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JANUARY 16, 2013 5:45PM

Putin's Deshi Gambit For World Domination

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 For MEB, forever. And for A's Deshi BFF, Sireena.

That didn't get much press coverage, that Rossatom had agreed to build a nuclear power plant for Bangladesh, and lend it a billion dollars to buy weapons from Russia.

That's the case even as it's an interesting illustration that Putin still has game, and which isn't necessarily a bad thing, although that's only the case with Russia and Putin's power, as best as he can calculate that at least.

It's  nothing personal with him, and as long as you like your percentage, if four moves out, it's all's fair in love and war with him.

Bangladesh doesn't get nearly as much attention from the American media as its always  uneasy Bedfellow in Partition Pakistan does, other than for the adverse weather events known to cause carnage on a truly biblical scale.

Bangladesh also doesn't have nuclear weapons, just a promised nuclear power plant from Rossatom, plus a billion dollars in Russian weapons.

The deafening silence about that proposed nuclear power plant is revealing in itself, namely that people don't think of Bangladesh with a nuclear power plant as problematic, compared of course to Iran, or Pakistan, even though Bangledesh is a Muslim country with over 150 million people. It's not much smaller than Pakistan population-wise.

That's partly because the Bengalis-Deshis aren't dumb, and have been the largest contributor to UN peacekeeping forces lately, the other good candidate for Syria should that be needed (the most obvious one being Indonesia, but lately they seem quiet, maybe just siting on a nice tropical island chain, unthreatening and unthreatened, hoping to avoid problems, not a bad idea a lot of the time, if easier to do for some than others too).

Granted, a lot of people in the West think of Bangladesh in terms of a basket case suffering from first the Pakistani bloodbath in 1971, and then massive famines, and of course gigantic hurricanes, natural disasters eternal to Bengal that over the years have swept away millions of Deshis.

The Deshis as they refer to themselves in personal experience, along as Bengalis, have been moving up in the world quietly since 1990, and so far have stable governments, where the Prime Minister doesn't regularly get arrested, by his own intelligence services.

Granted, with the most densely populated large country on Earth in a giant flood plain subject to hurricanes, and scarce land anyway, and the large one most at risk for global warming, one meter of sea rise meaning 10 million people pack their bags or make like the Dutch, the Deshis had a long way to go, but, Bengalis are Bengalis, Deshis being Bengalis, and they have most definitely moved up in the world, and credit Putin for seeing that.

The Deshis at least are seemingly moving in a forward direction, not something a lot of people have a lot of confidence in as to Pakistan lately, if people maybe are too hard on them out of naivete over what India would look like after deleting or more likely dominating all of its South Asian rivals.

Of course arresting your own Prime Minister and beheading Indian soldiers doesn't exactly make people say, "Gee, I'm really glad that country has nuclear weapons, as it make me sleep better at night."

As to why the play makes sense, if you are the Deshis, with Chinese right over the hill, and surrounded by India, it's nice to have another partner who has an interest in your existence at a more removed distance, so well done Deshis.

Go Deshis!

As to why the play makes sense if you are Putin, you get to get in between China and India, and right in the middle of the whole Chinese bypass the US Navy at Moluca while developing Yunan strategy, and in a place with more going on than Burma, plus interact with various subtle Japanese plays in all that.Plus, with interoperability with Indian weapons, the Deshis don't look too threatening to the Russians favorite weapons customer, the Indians, unlike with our lovely relationship with the Other South Asian Muslim Horse dealio in and across Punjab.

It's all so very stylish, so very Russian: The Deshi Gambit for world domination!

That regional balance of power, interacting with China and Southeast Asia, reading it, and busting out a move is what shows Putin still has some game, beating up on orphans lately notwithstanding, as that's way too heavy, too heartless looking, almost especially if you're heartless, if that was very clever backpeddle at Rostov na Donu, as to seeing the light, get it?

So, nice Deshi Gambit Putin, and Go Deshis!

dos vidonya

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Don glad to see you are still at the helm of the empire. But in all seriousness Don I did do an extensive study on both India and Pakistan in writing a paper for someone for college last year. The paper was so good they were invited to present it to the Indian Congress. Of course they declined so I may one day publish it on here. What I found out is that we can never leave Afghanistan or for that matter Pakistan either. The Pashtun waited about two months after the British left before they invaded Kashmir and if it wasn’t for the recalcitrant British officers still in command of Pakistan's armed forces both India and Pakistan would have dissolved into apocalyptic violence right then and there. That was 1947. Nothings gotten better since then. The only exit strategy for America would be to cede both “country's” to Russia. Frankly I think we should gift rap them for Putin.
Donny, I just noticed your last 5 posts were not rated or commented on by anyone. All you have left on here is Jackie Heart and me. Send me a private message and I will resurrect your life, no baloney. But you have to follow the party line...can you guess which party?...chocolate bon -bons for your correct answer....wink
I'm sure he would like that Jack of Hearts.
Yezhov, the editors here are what they are. I am moving on to ...different pastures. It was a fair try, and people do what they do.