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NOVEMBER 9, 2012 11:08PM

is opensalon dying?

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Is this what's happening and I've somehow missed it?

I see these odd messages and then there are all the crashes. All the crashes.

I'm joining a few survivors here.

And branching into my own grown-up little e-cave here.

But I'm not abandoning OS. I'll just crosspost. I've grown too attached to this webpatch, my first blog, to give up any single one of you (is anyone still reading this? No...ok....So it goes....To infinity & beyond....).






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opensalon owns kind of a big place in my heart, so please keep in touch, friends....
Just what Leonard Cohen wrote:

And I just don't care what happens next
looks like freedom but it feels like death
it's something in between, I guess
Paging Dr. Kevorkian. Meanwhile, Our Salon runs cleanly and looks snappy.
Our Salon is a wonderful place to write and read.
I wish I could quit this place, but I'm sure I'll go down with the ship...
I've loved Open for three years and met some wonderful people, now you ... there were mops and hiccups, but this is more serious, I think.

What I love about Our Salon is that Lorianne is there, and communicates.
Thanks for your other link, Dolores.
That comment took 6 minutes twenty six seconds to post.
I know ~ sad that I sat here counting ...
It is.
Or it seems to be...
Just finding you for the first time, I live up the road from you in Oregon...maybe see you over at OurS : )
It has gotten so bad that when I make a comment I'll open another tab and open up OS cover again, and see if my comment took. It almost always has taken without the original window's comment having loaded. Then I just close out the first tab with the slowly turning turning turning comment window...
So sad.
I am learning how loyal I am.
Loyal to the point of stupidity, I'm starting to think.
the non-political activity is better dealt with on fb. political writing is not much, and not likely to inspire advertising.

i suspect there are no plans to buy more servers, so response will not improve. slow death for awhile, ultimately leading to 'send memorial donations to...'
I'm still here. No plans to abandon ship. I have a few friendly readers here. The few times I've posted at the other place my stuff has sunk with barely a notice.
wow! No notices of comments anymore...

Mary, the lack of censorship and the community are freeing indeed. Hoping too that the software improves.

Fred, yes!

Abrawang...closing hour can be the most interesting hour though....

cranky, a dr. k may indeed come around in the end to save the day....

joan--we can be the band that keeps playing as the titanic sinks....

kim--over six minutes! I'm so sorry!

just thinking--there are worse things than loyalty. I'm in san francisco....are you an Oregon neighbor? It's hard for me to leave opensalon because it's the only blogging place I keep meeting new people....I like this about it...although Lorianne at oursalon is also really great.

al loomis--I guess I'll wait for the memorial to send flowers then....

chicken--I'm staying if you are.

I'm not holding my breath for this to post on the first try but here goes....thank-you again for letting me know I'm not the only one....