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OCTOBER 30, 2012 4:55PM

Obama refuses to rescue Ambassador Stevens in embassy attack

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Arms seized in Syria from extremists, but new facts show CIA gun walking in region.

What if I told you everything in the news concerning the loss of our ambassador in the Benghazi attack was a lie? What if I told you there is documented proof that Ambassador Stevens, for all practical means and purposes, had been running guns for the CIA into Libya and into Syria, and was now trying to get those weapons back from the Syrian Rebels and Libyan extremist factions? Why?

A new conspiracy unfolds over Benghazi

It gets even more interesting. Just a few hours before the fatal attack at the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya, Ambassador Stevens, knowing all exits and entrances to the facility were now being watched, took an unarmored vehicle from the embassy so as not to attract attention to a CIA safe house. That’s right. A CIA safe house was the location of a meeting that Ambassador Stevens was having with the Turkish counsel. This man is a big Sharia Law advocate, and has ties with the President and White House. After having dinner together and discussing a plan, the Turkish counsel leaves. One hour later the attack begins.

Our ambassador a CIA arms dealer

It has now been confirmed by the Russians that US supplied Stinger missiles are in the hands of the Syrian rebels. These are the very weapons that Ambassador Stevens had been trying to locate after providing them to these rebels in order to hide the evidence that the United States has been supporting these uprisings in the Middle East! The Obama White House has been, once again, involved in a “Fast and Furious” operation, only this time in Syria, Libya, and apparently through Turkey as well! In supporting the insurrections that have caused the overthrow of Libya, Egypt, and the growing rebellion in Syria, the CIA has been selling guns to rebel factions and partnering with the Muslim Brotherhood and

The deadly timeline

According to a timeline extracted from documents revealed by Glen Beck on The Blaze TV, the situation in the Middle East is critical thanks to the meddling of the US, who has been partnering with al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Why? In order for the US to take out Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, the CIA was supplying the rebels with US armament, rifles, laser guided mortars, and Stinger, shoulder mounted, surface to air missiles. J. Christopher Stevens was not just your ordinary administrative diplomat. He was an arms dealer in the region under the employ of the CIA.

On the night before the fatal attack on September 11, 2012 Ambassador Stevens made an appeal to the White House to get him out of there saying that they (he and his staff) might not get out of this one alive. Little did they know what fate that awaited them.

According to the timeline quoted from the documents obtained by Glen, the attack on the US embassy began in the early morning hours, Ambassador Stevens was not there. He was at the CIA safe house, a newly built consulate with barred windows. The ambassador has three Navy Seals with him, a minimal security staff to say the least. However, Libyan operatives had already revealed the whereabouts of the ambassador and armed men were already on their way. Stevens did not have much longer to live.

Meanwhile, across the other side of the earth at the White House, CIA Director Leon Panetta has rushed to the White House to get President Obama down to the situation room to watch the embassy attack real time as provided by the camera of a Predator Drone hovering above the area. The time was roughly 4:54 PM. Est. This attack had been in progress for at least 2 hours. The Predator’s camera footage was not only being viewed by the White House, but was also being seen from CIA Headquarters at Langley among others were privy to the event.

By 5:00 PM Est. a flash traffic message from our intelligence center in Tripoli, Libya had been expedited to the White House advising them of the attack along with the threat to the ambassador. Not only the White House along with a confirmed receipt of that flash traffic to POTUS was received, but a similar communication was sent to the Geographic Combatant Commander of the region, most likely a 4 star general. AFRICOM command would have had standing orders to commence an immediate rescue mission utilizing a specially equipped C-130 aircraft that used electronic countermeasures and capable of laying down heavy air to ground fire. Either from Africa or a base in Italy, a rescue mission would have been staged, equipped, and with at least 100 armed troops, a stripped down ready to go force that would have arrived in at least 5 hours, according to a retired officer who had called into Rush Limbaugh from San Antonio, Texas.

Standing orders denied

Only the Vice President or Secretary of State would have had the authority to either order a militarily activated civilian rescue mission, or countermand the order. The flash traffic message is a digital station to station communication. It must be acknowledged and delivered to the President directly or by an intelligence officer to him. Obama knew of the attack, knew the ambassador’s life was in danger, and his next action was to order a stand down on the rescue mission! With real time visual transmission for most of the 7 hour attack upon the Benghazi embassy as well as the ambassador’s abduction from the CIA safe house, the President, the CIA Director, Langley, the regional AFRICOM Commandant, and others were abreast of the situation.

Hoping ambassador's death would bury the secret-it didn't

We now already know the rest. In order to conceal the complicity of the CIA operations in the region which involved arms deals to the Libyan forces, Syrian rebels, coordinated with the Turkish counsel, ambassador Stevens was allowed to die and hopefully the secret along with him. However, it didn’t! We now know that President Barack Obama ordered the rescue mission to Benghazi to stand down, to stop!

Let us make a clear point here so as not to dance around details or allow any margin for error. A standing order existed for AFRICOM command to go in and get the ambassador and his staff regardless of whether or not the President was unavailable or not engaged over the situation, even though we have confirmation that he had been informed by, CIA Director, Panetta. In order for there to have been no response, no rescue effort, no military intervention by US forces at all, there had to have been a STAND DOWN ORDER! President Obama, in effect, had already signed the death warrant of Ambassador Stevens, who himself was secretly in charge of a gun running operation to our supposed enemies, al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Libyan forces that overthrew Gaddafi, and the Syrian rebels while also negotiating with Turkey to move weapons through their country.

The Summation

If this is not a criminal act on the part of President Obama, I don’t know what is. If this is not an act of Treason according to the legal and Constitutional definition, then I don’t know what is. To all Americans it must be said. Your President and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton have lied to the public and conducted obstructions to justice by accusing the innocent film maker for a silly little known video on You Tube as well as allowing the death of our Ambassador serving in Libya along with his staff. Little remains but to prosecute President Obama for his crimes to the full extent of the law along with others who aided and abetted the violations.

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