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MAY 29, 2012 1:49PM

Case for a Bombardment of Syria with One PGM per Civilian

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We are attempting to conduct high stakes diplomacy with Iran over its nuclear weapons program, in which Russia is clearly toying with the idea of backing Iran in a confrontation.

Dissuading them from doing so is important, to put it mildly, and Mr. Assad's regime offered a perfect opportunity, probably deliberately, to demonstrate that point.

In other words, why such an open massacre of opponents?

Partly it is to intimidate within Syia, but clearly another statement being made is,"Will the West dance, or just whistle Dixie."

One PGM strike at high value regime and military targets is a reasonable response function for the violation of Security Council Resolutions even the Russians had signed on with, and also a message: There are limits to Western patience,and if it's time to throw down, make our day. Otherwise, let's live a little longer and a little better, and deal with some obvious problems threatening the peace of the region, and the world, and in the case of the region,clearly the Syrian regime is a bad problem getting worse.


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You're dreaming Donny. There is absolutely NO WILL in the Obama admin. for any military action in Syria. None. Nada. A nullity of will. Period. Full stop. End of discussion. Maybe, gradually, there might be some arming of the rebels but the US gov. does not want to stir the pot there at all.

As for Iran I don't think there is any meaningful high stakes negotiation going on with the Iranian regime. There are no broad-ranging discussions. There is just the determination, now, finally, to see this last round of sanctions go into effect July 1st. There is only the desire to impose pain on Iran, and hope that the regime will give in on uranium enrichment, which in my opinion it won't. There is nothing else to talk about with Iran because Iran is a state-sponsor of terror, with Hezbollah and Hamas and the Assad regime, and now with the Taliban in Afghanistan, and with such a bad actor with so much misbehavior on its hands it's just not possible, according to the prevailing wisdom, to have any substantive discussions with them. So we're headed for the climax with them that I have been blaring about for 6 months know what, eh Booby?
And for a foreign policy guy, and a historian, I find you incredibly idealistic. Your idealism is commendable but your desires for the world, and expectations for Amerika, are not going to happen Donny. The future is stark and bleak and miserable. You should have seen Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles on Fareed Zakaria on GPS on Sunday. Poor Alan is having a conniption fit at the state of the country and the trajectory it is on, but he's a tired, cranky old fart, and like Dick Lugar, they are examples of the old Republican Party. They're gone, and a more extremist and uncompromising ideology has gripped the GOP now, and with the help of Bibi and the strike, they will prevail in November and begin enacting the policies I have been sketching out here in my OS manifesto these last few months. Prepare yourself for the demise of the Republic Donny...start constructing a fasces bundle from your odds and ends soon...wink
Expelling diplomats is a very serious warning among states.
The murder of innocent children is reprehensible! (which is why I revile Israel 11+ more times than I do the Palestinians). There can NEVER be an excuse for that and global condemnation and EFFECTIVE sanctions should always be implemented against the perpetrators.

That said how can you justify punitive, military attacks against on regime (Syria) when the one next door (Israel) has committed even more grevious atrocities?

By not dealing with them uniformly the US/UN goes from playing policeman to playing bully and thugs.
Rating you for *idealism*. Hope you don't change, since intellect when combined with idealism works at a higher level - my opinion.
I hope that the strong messages being sent by the world (sans Sweden) will have positive impact.
Of course expelling diplomats is a serious business, and absolutely required to send a message about the heinous nature of the Alawi militia massacre of the civilians/children. Fouad Adjami thinks it was a citizen's militia of Allawite peasants living around Houla that did the dirty deed. Look, we're headed for a Bosnia style civil war here. All I'm saying is the US will not engage militarily...I'll bet my fridge with all the brewskies innit!...
Funny thing, China has traditionally used war as a last resort. Their economy continues to flourish, despite years of hearing american economists warn of a hard landing.

EVERYTIME, I come here, mr. rich, a former professor is advocating war with someone.

Since WWII america has found justification to militarily intervene in the affairs of Iran (four times), Yugoslavia, Uruguay, Greece, Germany, China, the Philippines (three times), Puerto Rico, Korea, Vietnam, Guatemala (twice), Egypt, Lebanon (twice), Iraq (three times and ongoing), China, Panama (twice), Vietnam, Cuba (twice), Panama, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, Cambodia (twice), Chile, Angola, Oman, Laos, Libya (three times)), El Salvador, Nicaragua, Grenada, Honduras, Bolivia, Liberia (twice), Saudi Arabia, Somalia (twice), Yugoslavia (twice), Bosnia, Haiti (twice), Zaire, Albania, Sudan, Afghanistan (three times and ongoing), Yemen (three times), Macedonia, Colombia, Liberia, Pakistan, and Syria.

This list does not include ~ten covert and overt wars, ongoing.

america is in the throes of economic collapse with a crumbling infrastructure, an antiquated educational system, ranked ~40 in healthcare, and mr. rich continues to beat the drums of war.

Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results???

unrated for obvious reasons.
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Speaking of that present computer virus attack on Iran, thank God the Israelis are hard at it. I think the Revolutionary Guards commanders in Iran have just about had it, and after this next round of nuke talks in Moscow goes nowhere, and the Iranian regime sees that playing nice isn't going to deflect the sanctions starting July 1st, that very soon in the latter half of June Iran will shift to a more aggressive stance, sending speedboats into the Straits to start intimidating the oil supertankers, and God knows what else. Finally, we're in for some real brinksmanship. Let's hope we don't have to wait all the way to August for some real fireworks. Pray for war Donny, we need it to cleanse the Augean stables of deadence here...wink
We will regret our complacency with Syria in the not too distant future, as it is an ally of Russia and China, the latter of whom are trying to end American hegemony, which the Left thinks it will like, so they can have their Socialist state, if give up any semblance of freedom.
Baltimore, a PGM stands for Precision Guided Munition, generally speaking any weapon that has a CEP, circular error probable, one half within say 30 meters almost surely i.e. greater than .99 as to "almost surely."
Tomahawks, various "smart bombs" are PGMs, guided by various modes.
Amy, Israel has never burned a city like Hama too the ground as in 1982, killing over 20,000 people, if its use of some munitions, eg white phosphorus, at certain targets, has been problematic, although so has the targeting of non-combatants by Hamas especially, but also at times Fatah and of course Hizballah at times as well.
Markinjapan, as the status quo power, we by our nature use force first, as China and Russia arm proxies to undermine our power, historically speaking. Smashing a client of theirs every now and then has its place.
Do YOU, don, regret ANY of the ~fifty wars america has engaged in since WWII?
I think Allende was regrettable, and Patrice Lumumba was hard to stomach, if time and place, maybe both, like Mossadegh too.
Just remember Markinjapan that Ivan and the Lees have their ugly proxies too, like the Old Yemen, Pol Pot, the first go round in Afghanistan with Parcham and Khalq.
Korea I'm glad we did. Vietnam... that's a difficult one for me, because the ROV was much freeer than the DPRV, but, in that time as replacing in many ways the old European colonial powers, it was to be a hard sell.
It's not a very nice business in the end Markinjapan, I just don't see Ivan or the Lees, or worse Ivan AND the Lees as any better.
Look at Ivan too in Congo in the 90s, if lots of people were there.
The Duvaliers were an embarrassment, as was Mobutu Mark, if the Russians and Chinese have some of their own, if, they have fewer as Continental states.