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SEPTEMBER 16, 2012 9:53PM

Obama's Arab spring explodes in his face

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A detailed overview of foreign policy mistakes committed by the Obama state department that have resulted in massive insurrection across the Middle East.

After 3 days of continued attacks against American interests in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, and Morocco the Obama administration continues blaming a little known video on You Tube to be the source of the sudden uprisings. Before the Libyan embassy had been systematically attacked with heavy weapons and military style tactics, only a handful of people had viewed this obscure film that had allegedly offended Muslims the world over. Something is wrong here. Facts do not corroborate the Obama administration explanation which amounts to lies.

Insurgents that attacked Cairo, Egypt and Benghazi, Libya were reportedly heavily armed, well trained, and apparently well rehearsed in their assault tactics which completely contradicts the Obama administration’s pathetic version of the events which has been to define the actions of these extremists as being spontaneous, unplanned, and magically in response to a film that only a handful of viewers had seen on You Tube. This explanation essentially insults the intelligence of US citizens.

The broader and more realistic truth to be revealed is that a general failure in US foreign policy over the last nearly 4 years now has encouraged hostility without fear of reprisal among the perpetrators. Where as spokesman, Jay Carney, has proposed that all the nation upon which attacks have been sustained by insurgents against US interests are strong allies and have cooperated with America in beating back the assaults and arresting those responsible, but when rioters are in the hundreds and police after to resort to tear gas and rubber bullets to beat back the crowds, this version of the events too is in doubt.

Below we can see a list of actions taken by President Obama himself that have encouraged America’s enemies to conduct brazen and well coordinated attacks against our embassies in the Middle East and North Africa:
  • In Obama’s first trip overseas to the Middle East he bowed to the Saudi’s king and tried to convince them that he would honor Muslim faith within the US and abroad. This was considered to be a sign of weakness according to experts.
  • Obama’s first meeting with Netanyahu of Israel did not go well. The President was reportedly disrespectful and uncooperative with the small Jewish state so hated by the Arab world.
  • In 2010 a suspected Chinese submarine launched missile was spotted off the California Coast. This veiled threat accompanies China’s growing opposition to US Navy in China Sea, and the growing trade deficit that favor’s Chinese while US import dependency grows.
  • Chinese have not only hacked US satellites but have also blinded several of them in orbit  using lasers.
  • Increasing infiltration and security breaches within Afghanistan characterized by US troops bring killed at police check points by uniformed Afghan impostors.
  • Pakistan has proven an untrustworthy ally as not only was Bin Laden located near Abbottabad in a former Pakistani military academy building obviously having known whereabouts to Pakistani officials, but Osama’s death has created a unified Muslim lust for revenge.
  • Obama’s Pentagon ordered helicopter attacks across Pakistan border that enraged the civilians and military alike.
  • The US withdrawal in Iraq left a largely poorly prepared government to defend itself and maintain it’s own internal security which has allowed many costly bomb attacks that have killed government officials and innocent civilians.
  • Obama’s refusal to take a harder stance over Iran’s nuclear arsenal and allowing the Iranians to continue to make threats of wiping out Israel has only created limited options for Netanyahu who will likely order a pre-emptive strike against Iran without US support.
  • Obama supports the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt who has maintained a pro-American stance and left the region in relative peace and stability. Egypt is now in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Violating the US Constitution and authorizing US military to attack in Libya during the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi was an impeachable offense. Doing this created US enemies as Gaddafi had many loyal followers. Once again, Libya has fallen into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Above is a major list of foreign policy blunders that contributed to Obama’s false sense of accomplishment and a sudden outbreak of deadly insurrection through out the Arab world. Sending unclear signals of inconsistent support, withdrawal, and capitulation in the Middle East and abroad have only strengthened the resolve of our enemies to attack. Though China may seem unrelated to all this they actually are part of it too. China has been providing arm sales to Middle East extremists as has Russia.

It is clear that what President Obama called the, “Arab Spring” has exploded in his and America’s face. Terrorists do not acknowledge negotiating from weakness and ideological conflict resolution. Terrorists do not respect mixed signals and capitulation as has been demonstrated by the Obama administration policies. Obama and the Democrats can blame Mitt Romney and an obscure film all they want on the total collapse of US foreign policy as a glass tiger, but it won’t hide the fact that the  fault belongs squarely in the corner of our President and his floundering Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

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I've held off commenting on your blogs for some time, but you've finally wandered onto my turf. You know absolutely nothing about foreign policy. First, your attempts to link a multitude of indepedent foreign policy events makes the assumption that for some reason (unlike any other figure in history) Obama has/ had the power to totally influence 100% of all events. You confuse correlation for intervening independent vairiables. If you are as smart as you think you are, you will have no trouble understanding what I've just said and you will understand that I am correct in this statement.

As to the Arab Spring, it was caused by a variety of factors. Within Middle Eastern countries there are corrupt, dictatorial governments with huge income inequalities, massive poverty for the lower 1/2 of the population in most cases. And to this witches brew was added high food prices caused by speculation and drought. Also, not to mention highly educated alienated young people with no prospects for a job. Look at who the 9/11 terrorists were.

I may say more later.
I think most of what you just said is self evident, but the President is responsible for the behavior of his State Department. Guess you haven't listened to recordings of Obama's endless naive remarks about his romantic vision of uniting the Muslim world with the US in harmony because he sees himself as some kind of gifted insider when in actuality he is a fumbling egotist with anti American propaganda as his guidepost. His academic and idealist approach to real events is sorely lacking. The Arab world languishes in the past and in poverty that America is neither responsible for or in the position to do anything to change and Obama violating the US Constitution to do so is wrong, period.
I think a major misconception you have is to neglect the incredible structure limitations surrounding the POTUS. You talk about Obama violating the Constitution. The only violations of the Constitution that I can think of are his targeting of drones, Gitmo, and NSA electronic surveillance of American civilians. Obama may have tweaked the edges a bit in each area, but these violations of civil liberties have been taking place regardless of which party controlled the Oval Office. Unlawful government surveillance of American citizens started with J. Edgar Hoover in the 1920s and has only increased over time. The erosion of Fourth through Seventh Amendment rights began under Ronald Reagan and Bush I and has intensified ever since then.

Watching conservatives fulminate about how all powerful the Mighty Obama is with his socialist doctrine amuse me no end. Let's do a thought experiment and pretend that Che Guevera is POTUS. Now how long do you think President Guevera would be in office if he actually went after the military-industrial complex? He'd be dead or impeached within six months of swearing in. So even if Obama is a socialist at heart, have you seen him attack bankers or generals lately? As a good Chicago politician he sees his job as to go along with whoever happens to really be in power.

Health care? Didn't see any single payer socialism come out of the Obama White House. Instead he adopted the identical health plan the Republicans put forward both by Mitt Romney and Bob Dole from the 1990s. And if Mr. Obama is such a rabid environmentalist, why is it he ultimately went along with what the oil companies exactly wanted him to do about alternative energy, which was to do virtually nothing?

Failure to put the limitations of presidential power into the perspective of who really controls America is one of the right's major blind sides.
Newoldlefty Wow what a contradiction in new found ideology and self loathing-your choice. Look, I really don't do well with obsessive Obama apologists. For one thing, they don't see reality very clearly. For another, they suffer from delusional interpretations of reality that I don't share as I trust my world view as being an objective appraisal of a global perception, granted that I'm not omnipotent, but I have been down the liberal road and the conservative paradigm, and there are epiphanies that I have had in my life.

Please don't include me on the racist hasty generalization just because I see the flaws in Obama as a frail, legend in his own mind, who can't get enough of the lime light no matter how badly he destroys the country. Let's get the frame work of presidential architecture straight. A president's ideology is shared by his administration Obama has his 40 czars all radicals all pushing radical agenda, Obama has utilized his radical Supreme Court appointees Kegan and Sotomayor to cover his ass on eligibility, Affordable Health Care, and his absolute insane over spending Cloward Piven style. Now when the man reversed Prop 8 in Cali, Forced Oklahoma to re-address an already defeated measure over Sharia Law, when Obama forced the defeat of DOMA you don't think he was pushing a radical progressive social agenda? Come on.
Obama would have imposed Cap & Trade if the Republicans hadn't stopped him. Healthcare? this deficit creating, rationed care for the elderly, and being forced down the throats of 60% of a disapproving public. You don't think that's socialist if not Communist imposed legislation? The Republicans did not propose this type of healthcare system and certainly did support an opt out clause where as Obama extended that to the unions and every damn group that contributed to his re-election. Truth is truth lies are lies, and you know as well as I that Obama has nothing constructive that he can say he achieved even with a majority Senate and Congress in his first 2 years as he lied when saying he would reach across the aisle. What a crock!
If Obama was such an environmental advocated why have we heard little or nothing over LNG (liquified natural gas) the US has enough to operate over a century on and it burns clean, As a matter of fact the diesel fleet of American truckers are fast converting over to it. It is also cheap. However, Obama would rather push Solyndra and all the other green energy tax payer supported losing enterprises to enrich his buddies with as taxpayers fund another bankrupted crony business. Okay? Obama is a failed and hypocritical leader, and needs to go!
For some reason you seem to think that I am an Obama apologist. I am not. We are certainly talking over each other's heads to no effect. I will be interested to see what you have to say when Obama wins in November.