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APRIL 25, 2009 10:16AM

Slimedog Millionhair ~ The Weasel's Oscar Performance

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The Weasel as Slimedog Millionhair

Last night Sasha brought me a favorite ball to throw over the family room couch.  Andrew was sitting on the couch doing his homework and tried to block my throw with one of his school binders.  Thus developed a new game.  I got a point for every throw Sasha caught and he got a point for every shot he deflected.  Soon the ball was slimed.  I moaned about the "slime dog," and then in a rare moment of inspiration quipped, "Slimedog millionhair!"  Steve about lost it and almost immediately came back to his lair to photoshop this.  You know what they say about small minds being easily amused.  What can I say?  He's a genius.  Hope this brightens your weekend!  No weasels were harmed during the filming of this Oscar-winning performance (but lots of hairballs were created). 

Slumdog Millionaire


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oh Mary, I love this. You look fantastic in that rendering too! Tell Steve he is the shiz
Anyone who loves dogs and puns is perfect in my book!
Great work on this - you MUST be a graphic artist, or should be one. Love that GShepard waiting for the ball to be tossed. Waiting, waiting, waiting! What's the hold-up, human??
hey! careful with them "weasel" comments...:)
this is hysterical...my final answer would have to be "slime trail!"
bbd, Steve is the shiz about everything! Glad you like my new, youthful figure--wish Steve could figure out how to do real-time photoshop!

cartouche, dogs go well with everything, don't they?

dcv, yeah, Steve should go pro. I think he's likely to pursue graphics for a favorite non-profit during his retirement. Think I better go throw the ball for the weasel.

songweasel, I hesitate to say that I understand you being a weasel (your avatar notwithstanding), but what does being a talented cartoonist have to do with singing? It's the "song" part of your name that's troubling me. To read an explanation of how our Sasha became "The Weasel" see here: http://open.salon.com/blog/dogwoman/2008/09/20/meet_the_weasel
So Mary finally made it to the long postponed hair appointment - and went weasel nuts with the do! Steve is da bomb.
Too too cute. Happy you have a Sasha also.
You all are so great and what fun it seems you have!
I've thrown many a slimed ball. ewww Dog hair is a condiment around here or sprinkles. I can do digital botox but not lipo yet or I would take my own picture all the time. :o) Rated for aussomeness!