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March 03
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SEPTEMBER 10, 2012 2:05AM

Obama's policies will not remedy joblessness

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President Obama's policies aren't working guess what's next?

With the discouraging 96,000 jobs created in the month of August that fell from estimates of 120,000 epitomize the failure of the very policies President Obama has boasted would work. Now, the President angrily charges that if only Congress would pass his jobs bill that was defeated after the infamous debt ceiling crisis his spending created last August. Had President Obama had his way another 447 billion which he claimed he would pay for by taxing the rich in order to fund that insane stimulus plan. With the nation already in 5.4 trillion further in debt in the course of his term, a deficit already threatening the stability of the US dollar is looms on the horizon.

Blaming everyone else

Obama’s favorite scapegoat, the Congress, who has exercised their better judgment in limiting the unnecessary and dangerous level of spending seen in the actions of the President, who has a clear agenda-buy votes. This perilous methodology of weakening the US dollar with greater deficits while spending to gain the vote of those constituents Obama seeks, the young, the wards of the state, and the illegal immigrants who can cross the border and apply for benefits, the President has his supporters in his sites. The problem is that the rest of the taxpayers will have to pay their, “fair share,” by being forced to subsidize abortions, birth control, illegal alien college students, those living off welfare, food stamps, and seeing nothing wrong with it. With food stamp programs reaching out to more Americans is it no wonder that the free handout only increases an already unmanageable debt crisis?

Does he really care?

As long as it buys votes, solidifies Obama’s support, and delivers the presidency to him for another 4 years, why should the President care? America be damned, as long as the Democrats are in power and can engineer our society into a mediocre third world banana republic where the dignity of self sufficiency is no longer required, they will pursue that agenda to the ends of the earth under th aegis of social reform.

Robbing our heritage of independence

We are in trouble, America. Liberals took such values as self respect, independence, and patriotism and converted them into dependency, shamelessness, and disrespect for the flag they live under. With illegal aliens stomping on the American flag in public in states like Arizona on national holidays, and hurling death threats at Tea Party members in sanctuary cities like San Francisco and Aurora, Colorado, one must begin to ask the question, just what is happening to our nation under the divisive leadership of President Obama?

It's not just about jobs

The answer is that the coming election is not just about jobs. It is not a referendum over our economic status. This campaign is about the very concept of American exceptionalism and individual freedom being under attack. The Democrats represent a concerted effort in tearing down every proud institution that once graced the convictions of  the American who valued those ethics that are now rendering our country into a land of spineless beggars willing to live off the crumbs of social programs fabricated by the state to influence elections, and keep people sedated under the falsehood of government created utopia.

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