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MAY 19, 2012 6:05PM

The Only Witness To Breitbart's Death Missing

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The bizarre circumstances around Andrew Breitbart's death will be ignored by the mainstream media or declared conspiratory and dismissed, but it won't change the sinister chain of events that defy clear explanation.

Recently after the untimely and highly suspicious circumstances of conservative giant, Andrew Breitbart’s death, new twists to the tragedy just continue to evolve! Little more than a week ago, forensic specialist for Los Angeles County Coroner’s office, Michael Cormier, reportedly involved in Breitbart’s autopsy is poisoned to death. Now the coroner’s office proclaims that Cormier, a respected forensics technician, was not involved in Breitbart’s autopsy investigation at all! Strange after being reported by LA correspondent, Elizabeth Espinosa, who specifically stated that there were indicators of foul play in the death of Cormier, and that arsenic poisoning was suspected. Now the LAPD is saying that reporters were told that Michael Cormier did not have a connection to Breitbart’s autopsy.

Let’s just put aside the fact that an unofficial pronouncement of Andrew Breitbart’s death was prematurely determined as being from natural causes before any toxicology results had even been determined. Let’s just put aside the testimony that portrayed Breitbart as being perfectly normal just minutes prior to his death, only having a single glass of wine before walking to his home while walking his dog. Okay fine.

Now explain the sudden disappearance of the only witness to the death of Breitbart. Chris Lasseter, the only known witness to see Andrew Breitbart expire described what he saw. According to the young man working at the neighborhood bar that Breitbart has been at just before leaving, he watched as Andrew crossed the street with normal demeanor and as he raised his foot to get onto the sidewalk, collapsed like a sack of bricks. Lasseter mentioned that although Breitbart seemed normal prior to leaving the restaurant, walked away normally, than simply gave way and fell, hitting the sidewalk. Chris than made a weird observation as he stated Breitbart’s skin was flushed bright red except for a band of pale, white, skin that encircled his forehead all the way around his head and scalp.  

This unusual condition does not coincide, according to medical experts, with a heart attack. It simply is not characteristic of a man suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest to develop bright reddish skin along with a white band of flesh above his forehead which continues completely around the cranium and is visible beneath the scalp. This is certainly a bizarre and ominous development in the circumstances surrounding the death of Andrew Breitbart. Once again we must ask, in view of a history of assassination techniques that mimic natural causes and are well known within and without the intelligence community, just what agent or delivery system was utilized in this clandestined murder.

During a massive and sudden heart attack the victim is normally pale due to the shut down of arterial circulation through out the body. The body will take on a white or even grayish pallor as blood flow to veins and arteries is constricted by the quick acting effects of blood pressure shut down and heart muscle failure. The appearance of a white band of vibrant white skin around the red inflamed skin of Andrew Breitbart indicates foul play at the very least! Some fast acting chemical that caused a sharp catastrophic rise in the blood flow to the visible epidermal condition of Andrew Breitbart’s body seems very obvious.

In view of the compelling testimony given by Chris Lasetter of Andrew Breitbart's unusual appearance at the moment of death, this should not only lead to a further investigation, but that the probe should be upgraded to a homicide. There are various known methods of surgical precision murder from slow acting poisons that could take weeks to antipersonnel microwave bombs currently being used in the Middle East by Isreali and US armed forces. Too many have perished under clandestined circumstances when tied to politics to simply allow this incident to go without further inquiry.

Let’s add another insidious factor to the entire mystery that not only compels us to dig further, but begs to be solved due to the sheer contradictory medical component involved here. Chris Lasseter, the only witness to see Breitbart’s sudden and inexplicable collapse, his odd symptoms, and the lack of any previous indicators of distress has now disappeared. Yes, this employee of the restaurant bar where Andrew Breitbart had his last drink and left minutes before his strange demise, is now vanished into thin air!

Could it be that Chris Lasseter received death threats? Could it be that he feared for his life? Was he paid to disappear without a trace? Or, is Chris Lasseter yet another coincidental victim in the growing dead pool that seems to accompany the recent death of conservative blogger, Andrew Breitbart? Is there any other deduction that we can glean from all of this? Could there be any other conceivable explanation? No. There is none that seems intelligible. Andrew Breitbart was conveniently assassinated perhaps using some very fast acting poison, with an unknown yet suspected delivery system, or some other little known weapon, and now the only witness is gone. Add to this the odd and inexplicable mix up on deceased forensic technician, Cormier’s, non-involvement as decreed by the police and coroner’s office here just recently, and one has to wonder.

Private investigator, Paul Huebl had interviewed Chris about his eye witness testimony of Breitbart’s sudden death, the unexpected demise of a 43 year old California millionaire in the publishing business, who succumbed to an untimely death that coincided with his announced release of damaging information that would hurt the political career of Barack Hussein Obama. The coincidence is just too ironic, just too striking to ignore, yet the major media corporations, as they have done with all evidence that incriminates President Obama, have chosen to ignore the story and refuse to cover it.

It is a well known tactic in the past whenever autopsies will render results that might be inconvenient to the powers that be, either payoffs are used or death threats to coroners are utilized to alter the damning evidence. Is it not clear that we are seeing that pattern repeat itself here under the bewildering circumstances involving the death of Andrew Breitbart?

Historically, we have always as Americans considered our society above and beyond the mediocrity and ruthlessness of third world Communist banana republics, and here we are seeing the very same casualties of the political arena when the powers that be are opposed. I expect that this will not be the end of such reprehensible developments in the far reaching implications of the death of Andrew Breitbart as a marked man on the leftist list of enemies, who was on a direct course with disaster! Yet, the entire US media slept as our system of government was once again usurped by brutal tactics of past dictators who liquidated their political enemies in plain view of a complicit press corps.

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