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DECEMBER 16, 2008 6:56PM

Sasha's Nicknames! Post Your Pet's Nicknames for DogWoman!

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My niece Katie is the one who got me onto Salon by giving me a gift membership years ago.  She is owned by two rescue dogs, Gordon and Maddy.  About a year ago, Katie posted a list of Gordon’s nicknames on her blog.  Being another O/C member of the same family, I began compiling a list of Sasha's nicknames.

KT with Brat Pack

KT with Miss Fluffinstuff and El Gordón

We can't help ourselves!  We love our animals and we sweet-talk them.  I've seen some of the world's toughest men and women, Iditarod mushers, grizzled & weather beaten & flinty, lean down and caress their dogs like lovers.  I've heard irascible Alaskan curmudgeons like Rick Swenson and Charlie Boulding sweet-talking their dogs in terms that would embarrass me to have someone else overhear.

Here on Open Salon we have beloved pets Homer, Mr. Beano, Harpo, and Sparkle with their nicknames, among many other OS animal friends.

OS Pets with nicknames

Here's my list.  Yeah, it's long.  If you write down everything you call your pet for a week (not to mention for a year), you'll be surprised how many nicknames you're using.  They're probably not any more embarrassing than your HS senior portrait, so go ahead--make a list and share it with us.  Tag it "pet nicknames" or "for dogwoman" and send me a message so I don't miss your list.  Photos are optional, but wonderful!


Sasha Amaroq’s Nicknames

Aggilator (when only her back is visible swimming)

Alligator (“      “)

Almond Eyes

Antelope Butt (cream-colored patch under her tail)

Baby Girl

Baby Puppy

James with baby puppy

A boy and his dog:  James with the Baby Puppy, 5 ½ weeks old

Baby Sheppie(s) (I only have one, but sometimes she’s plural)

Baby Weasel(s)

Bear Cub

Bowl Licker

The Beefeater (she checks everything out first to keep us safe)

Best Girl (I can call her this because I live with three men)

Bi-colored Beppie or Bi-colored Bobeppie (Sasha is bi-color: her body is black and her legs are reddish tan)(Beppie and Bobeppie are Andrew-isms)

BIA (Butt In the Air) (when she wants to play or is chewing on a toy)

Big Girl

Big Kisser

Big Lummox

Big Rabbit Feet

Big Scary Sheppie(s)

Big Time Beppies (an Andrew-ism)

Big Uhz (a Mary-ism from childhood—our black Lab Cindy was a buzzgles and our Scottish Terrier Frisky was a pooskly . . . who knew?)

The Biodweasel (free heat in the wintertime)

The Black

Black Dog (a James-ism)

The Bobeppie


Bonesy Weasel (lazy)

Box of Rocks

Bright Eyes

Brown-eyed Girl

Brrffer (a brrff is a pre-growl warning noise)


Brrffing Beppies


Chop Licker

Claws of Doom

The Dawg

Dire Weasel (D&D term from the boys)

The Dragon (hoards tennis balls, cuzzes, and Frisbees)

The Dup

Dweasel (James elided “The Weasel”)

Dweasely Weasel

Earless Wonder (ears laid back when overjoyed or coy)

Egg-sucking Weasel (previous Shepherd Sheena actually ate duck eggs in our Minnetonka yard; James & Andrew named their first Guitar Hero band the Egg-Sucking Weasels)

Egyptian Weasel (Sasha drops a toy at your feet in the family room, runs and sits behind the big couch, then waits like an Egyptian statue for you to throw the toy over the couch into the foyer—a game she invented)

Eye Gooper


Fat & Sassy Girl (after she eats, she’s frisky)

The Fire Marshall (carefully supervises all lighting of fireplace fires)

Flag Tail (when prancing down driveway to meet Andrew’s bus)

Floop Ear

Terry with floop ear

Friend Terry holding the Floop Ear


The Fluffball

The Fluffomatic

Food Breath

Foot Dragger (part two of standard stretch)

Freezy Nose

The Frilled Lizard (Sasha has a frill instead of a ruff; her mother has a plush coat)

Frisbee Queen


FUBAR (Fluffed Up Beyond All Recognition)

Funny Girl

Funny Little Girl

The Furball

Furnace Breath (in summer after hard play)



Cute little Fuzzball with cat ball that breeder/trainer Amy taught her to fetch when 5 weeks old


Gannet (a bird that eats ravenously; this only applies when bits of chicken or burger appear atop the usual dry food)

Good Baby Weasel

Good Girl

Good Little Girl

Good Little Weasel


Goof Ears (when she’s uber-excited, you can fold her ears forward halfway down each ear)

Growler Howler (when having her feet dried)

The Guard Weasel

The Guhz (Mary-ism variation on childhood term buhz, short for buzzgles)

The Gullumpher (when she gallops around like a puppy acting silly)

The Heater

Hot Breath

Hot Little Girl

Hot Weasel

Howler Growler (when being toweled dry)

Howly Growly Pup

Indignant Weasel


The Jealous (every time Steve & I hug, she brings a toy and drops it next to us—What about me???)

Jumping Black Flash


Lardball (when trying to move an inert sleeping dog they weigh twice as much)

Lardo (“    “)

Lazy Girl

Lazy Weasel

Little Black Girl

Little Girl

Little Heater

The Little Sheppie (big dog, but little Sheppie)

The Little Weasel

Lizard Tongue


Lover Girl

Luggage, Suitcase, Baggage (a Linda-ism used when holding up scruff on back)

A Mess (e.g. “You’re a mess,” a Southern phrase implying humorous disaster, not mud)

Miss Priss (a Steve-ism)

Moaner Groaner

Mud Nose

The Muhz (Mary-ism variation)

Nibble Groomer


Noser (when nosing your elbow to get your attention)

The Nuisance

Otter Tail

Pea Brain

Perrito (first James and now Andrew, both proficient Spanish speakers)

The Pest

The Pest and a Menace

The Pest and a Nuisance

The Pestiferous Pup

Pink Belly

Saber with Pink Belly

Sasha’s half-brother Saber pins her down to emphasize, “Yo, Pest (with the cute Pink Belly), I’m talkin' to you!”


Plooper Flooper (when lying down hard)

Plume Tail (see Flag Tail)

Prancer Dancer (see Flag Tail)

Pretty Baby

Pretty Girl

Pretty Sheppie

Pretty Sheppie Girl

Princess of Power (carryover nickname from Sheena, whom Steve called Shee-Na, Princess of Power)

Pwner (when she pwns—humiliates—one of the boys)

Psycho Weasel

The Pup

Queen Bee

Radar Ears (which she rotates independently toward sound)


Roaster Toaster (warm & snuggly, but she eventually cooks you)

Sasha Bobasha (variation of Steve’s Sheena Bobeena)


Sawoosh (Arabic nonsense nickname bestowed by the Al-masoud family)

The Shep

The Sheply Wonder

The Shepomatic

The Sheppie(s)

Sheppie Bobeppie (Andrew again)

The Sheppie Girl

Sheppie Woo (a tongue-in-cheek homage to “Tricky Woo” of James Herriot fame)

Sheppies & Beppies & Weppies & Meppies

Silky Girl

Silly Girl

Silly Little Girl

Sly and Clever Girl

Smart Girl

Smart Little Girl

SNAFU (Situation Normal All Fluffed Up)

Snapper and Flapper (when play fighting)

Snarfoholic (on rare occasions when she’s motivated about eating; she’d rather play 24/7)

The Sneezel Weasel

The Sniveler (when a boy or boys are outside and she isn’t)

Snuffleupagus (sniffing intently)

The Snow Shepherd

The Source of the Problem (Steve hates having dog hair everywhere)

The Stalker

Suspicious Weasels

Sweet Girl


Sweetness Pie

Sweetness Pup

Sweetness Pup

Sweetness Pup Sasha and littermate on James’ lap at breeder’s; the boys held five Baby Sheppies in their lap at once—now one doesn’t even fit!


Taco Frisbee ( see Meet the Weasel)

Tail Chaser

Target Butt (reference library goddess Mary Biscuso term)

Thud the Dog (when lying down hard)

Tiptoe Wake-up Brigade (we have a high bed to accommodate Steve’s arthritis, so Sasha has to stand on tiptoe to see Mary in the morning—she only wakes me up if I’ve slept 10 or more hours, though)

Toaster Roaster

Toe Spreader (part one of standard stretch)

Tongue Wagger (Andrew-ism for monstrous tongue droopage after Frisbee session)


The Uhz (Mary-ism variation)

Uhzzes & Muhzzes & Guhzzes & Wuhzzes

Uhzzes & Muhzzes & Guhzzes & Wuhzzes

Sasha is at the lower right, almost all black, in this group of Uhzzes & Muhzzes & Guhzzes & Wuhzzes


Uhzzes with Cuzzes (Good Cuz, Bad Cuz, Dino Cuz are large, rugged squeaky toys)

Upside Down Girl

Victory Lapper (Sasha runs a lap around the LR/DR/K/FR after a particularly good catch in the over-the-couch toy game)

The Vulture (leaning forward weaseling for a toy)

Wagging Weasels

Warg Back (when growling or barking at suspicious animals or people, the hair on Sasha’s entire back stands up from her neck to the base of her tail—an allusion to J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Peter Jackson’s films)

The Weasel (because she can fit through tiny spaces a German Shepherd should never be able to navigate; and she’s lightning quick and sneaky)

Weasel Girl


Weaselage & Dweaselage


Weasely Dweasel

Weez (contributed by Connie Mack in a comment)

Wet Nose

The Wet Paintbrush (when she’s chased her tail psychotically and caught it too many times because something extremely exciting is happening that she’s not allowed to participate in—like James & Andrew playing balloon volleyball over the couch—her tail gets so soggy that it slaps on the vinyl floor like a wet paintbrush, truly gross!)

Wigglebutt (learned from neighbor when petting their dog while trick-or-treating)


The Wuhz (Mary-ism variation)

The Wup

X-treme Weasel (needed an x)

You Stinking Weasel (James calls Sasha this in disgust when she outsmarts him)

Zepp Shep (our own “Black Dog.”  James and Andrew just bought Rock Band and the two science majors have named their band “Pb Zeppelin”)


Every time I look at photos of Sasha or sit down with her, I realize there are more that aren’t on this list!  Looking forward to hearing yours!!!




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The Booster
The Bean
The Ears
Muffin Butt
The Daxter
Asshole (but only when he's stealing food, coffee, beer, or a White Russian right out from under my nose)
Rasshole (in the hour or two AFTER such a theft)
Long story, but my human, who mistakenly thinks he has a sense of humor, once upon a time nicknamed me Goebbels (pronounced differently, as you will see), in itself a slur on my impeccable German pedigree.

He went around singing at the top of tuneless voice (attempting a facsimile of "Colonel Bogey March"):

Hit-ler, he had one big ball
Himm-ler, had two but small
But Goballs had no balls at all

Harrumph. This after I'd had a certain lil operation, you know. Absolutely no fricking class.

I don't think there are any left! :-(
Teaser and the Firecat were originally known as Tony the Teeny Tiny Tiger (now weighs over 18 pounds) and Carl. That would nver do.
now after they were neutered they became "The Kitty Boys" or sometimes "Kitty Boy, Kitty Boy Kitty BOY!" when I call them. This always gets Teaser to come and most of the time Firecat will too. But you know cats, they are moody.
"Fuzzball," "Fuzzbag," "Sweetie boy," are generically applied to both of them and sometimes pluralized when both of them are present at once.

Also, for Firecat "Fire Kitty" and for Teaser, "Teasie" "Freckle Tummy" and both of them get called "Sweet, sweet kitty boy."

I love 'em awful.
Lady Miko, I think I'll co-opt the nickname SnugglePuppy.
VR, I like The Daxter. Stealing food? A dog?
CCC, you made me laugh! I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but it makes a good story now. Glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read your note.
Dana, I don't have any names about Sasha's whiskers. Trust me, there are tons of names left. I know it's long. I mentioned at the beginning that I'm OC! :)
I'm proud to have a Fuzzball and a Sweet Girl/Boy in common with you. Love your Cat Stevens names! Sasha hardly has any visible tummy left (cf. to her puppy pink belly) so I'm not sure I'd know if she had any freckles. Love 'em awful too!
(I have two)
Baby (Baby Cakes)
Prettiest Girl
Strimpildami (Stomper)
The Boy
Mr. & Mrs. Snousy
Mr & Mrs. Sausage
Mr. & Mrs. McGillacutty
Mr. & Mrs. McCracken

There are many more, but as you can see, they are just too silly to keep mentioning... :0
In no particular order:

TD (Twerpo Doggo)
Fluff Butt
Spud (Sputnik -> Spudnik -> Spud)
Monster Mutt
Holy...........you beat me with all of my dogs by a longshot.
I will try to email you a photo/s ad names........
I see a Boston Terrier at your side in one of the photos. I, too, am the friend of a Boston. His pedigree name is "Thomas Jackson 'Jack' Gardner". He is named for two of my heroes, General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson and John F "Jack" Kennedy. I like to call every Boston "Jack dogs". My nicknames for Jack are Jacksonie, Jackerino, Jack Bud.

Thanks for your post
Ok, mine don't make a lot of sense and rarely have any related meaning. I just call my dog anything but their name. It confuses the hell out of them, but it's all about the voice inflection.

Toot (self-explanatory for once)
Baby Girl
Pretty (Priddy in OS terms)
Fuzzy Bear

Ok, I'm red enough here.
You've taken them ALL.

No, you haven't. I address my girls as pupcakes, pond puppies, bog dogs, poopets, brave and bold, smart and sweet, et al. And they each get a flower name. My avatar was my little daffodil, and her greyhound brother was my little tulip. Then there was my little 130-pound peony. Currently I have my little apple blossom, and my little Japanese peony. And then there are all the riffs on their names, and Italian and French endearments, and other general ridiculousness like "bunny tummy." They nicely put up with it all, but some of the looks I get...
Awwww, those pictures are soo cute.
That is some list! Jumping Black Flash made me laugh out loud.

Mine can't compare - I only have a few for Shelby:

Shelby Marie (when I'm mad at her)
Madame Cujo
I am in awe of your thoroughness, Mary! All that for ONE dog? =o)

Okay, during his life time I called Pan the following:
Pan the Man
Green Eyes
Mr. Mookums
Fuzz Bucket
PanDammit (as a prefix for get down from there, stop that etc etc)
The Voice
Purring Stole
Old Sweetie Pie
Soft Black Paws

Isadora was
Dizzy Izzy
Isadora Duncat (sickeningly cute, I know, but you never saw her in pursuit of a cat dancer toy--incredible balletic leaps, but her style was distinctly NOT classical ballet.)
Soft White Paws (Self-explanatory)
Ms. Mookums
Pineapple Upside Down Cat
Angel Paws
Sweetie bird
Honey-Sugar-Angel Paws if I'm feeling extra affectionate.

I've applied most of these endearments to Nina and Francesca in their lifetimes except Isadora Duncat and Dizzy Izzy. They work fine from cat to cat.
In addition Nina has the following names:
Love Muffin
Love Bucket

Francesca, whom I adopted shortly after my trip to Italy at least partially in tribute to St. Francis of Assisi who was an advocate for cats in the Middle-Ages when they sorely needed one.
I call her
Piccola Bella Cesca (I find her a very beautiful little cat)
Cesca Mia
Pretty Girl
Soft Brown Paws
Water Kitty
Drool Houle (Stroke her and she shows her enjoyment by drooling)
Purr Box.

Prettiest Girl would work well for me. Mr. & Mrs. McGillacutty made me laugh and hear Dr. Suess rhymes in my head! :)

Sasha would also be a Fluff Butt. I knew about Borisaurus from messages to & from you. I really like TD, and one of my girlfriends calls her dad "Buppa."

Please let me know when you post something! I love your writing, but I've been pining for the next conversation with Fergus. If I'd known more of Fergus' nicknames, I would have included him in the photo montage above. I also want to know the derivation of the Blubber half of Blubberstick!

You've taken 20 years off my age! That's my lovely niece Katie with the Boston Terrier. I love all animals (except mosquitoes & ticks & leeches & roaches--I guess insects count as animals), but I'm more of a large dog person like Cam Battley, though I won't try to tell you that they're preferable; I just prefer them. If you look at my avatar, you'll see me with Sasha. I guess Katie & I both have long brown hair, so considering how small the profile photo is, it's a high level mix-up (not to mention flattering). I remember discussing your fondness for JFK's dogs via message. I especially like your Jackerino and Jack Bud nicknames!

We all know you're a soft heart--no need to turn red. I love Pookie, Snuggles, and Fuzzy Bear. Your voice inflection slays me on the video you posted of you with Coco! Now that might make you blush, but what the heck, we love 'em, we might as well admit it. :)

Pupcakes! I love it! Your double names are great too like smart and sweet. KT uses bunny a lot & I love your bunny tummy.

More soon. Sasha knows it's time to go meet Andrew's bus and she's nosing me! Gotta run!

Pepper- becomes Pepperdine, or Pepper-poo, or Dr. Pepper or Pepsi, etc.

Violet- becomes "Violetey, jaunty Violetey, Violetey, jaunty plumeray", sung to the tune of "Allouette"


Button- becomes "bouncing-baby-bunny-Button"

Smokey- becomes "Smokey-bokey-boey-bear" or sometimes just "damn, cat, you're even fatter than I am."

Chloe- becomes (as my nephew used to call her) "itty-bitty-beeby-Koey" or Mrs. Bigglesworth

Tabitha- the smallest and smartest of my cats, she is almost never called Tabitha, but is instead my "little-baby-girl"
Wow. Our long gravel driveway is a sheet of ice, but guess what Sasha is doing? Playing Frisbee with Andrew on icy grass at 28 degrees. Now that's one devoted brother!

Sasha is an elegant and gorgeous dog, but I have to admit the cuteness factor was off the chart when she was a pup! Glad you liked the photos.

You know you're in trouble when the middle name gets invoked. Oh dear! Barfy sounds problematic, but I love Shelber and Shelbers!

Glad to have more cat people weighing in. I would have included Panther in the montage if I'd known all his nicknames! Pan the Man is awesome. Fuzz Bucket would work for Sasha. I would have loved to have seen MissIzzy's ballet! I don't suppose you have any video footage? Pineapple Upside Down Cake is a favorite! Who wouldn't like to be called Honey Sugar Angel something? Now to current cats--Love Bucket, Fur Bucket, Soft Brown Paws, Purr Box--love 'em all!

Can't wait to hear from everyone else! Gotta go run errands. Bah! I'd rather hang out on OS! ;)
Yukio (Black Short Hair Cat) Nicknames:
Big Little Kitten
Little Bitty Yukio
Solid Cat

Willow (Tortoiseshell Fluffy Cat):
Fluffy Butt
Princess Fancy Pants
Princess Sparkle
She Cat
Mary--Alas, I have no video footage of Izzy. I'm still figuring out still photography, let alone the moving photos. For one thing, you have to have one hand free for waving the cat toy. It's really a two person operation to get that kind of footage. One to hold the camera and one to wave the toy around.

But a good friend of mine had a cat named Leonardo who was also a danseur noble at heart when the cat dancer toy was brought out. His nickname was Barishnicat after Barishnikov. His mid-air cabrioles were amazing!
Buster Brownie
Wiggle Worm
Velveteen Mushmelon
Freckle Belly
Buster Brown's beanz r gone
Oops, one more. How could I forget "Elevator Butt" since all of my cats have responded to base of tail scritches with a distinct upward motion of their rear ends?
Love Yukio's Bittems. All your brindle nicknames were a jolt. My first girl Sheena, a black & tan Shepherd, had brindle coloring down her back. I used to call her "Brindleback" and had forgotten about it. Your Princess Fancy Pants would have worked for her too as she had big fluffy pantaloons.

Love Velveteen Mushmelon and Freckle Belly! I'd be interested in a cataloging of your "too many pets to count." Pretend Farmer is over 50, so you're not the only one.

Sorry no video, but I can see them dancing from your descriptions. The Elevator Butt is a hoot and paints a clear picture!
I feel almost normal after reading all of this. It's hard to pick favorites, but " Claws of Doom" and "Isadora Duncat" are pretty great.
So cute! All your pups are just adorable!.
My Fur Person's name is also Sasha. She has many fewer nicknames then your.
The Pup
Fur Person
Baby Girl
Baby Pup
Puppy Pie
Punkin Pie
Snowden the snow pup
Snowden the Christmas pup And many more
Sasha is 1/2 Aussie Shepheard and 1/2 ?
She just turned 9 and weighs about 111. lbs.
She is VERY protective of me and loves to ride. She wants to go just everywhere I go. I have even taken her to work with me a few times.
Keep up all your good stuff
We have got a dog a month back and i have to say we havnt reached anywhere near your scale..but one nickname that I find myself using even more than her given name(Dora) is 'kuku', 'kuku-moli' (pronounce cook-ooo) .. I donno why..but it came from my heart :) ..
You're a dog with a towel on your head and you're worried about being normal? C'mon, you and I got over that long ago. "Normal" is a wash cycle!

I love Fur Person and Puppy Pie for your Sasha. Also Snowden! 111 pounds is a lot of pup! Sasha only weighs a whisker less than 70. Glad Sasha is taking care of you.

Give Dora kuku-moli a hug and some lovin' from me!
Jamie Boy (sometimes sung out as 'Oh Jamie Boy, the pipes the pipes are calling...from glen to glen...and Jamie Boy being a Siamese would sometimes jump in with the harmony.) God I miss that gorgeous cat!

I miss my wonderful Wheaten terrier too...even though he was often maligned as simply The Pooper. But then sometimes he was Big Boy (small dog - BIG bark!)

The one old beloved cat I still have left is officially named Licorice (a black/white tabby) so named when we adopted two shelter cats just after Halloween and because of the colorings one became Toffee and one Licorice. But Licorice almost never got called that. Sometimes he is Lick-a-lick, being one very professional self groomer. Most of the time I sweet talk him as Pretty Puss, Sweetypie Puss and Pussy Willow.

Thanks for a really fun post!
Great Post! Just feel the love!

Well, WigglePuppy morphs into:

Wiggie Woo
baby dog
Wee Woo
Our black daughter

Thanks for the laugh!
What beautiful Shepherds! I am not quite as prolific in my nicknaming, but my own dear Shepherd gal, Tova goes by:

Tovana Banana
Your babies are so sweet. I just had to say it.
FeatheredThing, "Danny Boy" is a favorite song with deep personal meaning for me related to the death of my first dog (a future post). I love hearing you sing "Jamie Boy" to your beloved departed Siamese. Of your current cat Licorice's nicknames, my favorite is Pussy Willow. I grew up with a Pussy Willow bush/tree and have just planted one in my current yard for sentimental reasons.

o'stephanie, Glad to learn more names for WigglePuppy. Wiggie Woo sounds a lot like Trickie Woo. Our Black Daughter would work for my Sasha too!

umbrellakinesis, I love your nicknames La Princessa and Dissy Miss Prissy, both of which would also apply to my weasel.

Laura, Please post photos of your girl Tova! I can just hear you singing Tovana Banana to the fee fie fofanna song. We used to sing a variant of it to our previous Sheppie Girl Sheena that went "Sheena Beena Roweena" etc. Your Ears would also work for my Sasha girl.

Velina--only the Baby Weasel is mine. The others are her littermates, but I think she's the cutest and sweetest!
OK, I found this WAY late, but I just have to say--again!--the Weasel is one of the cutest pups I have ever seen. Love that baby pink tummy. :)