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MAY 31, 2012 12:04PM

Despite Media Blackout Obama Eligibility Scandal Isn't Gone

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Recently it was proclaimed that the question of President Obama’s absent proof of eligibility was a non-issue thanks to the release of the April 27, 2011 long form certificate of birth by the White House. Yet, nothing has been resolved since then as so many controversies continue.


As a matter of fact, President Obama is the most secretive US president ever with many of his academic and health records still locked down.

Lord Monckton Weighs In

In one of Geraldo Rivera’s latest radio shows, Lord Monckton weighed in on the Obama eligibility question. The former consultant to Margaret Thatcher’s British government and former editor of three major newspapers claims to be no Birther, but I will say that he is certainly not unqualified to make an illuminating comment. During the course of the interview before Monckton was even asked about his opinion, Geraldo already made his proclamation that he thought the Obama eligibility issue was nonsense and didn’t see why it had been brought up again.

Lord Monckton stated that he did not take the issue lightly and had consulted with a 20 year expert on document verification who determined that he could not in good faith pass the White House long form birth certificate image as being genuine. Declaring that there were 17 red flags indicating that many aspects of alteration on the birth certificate image were made. This individual did not recognize the authenticity of the document. During Monckton’s statement he was being shouted down by Geraldo and having his volume level lowered. Geraldo even accused the well respected Lord Monckton of smoking crack! This is a typical tactic of the left used by Geraldo as well whenever he encounters a subject that he doesn’t agree with.

Under the aegis of equal time under the Fairness Doctrine, Geraldo had a pundit on who opposed Monckton’s point and merely disputed and talked over the British official rather than reason with him over whatever aspects of the controversy could be intelligently discussed. Geraldo quickly disposed of the discussion, if you could call it that. This is the typical modus operandi used by the left here in America when opposing points of view are at stake. Harass, renounce, and repudiate, but never try to justify your point of view because it cannot be defended. The classic Saul Alinksy strategy, because the ends justify the means even if it includes lying and making false allegations, the ends justify the means.

The Double Standard of The Left in America

In what many are calling the biggest media coverage blackout in US history, still the unanswered questions of Obama’s failure to produce reliable evidence continues as the American press corps runs interference for him along with the complicit members of both parties who conspired to vet junior Senator Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 with little more than a short form birth certificate image on the Annenberg website as proof of his Constitutional citizenship. Meanwhile, John McCain, having been born to a US Navy admiral and American mother in the Panama Canal Zone was grilled and thoroughly investigated in order to prove his eligibility.

Let us examine the string of events that have led to President Obama’s controversial inability to satisfy perfectly legal demands for proof of his place of birth as well as his Constitutional eligibility to hold the office of the presidency.

The Facts

1) Timothy Adams, a senior elections official for Hawaii signed an official affidavit stating he could not find the existence of Obama’s birth records after considerable effort to locate them. He went further to say that among state officials it was well known that there was no long form certificate of birth for Obama.

2) Army General Paul Vallely stated that his sources confirmed for him that there was no birth certificate. The General relied upon a group of retired CIA operatives who determined there was a problem identifying Obama’s true country of origin. Vallely had supported Colonel Terry Lakin, who served jail time because he refused to deploy overseas until the President provided satisfactory proof of his birth records.

3) Document expert and scanning technician, Doug Vogt filed 22 criminal complaints with the FBI over the inherent proof of fraud that he found when examining the White House COLB image released on April 27, 2011.

4) Elana Kegan, Inspector General, was instrumental in blocking 9 legal challenges to Barack Obama’s Constitutional eligibility based on his absence of proof. Lacking any actual court room experience she was appointed as a Supreme Court Justice even with her questionable qualifications.

5) Mike Zullo of Sheriff Arpaio’s cold case posse stated that after 2200 man hours and six months of research, the team had determined that the official White House image of Obama’s birth certificate was based upon a computer generated forgery and was not a scanned image of an original document. Zullo, lead investigator of a volunteer effort pointed out that he would confidently put his reputation on the line in publicly stating that the White House’s version of Obama’s COLB was faked in a computer using multiple layers, differing technical eras of fonts and numerals, and revealing software anomalies that indicated alterations. The forgery they were studying had been invented on a White House computer that they themselves could construct and take apart just as the forgers had. Zullo said that they had even identified the computer, date, and time that the document had been created!

6) Modern day software has been designed to show indicators such as auras around changed lettering and to reveal layering as has been sanctioned by the US government as a universal standard so that official documents and personal identification could be authentically determined beyond a shadow of a doubt. This standardization has been put in place for years now so that sensitive intelligence data and important papers could be verified under the most reliable guarantees of authentication. The Obama long form birth certificate failed the test.

7) Recently the Acton & Dystel brochure has come to light. This promotional pamphlet was used to advertise the merits of Barack Obama as a writer of a book that was never published, detailing his experience as a community organizer in New York and Chicago in the early 1990‘s. The birth place of Barack H. Obama is listed as being in Kenya where as he is also supposed to have been educated in Indonesia and Hawaii.

At the time of his elementary level education Suharto was in power, a harsh dictator, whose regime demanded that all who attended schools in Indonesia must be a citizen of that country as well as Muslim in faith. His step father, Barry Soetoro would have to have converted the young Obama into Indonesian citizenship.

Though the publisher has proclaimed an error in attributing Obama’s place of birth as Kenya, this brochure had been distributed until 2007 without any editing changes to the President’s origin, so one must conclude that this was not an oversight and was intentional. This is just another piece of the puzzle and a continued pattern of lies and fabrications according to lead investigator, Mike Zullo, who said that the pamphlet in question is not proof in itself, but is just another corroborating factor.

So, as the leftist presence in the US mass media continue to scoff at the emerging evidence and refuse to report about it, momentum is gathering over the realization that the American people have been tricked. The lies that have occurred over a long time in orchestrating the rise to power of Barack Hussein Obama epitomize the takeover, presently underway, of the US government by a radical left faction intent upon compromising our rights under the Constitution. We as Americans must examine the truth regardless of where it is hiding or what lies we are told to believe as being the official position of the federal government. A battle for the control of this nation is indeed underway, and it is a battle we cannot afford to lose!

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