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FEBRUARY 26, 2009 1:53PM

DogWoman meets CatLoving Nangramma in Florida

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As we drove to our Florida vacation destination over our sons' winter breaks, we passed near the home of OS friend Nangramma and made a side trip to meet Nan.

Nan with MaryHere's Mary with Nan in her lovely Florida home.

Steve with NanSteve, The Bionic Man, helps Nan download a gorgeous photo of a confident American Shorthair cat onto her blog as her avatar.

Mary and NanCat-loving Nan and DogWoman Mary hit it off right away.  "Dogs and cats, living together . . . "

Nan and the guysHere's Nan with Mary's three men:  Steve, James, and Andrew.  Nan won over the ravenous teenagers by serving them plates of delectable holiday goodies (and even sent us on our way with more treats for the road trip).  Sasha "The Weasel" kept a low profile, meeting Nan quietly outside as Nangramma's community technically doesn't allow pets  :)

Rebel Jesus fish symbolNan gave James some lovely chord books for his guitar and, on our way out the door, handed us a wooden Christian fish symbol in honor of the "Rebel Jesus."  (Mary did a holiday post about Jackson Browne’s song of that name which Nan found very meaningful.)  We proudly keep this gift in Steve's car as a fond remembrance of our new friend Nan.  It joins a pair of Greek kombolói (worry beads) that friend Costas Zlatanis gave Mary at the Athens airport when he saw her off at the end of her junior year abroad, and a dreamcatcher that our Cheyenne friend Floyd Black Bear's brother made.

Take care, Nan, and thanks again for your gracious hospitality and valued friendship!

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Love all the pictures!
Thanks, Kaysong, isn't Nan adorable?!? My mom won't touch a computer--I'm so impressed that Nan is on OS!
Oh this is great Mary! You are awesome! So are your boys and your husband! What a great blog.
You're next! This summer in NC? :)
Lovely! And I love your Pink Floyd t-shirt! Betcha James is cranking on that guitar! Thank you for sharing... :)
NG is really a sweetheart. We were so glad to get to meet her in person. Thanks again for having us and for a great time!
And this is a good example of why this is, and feels like, a real community. Nice post DogWoman. Thank you!
To a most special family....Mary, Steve, and Loving Sons.... In my book, you truly personify what I call "TRUE COMMUNITY"....Thank you for who you are and all you do to transform this world and bring joy to others and challenge us to join in making this world a place of hope for the future....Thanks go to Open Salon for providing this "stage" to express ourselves....
screamin - yeah, James is probably turning up the tube amp as we speak, though he only had room in his girlfriend's car to bring home his acoustic for mid-semester break. You'll be pleased to know James received tablature for the entire canon of Led Zeppelin songs for Christmas, so watch out!

Thanks. We've found the OS community enriching in many ways.

You make us blush. It was our privilege to meet you!
The meaning of community personified. Rated.