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March 03
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SEPTEMBER 7, 2012 12:37AM

Listening to the empty promises of Obama at DNC

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How many different ways can you spin failure? Sometimes that broken record just continues to skip!

Like so many Americans, I awaited the President’s acceptance speech at the DNC. What was entailed in Obama’s characteristically deceptive words?

Demogoguing Obama's favorite sport

Once again, the President used class warfare to ignite the worshiping crowd of supporters, who by the way, could not even fill the stadium with the guarantee of excellent weather. Obama continually advocates the big hand of spend thrift government to grow government by funding more schools and teacher’s unions. In view of the indoctrination now going on in public schools instead of education, I am sure this a major spoke in the wheel of Democrats remaining in power as they pour more tax dollars in student loans to buy the vote of future young citizens with more big government policies.

False allegations old recipe same ingredients

Obama, once again pushed the Affordable Health Care Act by accusing Republicans of wanting to deny the poor and elderly of medicine and treatment. Obama uses the continual government guarantee that it will keep everyone educated, everyone medically cared for, everyone protected from taking out loans they can’t afford, that those no good rich people will pay more taxes, Obama once more tells all who will listen that government will provide for the needs of all who will submit. This is the classic promise made by every Communist threat that has ever toppled a free enterprise nation.

Old habits die hard

Obama has once again reached back into his past as the community organizer he so loves so much to be and makes his unrealistic guarantees to all that seek education, citizenship without complying with the law, remaining in the military if you’re gay, along with your right to have an abortion or get birth control at the expense of the taxpayer. That is the part conveniently not mentioned by the President as he advocates more government spending and the resulting laws that will further bind us and compromise our Constitutional rights.

Elections have consequences don't they Mr.President?

The President used the plight of the poor who he has personally created with his faulty economic policies, to justify his ideological obsession that the federal government and its control shall be at the center of our American society. Obama uses generalizations that everyone pays their fair share of his looming tax increases and his draconian laws that are waiting in the shadows to be unleashed upon the gullible who consumed Obama’s hollow promises and his silver plated words that tarnish very quickly upon further inspection.

Self delusion speaks louder than the deed itself

President Obama offered no new solutions, no new ideas, no new answers to the economic plague that we are now enduring. All we heard was the same rhetoric, the same narratives, that led starry eyed Americans looking for magical fairy tale endings to a massive socioeconomic catastrophe that has been created and supported by the Obama administration’s ineptitude. More big government with the excessive spending that has created huge deficits that threaten our monetary welfare are at the very core of Obama’s master plan.

When the past repeats itself do we ever learn?

Many who had listened to Obama’s acceptance speech characterized it as the same bluster and empty promises that he began seducing America with in 2008. Nothing has changed in the Obama playbook. The same strategy. The same false assurances that got us into the previous 4 years of economic woe, ideological indifference, and assaults upon American traditions that most of us cherish. Why would anyone buy into more of the same. More of the same generalizations that make Obama feel good about himself as we citizens suffer under the faulty legislation and pathetic policies that have shown how little President Obama truly cares about the American people once the buyer’s remorse set in following the lies that the naïve and easily influenced have bought into!

I will say in all this though, that something has changed as Obama mentioned he would bring to America. The very fruition of the Democrat inability to solve any problems essential to relieving Americans of their agony is now being felt, and the people are fed up with it. The change is that enough Americans are now aware that they were sold a bill of goods that did nothing for them, and they are tired of having their intelligence insulted with more empty speeches.

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