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March 03
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FEBRUARY 2, 2013 1:44PM

President asks military if they would fire upon US civilians

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You may have wondered just how serious will the heavy handed intrusion of gun laws turn out between our police state federal government and 100 million US gun owners who have that right based upon the Second Amendment. We are witnessing an ever tightening stranglehold of our Constitutional rights under the tyrannical influence of the Obama administration. It started back in the summer of last year when then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton negotiated UN gun control over US citizens through an international treaty. Apparently things didn’t pan out too well with the powers that be and she was not able to muster enough support from either political party on Capitol Hill. Suddenly and without warning just weeks later, the Aurora Movie Theater shootings exploded onto the headlines. Then, the Sikh Temple shootings quickly followed. Each time the mass media attempted to tie the tragedies to the Tea Party unsuccessfully.

Remember, never let a crisis go to waste. A succession of senseless mass shootings followed Aurora and Sikh, each a little crazier than the last, each a little harder to believe than the last. Until we come to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting with so many contradictions in facts, different numbers of shooters, different officially announced weapons used, the coincidental existence of hired crisis actors, Robbie Parker, a supposed parent of one slain little child laughing and joking before appearing on camera then hyperventilating and making himself act as though he was bereaved. There was the mistaken slip a supposed victim of the shooting was shown alive and well in a surviving family’s photo. Could all of these shooting incidents have been orchestrated to promote the disarming of the American public? Many experts are now asking that same question and getting resistance from the US mass media. Another conspiracy theory! Oh, how dare you!

Death to those who oppose

The Obama administration has proven in the wake of many violations of the Constitution, gun walking, ordering stand downs to US rescuers during the Benghazi attacks, entering into war with Libya without Congression approval, the mysterious deaths of Andrew Breitbart and the forensics expert, Michael Cormier who autopsied him, this is one ruthless government that values human life very little. The gun control issue is not about trying to make our streets and neighborhoods safer, it is about control over the populace, and even more. The government seems poised to make a move, possibly using the US Army to force disarmemant of US citizens on the eve of this fascist law. Already signing the infamous NDAA S.1867 law which allowed the US Army to be used to pursure terrorism within the domestic zone of the US and detain suspects indefinitely Obama already signed, sealed, and delivered.

The recent acquisition of millions of hollow point bullets by the TSA and the DHS is another troubling development that has raised eyebrows among inquiring minds as well as investigative sources. When putting all these factors together within very short chronological order of each other it is hard not to draw ominous conclusions that an accelerated power grab is in full swing that mirrors the pre- World War II situation in Germany. There, Hitler orchestrated a determined effort to rapidly overthrow an intellectual society, create a war machine, and build the most draconian police state in recent history up to now. Now the United States of America can boast having the most intrusive and well organized system of privacy invasion in the world, all under the aegis of fighting terrorism. Yet, it seems the very government that’s fighting terrorism is robbing us of our rights, arming itself to the teeth, and amassing a brutal police state rife with weapons of unimaginable capability.

A Nobel Prize winner sees Obama for who he is

Now, the announcement from a well known Nobel Prize winner, a human rights activist and educator, Jim Garrow, testifies that a prominent General, who is a legend in the military and close friend has confided in him saying that the US governement plans a full scale war against the civilian populace over gun confiscation and the imposition of martial law. President Obama is already prompting the top military leadership for their reactions to being ordered to fire upon US citizens. What would the response of US commanders be to shooting civilians if ordered to? You can probably surmise that those Army officers who admit that they would not will find themselves on the fast track out of their careers as was the close friend of Jim Garrow’s. Inevitably though, just as ATF personnel allowed gun walking to occur without blowing the whistle over “Fast and Furious” and even threatened their very own colleagues who felt compelled to step forward and testify, you can bet their will be inglorious bastards who will enjoy the power of promotion and rank enough to order their men to gun down US citizens brave enough to resist the federal government’s tyranny.

Ignoring history's lessons

It is time to stop the denial. It is time to eliminate the party bias that allows people to blame conservative paranoia or conspiracy theorists for these developments. Anyone with a reasonable grasp of history will know two things about the lessons of the past.

1) Every major overthrow of an iminent society destined for a radical ideological transformation in the last 100 years has been orchestrated with the preface of gun control. Disarming the general public was a primary objectives that led to the rise of Nazi Germany, Stalin in Russia, Mussolini’s control of Italy, and the Communist revolution in China. These are facts.

2) In every case loyalists, those who refused to act against the general population were either relieved of command or even executed as an expedient way to accelerate the process of “normalization” as KGB disinformation specialist Yuri Bezmenov cynically put it.

Time to wake up

If these developments are not disconcerting to you, then let me ask you a question. Why would the President of the United States of America, who already has been compromising this nation, be trying to determine which military leaders would give orders to fire upon our citizens and which would refuse such an order. In the military, there is an option to refuse a command if the officer determines that it is indeed sufficiently immoral to comply with.

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