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JUNE 14, 2012 3:57AM

Simpson-Bowles is President Obamamerica Best Economic Powder

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For MEB, forever and ever, and a guy I met named Derek in a feeding line called the Firehouse who was a diamond in the rough.

I will probably vote for Mitt Romney, partly because Butch liked him best, and my deceased and beloved grandfather who raised me was the wisest and best human being I will meet save for Jesus Christ, because if Butch was very quiet about many things, including his Faith, he did live that Way.

Butch would also be the first person to say he wasn't right about everything too, even his beloved Bill Russel Celtics, and also the Big Three, and One.

At the same time, both because Barrack Obama's America is America's America in the most general sense as President, and more importantly, because Barrack Obama's election engaged and engages a lot about our identity, what matters more than what is good for Mitt Romne is exactly what's good for America.

Unfortunately for Mr. Romney, as a JD-MBA Harvard with Honors and sucessful businessman, totally worthy of the office, they aren't exactly always the same thing, not because Mr. Romney's a bad guy, as actually he seems familiar as a Mormon, and Mormons to me have always been good guys and girls, but because part of his case in November is about who things are then, and what's good for Mitt Romney then isn't good for Barrack Obama, other things equal.

If the economy is something people are complaining about then, that's good news for a President Romney, even though right now, we might almost on an emergency basis do some things that he would do as President, because he's a good guy, but he wouldn't get credit for now, like a budget deal, to shore up the Euro with a KGB officer making noises of supporting an Iran in a confrontation with Israel with China lurking in the background with a lot of new power and enthusiasm.

As to why either Barrack Obama or Mitt Romney I actually trust with my life, implicitly, I am confident that they both get why having a budget now might be more important than what was good for either one of them politically.

What I mean by all that is that in 1996, Bob Dole would have been better off if the Congress didn't listen to the Republicans led by Newt Gingrich more than Nancy Pelosi and people like her would have liked, and did a budget deal, a perfect example of what his adviosr Dick Morris called "Triangulation."

If those names sound familiar, that has the plus side of experience, on balance more good than bad, if because of our flaws, containing follies both sides of the aisle applauded.

Dole lost in that 1996 election because the deal that was good for America made people more comfortable doing Clinton II, even though of all Washington politicians at the time, Bob Dole, WWII near-amputee for his service in Italy, was responsible as he could do best, as to America doing ok as to throwing up leaders, now an ideal Mormon in the best sense of the word, and Barrack Hussein Obama who also calls up at times the better angels of our nature as to the meaning of him being President and from the Land of Lincoln,

As to the centrality of Simpson-Bowles for all Americans, as a factual matter, Presidents have a limited amount of time to get things done, and then the rats leave the ship, if the patriots stay, maybe sometimes unless they're not from the same party or really share a lot of beliefs.

Moreoveras to why Simpson-Bowles as the premise of budgetary negotiations has always been Obama's only real option, Presidents, like people, can't change horses too often, as that undermines credibility, one trick ponies per policy that are one shot one kill being the best.

Since he appointed the commission that generated the report on a lot of understandings with the Congress, Simpson-Bowles is the President's horse, his only one, to mix metaphors all over the place.

Whoever told the President to walk away from his own budget commision embodied in Simpson-Bowles therefore gave very bad advice for both political and economic reasons.

The little media birdies seem to be saying that  it was the Wicked Witch of the House who should go under the bus for that one. That's of course as opposed to Cruella, good however in her role in threatening to bring death and destruction to Iran. Maybe the Wicked Witch of the House is doing us all a favor too for taking one for the team as to explaining all that.

Ralph the Sheep Dog who fights the good fight with the wolf every day and then has a beer afterwards of course has become increasingly popular to kick, and blame for everything, since he's not capable of opening his mouth without something humorous coming out, if half the time that's basically a good thing from a basically decent Irish Catholic pol, superficially however a little however at sea as to changes in the world too. Or what's up after a couple of tipples.

None of the people in politics that I ever met, R or D, struck me as truly bad, other than as cartoon villains, which is cool in its own way, like Dr. Nyet, who really ought to bring a cat around with him to his judo lessons, with Anna on his arm, if they're often odd too, but who isn't, and someone ends up doing that stuff anyway, here or you know where it really matters, as to Da Bears.

If I was advising how to look like a comic book villain, but that has a place if the soap opera of life, he should be on his arm more, and he needs a cat with an expensive necklace: Dr. Nyet.

As to why the budget's important, if we go bankrupt, the Bears will lobby the Lee people who like to rip fingernails out and do weird things sexually for most people's taste, save the other people who like to rip fingers out we also owe a lot of money too, and who are really sick pups, to either one get nasty with us, telling them there's plenty more of them where they come from, which means that everything to Xi'an has to burn, taking an exchange worst case of 40 million to 400 million, plus another 800 million casualties, if you'd rather not burn Alice's hometown to the ground too as you came all that way in barrages from the sea, if you'd do it in a heartbeat in the right circumstances.

But the key point is, don't look like you're economically wobbly to people you owe money to who have nuclear weapons, or just wobbly with Da Bears gettin rowdy in Poland.

But as to the economics of why President Obama has only Simpson-Bowles as his last powder, it has always been the case that whoever took office in 2008 was caught between a rock and a hard place.

The rock was the massive economic disclocation of a huge asset price bubble, which would induce a large budget deficit, especially given orthodox Keynesian responses that were inevitable, if missing a lot of what was needed if that's hard to see for most people as to This Time is Different on the back end. If there is to be any stimulus at all, it can't be big, but at half of what was proposed as a WPA, but actual cuts other places, where government workers on the A list can give up stuff if they really serve the public to pay for it over time.

The hard place was the long run fiscal constraints on the United States that unfortunately weren't long run any more, because the Boomers are old now, even if they'll never admit that, like some wag said once, telling the Grim Reaper "Hell no, we won't go."

He doesn't care about that anymore than Russians and Chinese you have to be willing to slaughter in massive numbers to keep the peace are sentimental about budgets, and Simpson-Bowles is the President's last economic powder, and then we'll see what happens if we look like we have to wait a long time to do a budget with Iran, Russia, and China, given the transfer of helicopters to their pal Syria.

That of course is why if the budget is Obama's last internal powder along Simpson-Bowles lines, acting like Genghis Khan and taking out Iran and Syria on almost a whim, and looking at Russia and China and saying,

"Are you going to bark all day little doggie, or are you going to bite," is really what you want as the last powder externally, since that's the fact Jack.



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Unfortunately, entitlements are too handy a crowbar for a Dem to beat up a Republican with. You just lie back and wait for the R to say we need to reform entitlements, then you whack him while saying he wants to push granny off a cliff. That's why Simpson-Bowles was DOA when it hit BHO's desk.
Donny, Donny, why do you always want the US to go to a 'Cuban missile crisis' kind of brink with Russia? Why? Let them win this one in Syria, it's more important for them than for the West, because Volodya needs to hang onto Basher to keep his credibility with his puppets in Grozny, or the Ukraine, Georgia, the Stans, etc., because if he gives up Basher so soon after giving up Kadaffi then he loses credibility with his clients. And Amerika is now overgrown, like my backyard, with obese, slovenly, lazy and ignorant, uneducated Entitlement recipients. Amerika CANNOT go to war again, soon. So this ridiculous gamesmanship, as with the House of Representatives vote just recently passing a non-binding resolution that the US policy vis a vis a nuclear Iran cannot be containment, is a mirage, a self delusion that the US can still win in the Persian Gulf. Last November the House voted to pass the Iran Threat Reduction Act which PROHIBITS US government officials from any dialogue, contact, negotiation with Iran. The Iranians are very soon going to jinn up Shia militancy in the Saudi oilfields, oil prices will then spike, and there is NO US military response to such an Iranian strategy. Buy oil'll see.
And I'M going to be the QUEEN of Prediktors on here, not you, you gorgeous hunk, so try to learn from a PRACTIKAL droid like me, becuz you get too lost in extremism and military ideology. You'll see, huggies...wink
And if anyone is going to fly any air strikes against Iran it's gonna be Israel, becuz only Bibi might try to get away with that kind of thing, in mid-August. You'll see...
That's the theory I guess Con, although if the creditors don't buy that.... we'll regret it some day.
We'll see AC. I think we have to finish some projects now, especially if we don't do the budget right, or we lose more than you are thinking, and will regret that soon enough too.