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FEBRUARY 28, 2012 1:20PM

Romney and Michigan, and Can You Go Home?

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It clearly isn't what the Republican Party mandarins, (whoever they are these days, and maybe that's part of our problem, no more mandarins having been a de facto slogan of Republican strategy as far back as Nixon to popularize Conservatism and think also of Wallace and "pointy-headed intellectuals), think that they want as to Romney losing Michigan, as that's his home state in some ways, and yet maybe not.

Romney's father was governor there, after though he built a world class automotive parts business there, which however wasn't the footprints into which Mitt Romney walked either.

And that's ok, as not every son wants to do what their father does, and often, that is for the best, if some choices carry more weight too.

Personally in Romney's defense, a lot of days I think I should have done more engineering style work, like my grandfather, because the country clearly has some issues in that department, and every little bit, and that's what my talents in that field were compared to his, a little bit, helps.

Given the centrality of the automotive sector to modern life, Romney not staying in that family business or industry was potentially of more consequence than average, and something one wonders if some people in Michigan may wonder about too, although management consulting, to be fair, would have saved a place like GM especially a lot of grief, if anyone in GM would have ever listened to that in the first place.

From people I have met over the years who did work around the edges of GM as consultants, that wasn't very likely, although clearly GM is rightly proud that it has comeback too.

As to Romney's duty in such a situation, granted, a lot of the the best and the brightest of his age did what he did, and went and got their MBA or J.D. or some stupid M.A. policy degree, and became management consultants or lawyers, or in his case both, although in a place like Michigan, lately that doesn't seem to have worked out very well as to the basic but vital industrial competitiveness built like men like Romney's father George.

My granddad did cacluclations for power systems for steel and paper mills, and it didn't really look very exciting a lot of them time, and probably wasn't, as until he got to 45, he used to smoke three packs a day to keep focus, but it was probably more socially useful than teaching economics or political science on average, unless one was really, really, really good, and at both, and a whole lot of other things too, compared again to engineering a better way say a car's power system, like he and Romney's Dad generation did.

They didn't have blogs back then either, or Facebook. Whoops?

Maybe that's been a flaw in modern Conservatism too, to not see that if Linclon could see virtue in tarrifs, maybe Conservatives here could too,   as to preserving and making basic industry thrive, although walking down that road in a Populist bent from the Right, that might scare a lot of people too, as it could look like Fascism.

So, can Romney go home, like Tom Wolfe asked so long ago?

Guess we're about to find out, although now on thinking about it, I can really see why Santorum through out the snob remark on education, even though he's a lawyer, as he's from PA, and PA's a Rust Belt State like Michigan, and so it was another of his appeals to populist conservatives, and not just a shot at Obama.





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I'm from Mi. and my grandfather and grandmother (believe it or not) held elected office. The state has a classic rural/urban split that is deeply ingrained. Those upstate folks are loyal and the name Romney still bears "fruit" in them parts (many are cherry farmers) I think more than a few will stay home in the cities because he dissed the industry. It will be a very instructive primary since they also have their fair share of fundies, and more than enough good old boys to give Gingrich a following.

When Bush was up for re-election it was a hard choice for them since they didn't like being lied too. My mother, a lifelong Dem, worked at the voting booth in her little upstate county. She challenged a few of her neighboors and they wrote her in. The story is one of the families favorites.
That's a good story there Ben Sen, and it does matter as to turnout and from where.
Michigan Democrats in the latest poll favor SSantorum 47-10 against
Romney. And George Romney has been dead a long, long time.
Yes Old Lefty, a name like that lives only so long, especially if you don't live there, and especially if you don't work in that industry, although, management consulting can be very useful too, and in that industry, if and only if you get "user buy-in" over the bureaucracies in Detroit that a lot of people complained about for a long, long time, and on the union side too.
Everyone knew that the benefits promised were making the Big Three uncompetitive globally, and yet management and labor in effect many argued counted on both American customer loyalty more than it could bear, and on the government to do what it ultimately did, and liberate them from those legacy costs.
I think that Romney, in order to offset Santorum's Roman Katholik fundamentalism, should embrace Shia Islam. He could appear on the stump from now on in Shia clerical garb with an Iranian spiritual advisor at his elbow and show the Amerikan peeples what to expect in a Romney Presidency....Oww! I drank too much slivovitz that Serbian chetnik neighbour of mine keeps plying me with...wink
What is your fetish with conversions to the Shia faith CA, its like you want political candidates to destroy themselves, as you know full well that can't happen, and just look at the nonsense over Obama and Islam to see what you know already.
It is very pretty when political candidates self-destruct Donny. And Pray for War, always. You know a part of you wants war as much as I do but you are conflicted by your family concerns I think. Abandon yourself to nihilism...embrace the Dark Side. The betting is better than even now that Israel will strike Iran within the next couple of months. These are glorious times...hug.
Ah, Master Jejeune, he stared into the Dark Side of the Force too long, and now is Darth Vader.
Careful looking at deep pits, as they might look back, mr emperor.