FEBRUARY 15, 2014 6:06PM

American Interests and Ideals in Syria

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The author above can always be read with profit, if I do not always concur, and to whom I apologize, for criticism far in excess of what was warranted on this topic. 

People are dying in… Read full post »

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People forget history rather often, if it is instructive to read, if only to see why some narratives have validity, and also because they might resurface.

It is reasonable to be relatively open-minded about such things, the alternate narrative, for example the debate about… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 13, 2014 10:12PM

Whither America in Ukraine?

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In 1991, George H.W. Bush made a speech in Kyiv in which he stated that he did not favor independence for Ukraine, hitherto known as the "Chicken Kiev" speech.

That obviously wasn't a flattering description of the tenor of the speech of President H.W. B… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.And B.And an American hero, Sgt. Kris Domeij. 14 times... I hope it ...what can one say say? 14 times. People did their best, and may God grant him and his family peace, thank you being appropriate and totally insufficient.

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It's strange when you read Von Schlieffen's notes on his vaunted Plan (which did almost work to be fair), as in 1912, he calls the German situation "unbearable."

Germany was developing rapidly, so what was unbearable didn't make much sense when I read Ritter's work on the topoc… Read full post »

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Like it or not, and some do not, and it certainly makes for more complicated at best diplomatic calculations, Russia had not gone the way of the dodo bird.

It started to look like that in the 1990's, a scary-looking time for the State with the most nuclear weapons, to… Read full post »

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The Syrian WMD deal has started to stall, which is a potentially serious thing.

That is because should that deal fail, it would cast aspersions on the Iran deal, bottom line.

That latter fact, that the credibility of the Iran deal somewhat hinges on the Syrian deal makes the… Read full post »

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There was a post on a website that I found curious, as to someone posing the question: "Will the nation state disappear, and will it be replaced by affinity groups, or some other thing?"

The point was mainly about virtual groups, like here on OS.

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I liked him as an actor, because he was hard to remember being in movies.

That's a good sign in a weird way, of forgetting someone is on screen, which is why it's sad to see someone go, however that is.

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Human beings on Earth will probably not be payloads of electromagnetic railguns, although the Moon, someday, is almost surely a different story.

We may not ever do that, although I bet if there were another war, that would be the offshoot, as no other envisioned weapo… Read full post »

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If one takes global warming seriously, for the sake or argument, then one wants energy technologies that are "clean" in the sense of carbon emmissions.

Nuclear is clean in that sense.

Nuclear has its risks, as could be seen in the Fukushima event, although we are… Read full post »

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It's not new what Professor Amy Chua has said as to the existence of group differences in the United States as to economics, although that is hardly the only measure of success, and although she is venturing rather far from the law, her academic field.

Thomas Sowell's work is&n… Read full post »

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Now the author went so far as to take Judo, and read his pretty good book on that topic, as to seeing Putin as a serious person-issue for American foreign policy: always know who you are dealing with. 

I therefore find it somewhat puzzling as to that claim made… Read full post »

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That was the important part of the State of the Union,  with a fair warning of the consequences of diplomatic failure in the presentation of the soldier Cory Remsburg at the end.

That is the price of war, always. It is worth remembering always, as is visiting graves,… Read full post »

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I say someday, because America has lost some of its edge, if not all of it. We won't agree enough among ourselves, in the end.

I had wondered for a while now why people don't just take a proven reactor design, like the one for the Trident… Read full post »

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That's usually the case, that it's never as good as it seems or bad as it seems, although some people don't seem to like that either, if rather often, we regret listening too.

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That's a good article there by Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute as to not dodging ugly facts, although one could, and the author does, disagree with some of the conclusions, incl… Read full post »

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Truce is in quotations, because if you didn't get the point before, just because the Soviet Union dramatically changed form in between 1989 and 1991, that doesn't mean that the Russians went quietly into that good night.

That has nothing to do with the security situation, as with… Read full post »

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Now I was only a flunkie, checking credentials at the Wyndham Franklin Hotel in 2000 in Philadelphia, if it was pretty cool too.

As to why I liked it, I saw Condoleeza Rice in a seemingly unsrcipted moment, and the time she spent with a young black female studen… Read full post »

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Some here the name Iraq, and foam at the mouth, or want to forget.

That is understandable to a point, if not helpful to thinking about what are American interests in Iraq, which cannot be said to be zero currently.

That matters now, because 60,000 Iraqi Army troops… Read full post »

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Some people see Fallujah, Iraq appear in the news being taken over by Islamic militants, and instinctively want Fallujah III; one B-52 strike with 27 planes in an "Arclight" type of strike on a target rich environment, if of course after civilian evacuations.

It's Fallujah III regar… Read full post »

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It's too early to tell if the Iranian nuclear deal will succeed in the long run, if it buys time to see if that is feasible in a time-limited fashion.

While the sanctions clearly played a role, and the changed political environment in Iran, and in the West played a… Read full post »

JANUARY 11, 2014 2:38PM

Ariel Sharon in History

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Ariel Sharon, known as are many Israeli leaders by a dimunitive, in his case, Arik, towers now over modern Israeli history, worth a reflection.

He was a little unusual for an Israeli of his era, having been born in Palestine, instead of having migrated. He was a Byelorussi… Read full post »

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I could care less about who to blame about the security situation that has deteriorated in Iraq. I care that people not have died for nothing.

Secretary of State Kerry made it clear that the United States would not send conventional ground troops to assist the Iraqi government… Read full post »

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There was an article on MSN the other day that struck me as a really bad argument that might actually get a hearing, which is that faster economic growth could be a bad thing. 

The article does have a point about Federal finances, but how you don't bail out… Read full post »