facts to consider. As US war veterans die while waiting for a ridiculous amount of time for treatment, American… Read full post »

A crisis orchestrated by an out of control President and White House

What was it that Rahm Emmanuel once said, “never let a crisis go to waste?” Never let it be said that President Obama never took these words to heart now as he attempts once again to capitalize on the current so called “Humanitarian crisis” on our border states.… Read full post »

Once upon a time ICE did their job, but thanks to Obama not anymore.


Since the very beginning of his first term in office President Obama used AG Eric Holder to legally harass our southern border states for upholding federal immigration law and guarding their territories. Using the resources of taxpayer’s money and our Attorney General’s Off… Read full post »

The great patriots who brought us the freedoms we sqaunder now!


It was 238 years ago that the 13 Colonies would declare independence from Great Britain with Thomas Jefferson writing the famous words that would characterize the meaning of American exceptionalism and what was at the heart of the rift with King George’s oppressive government.… Read full post »

Our very own federal government destroying our Constitution!

One could easily determine that the contradictory actions of our leadership on Capitol Hill seems poised toward the destruction of our nation on multiple levels such as economic, social, energy, monetary, and national security. In order to come to this conclusion one need only to evaluate t… Read full post »

The end result of intended failure. 9-11 attests to internal compromise of the US 


Softening Up America For The Final Assault

Whether you have considered it or just blew it off, the news headlines are inescapable as America is bombarded with the latest revelation of yet another Obama White House scandal. They seem to go on endlessly too, don’t… Read full post »


  The American people have been robbed of justice and have slept through the process.

If it was bad enough that the revelations about Lois Lerner in the IRS scandal led us down the road of revelations that our very own federal government was planning to investigate, fine, and even imprison conservative groups such as the Tea Party simply for applying for… Read full post »

The 9-11 Tragedy just one more in a string of coincidental attacks filled with proof that most do not want to hear. 


What kind of operating scheme can render the world into lawlessness, profit the perpetrators handsomely, and can be conducted indefinitely? If you answered, the war on terrorism, you were right. Let us review.


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JUNE 14, 2014 11:12AM

The Bergdahl Deception

The Bergdahl Scandal

The Obama White House rewards desertion and traitorous acts! 

Allowing five Taliban generals to be released, seems a shock to the American psyche. However, in exchange for hardened Taliban leaders we got one deserter back! Yes, and for him five murderous operatives who have been photographed in connection with the dec

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A costly liberation we may never see the likes of again. 

In 1960 President Eisenhower was asked in an interview if he thought that the great endeavor of the amphibious assault at Normandy Beach in France 6th of June 1944 could ever be undertaken again. Sadly Ike replied that he felt the current generation of/… Read full post »

The President defies logic and common sense but he loves to make a speech.

A sequence of events too k place last week in rapid fire. All were examples of how the Obama administration refuses to comply with the rule of law and continues its attacks upon the American heritage and the traditional concept of a free society. The President unceasingly uses… Read full post »

The great American nation being destroyed by the denial of the US Constitution 
Millions of Americans grew up in public schools decades ago having been the taught the full meaning of the US Constitution, its impact on the world, and its role in American exceptionalism. As kids we may have puzzled at that wondering what the emphasis on rights was all… Read full post »
The great American nation being destroyed by the denial of the US Constitution 
Millions of Americans grew up in public schools decades ago having been the taught the full meaning of the US Constitution, its impact on the world, and its role in American exceptionalism. As kids we may have puzzled at that wondering what the emphasis on rights was all… Read full post »
General Washington was at the very center of paranmormality that led to America's victory.
By Doc Vega

In observance of Memorial Day at a time that when we should stop and pay homage to our brave and fallen warriors who gave their lives so that we can enjoy the freedoms we so easily take for granted, a strange aspect of war comes into focus. In the…

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MAY 23, 2014 6:39PM

Memorial Not Just Another Holiday


Will the generations of the future even remember what our your men did at Normandy? 

Few Americans stop for a moment to contemplate the implications of a holiday that commemorates the invaluable contributions of our brave men and women in uniform who have fought and died for the rest of us. So many have given their lives and health… Read full post »

MAY 22, 2014 3:50PM

An Absent Federal Government

AG Eric Holder plays victim under Congressional cross examination!


Has it ever occurred to you that with all the false narratives of the Democratic Party and exploitation going on that the White House actually has little in common with the middle class American? Just think of all of the agendas constantly endorsed by the White… Read full post »

Heroes Like Former Special Agent Joe Bannister more likely to be punished then recognized.


It is easy to point out the shortcomings of the federal government’s economic policies and how they have impacted all of us, but it offers more hope when viable solutions can be arrived at, and so it is over the fate of the IRS. Mark Levin,… Read full post »

All honor, truth, and American excepitonalism went up in smoke of Benghazi cover-up.


Despite President Obama’s voiced objections to the Republican Party efforts to investigate the Benghazi attacks, this new round of inquiry will continue. As opposed to previous efforts under Darrel Issa who lacked the authority to enforce subpoenas for discovery of evidence, t… Read full post »

Will the Americans killed in Benghazi be avenged? 


As we count down the hours and minutes to the GOP’s long awaited special committee’s probe into the questionable and treasonous actions of the Obama White House over the Benghazi massacre, we can be assured of one thing. Although we cannot count on… Read full post »

Destruction at the US Consulate in Benghazi and the unindicted criminal continue on.


As the GOP poises for a new assault on the stonewalling of the Obama White House over the Benghazi attacks under the Chairmanship of Trey Gowdy, Charles Krauthammer proposes a new idea that may prove more damaging a secret than what we already suspect. That question is, what was… Read full post »