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JANUARY 9, 2013 5:53PM

Hagel Vs. Black Lesbian Warmonger Coalition of the Willing

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I left out the usual if increasingly long so as to not offend anyone  Gay/Bi/Curious, Transgendered and whoever else is that acronym of political correctness lately, as to the emerging if somewhat unusual political coalition of those willing to oppose Senator Hagel as Secretary of the Defense.

That's right, the LBGTBC people unhappy about a remark fifteen years ago, plus feminists, who think Obama means Boys Club because the Democratic Princess wanted to do something else, plus various other ethnic lobbies now, who think there are too many white faces, the former thinking there are too many male faces, plus people who want more wars, with Iran in particular, have realized they have nothing to lose but... but what, their lack of about anything else in common?

Nonetheless, cross-dressing lesbian feminists of mixed race and warmongers of verious religious persuasions, such an ecumenical country that we are, have formed a coalition of the willing, like the coalition that invaded Iraq to such happy times, all in order to oppose Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

I don't quite know if there's anything more to be said, other than that if nothing else, Chuck Hagel must have a rare talent for stepping on toes and/or getting put in truly weird situations, often easy enough in contemporary American politics, if at least it won't be as ugly as the John Tower hearing:

"Sir, when did you stop drinking heavily and sleeping around on your wife?"

Hopefully whatever Hagel did to tick off other Senators didn't rise to whatever it was Tower really did, or he faces the Mother of all Confirmation hearings, if of course anyone really thinks that they can lead the coalition of willing  LBGT, of color, don't forget that, plus feminists, and, and warmongers.

Good luck with that, if I bet quietly someone now understands what James Watt was getting at a long time ago, and sympathizes thinking "Anyone who wants to govern the United States needs their head examined."


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So now I'm 'destructive.' This observation coming from a man who wants the US to strategically bomb Afghanistan as the drawdown of US troops continues, to zero, so as to dissuade the ChiCom army from marching across that realm to the Tigris-Euphrates, or some such fantasy. The problem Donny is that you want to be an important strategic analyst and instead you have wound up laying sod like an unskilled wetback laborer. Now, who's fault is that? And I wanted to help you and you spat in my face. Pride goeth before a fall Don-san...wink
Time will tell, and nothing wrong with an honest day's work, wink.