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January 14
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NOVEMBER 3, 2010 2:07PM

A Pirate Wench I Be

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 Anne Bonney Calico Jack

A  pirate wench I be

Come sail the seas with me.

We’ll curse and fight and drink all night!

We’ll laugh and sing and fear nothing!

Fine strumpets all,

Come heed my call.

There’s freedom to be had

And ye needn’t be a lad.

We’ll rob the rich and sink their ships,

Female  ye be? We’ll  call ye  matey.

The  men we  ransoms, or if they be handsome

We  steals  a kiss and spends the night.

In sweet delight.

If  captured we do be

We  struts and smiles quite  prettily

We winks and nods  at all we sees,

We acts so sweet and winsome.

We’s so demure and very pure…and then some!

If convicted we do be of  foul & wicked  piracy, 

No noose we fears.

We sheds some tears.

And then we pleads  “our Belly!”

Anne Bonney Pen and Ink Drawing 

©Doireann O’Draeda

Images Courtesy of Google Images

(Pleading the belly was a process available at English common law, which permitted women pregnant with late stage fetuses to receive a reprieve of their death sentences until delivery. The famous female pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read both used this plea to delay execution although Read died of fever in prison. (Bonny's fate is unclear.)

 Courtesy of Wikipedia

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Aye, and ye are definitely a pirate woman! Love this rhyme!
Many thanks Viking/Irish wench. I'm ready for me rum & more pillage or mayhem.
wow, doireann, you always turn up a new bit of knowledge. it must be nice to be able to turn out a poem so well.
I truly enjoyed this- now that the seas are a bit more calmer - and I'm a bit more . . . sober :o) Never a rum drinker have I been. Oh, yea !
dianaani, ye'rr a fine one to talk...the way ye paint her gourds and write so luvlee while drinkin' her rum. Yo ho ho ;-)

Fusun, me matey, Ye must never tell the other wimmin pirates, but my favorite grog is red French wine. Let's pillage some!
ms doireann ... pirate-party everywhere! great writing and artwork ...
(lowly deck-swabber and foot-warmer)
... lew
Aye, you are a smart wrench you are! And a poet are we? We'll read your poems at ye trail, we will~~
Ah, the "romance" of piracy...only and I would be "the rich" and our pirate would be from the Horn of Africa...and our riches would be oil held for ransom.

I suppose I like the romance better too...
I cannot believe I miss this wonderful, fun poem the first time.
Glad I found it today.
rated with love
Yekdeli, sadly you are right. The "romance" is lost and we are the rich...or the greedy. I do prefer the romance and the honesty of pirates of old.

Poetess, you are too kind! I'm glad you liked this little poem.
This is a long time in coming. Enjoy your time..