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JANUARY 21, 2013 12:56AM

So, Can Someone Explain the OS Zombie Apocalypse?

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It's nice to see there's a cover, and that everyone isn't dead or something.

I mean, for a little bit it seemed like there was an OS version of Zombie Apocalypse.

But then, if everybody's theory is that people don't want to jinx the squirrels using bailing wire to keep the Zombies at bay, that's ok, as to the mysterious apocalypse of some form that clearly happened and that no one talks about.

What OS Zombie Apocalypse? 


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The best explanation I can come up with is this zombie apocalypse. Figureing it out beyond that is up to you.
So we go with the old Zombie Apocalypse cover eh, "I didn't see nothing, must have been the Zombies."
i keep asking the editor to keep readers better informed but he has added very very little.
Zombie Apocalypse? I think that was the OU Sooner's season.

Roll Tide.
The Sooners had a good season, save for that A&M buzz saw at the end, if that was an A&M team that got a lot better as the season went on, and barely lost to Florida and LSU, and did fine in Tuscaloosa... no shame in losing to that one, if there's more to come, starting in September.
until an OS developer starts a blog (a very risky proposition), its unexplainable. heck they probably all speak arabic anyway.
If you have to ask it's already too late... they've already eaten your brain.
ah, arabic speaking brain eating zombies, i see. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat explains a whole lot of stuff.
Don, as long as they don't bother to change the cover, I still believe in zombies...
They changed it a little bit Alan, if its nice to see you're still with us too.
Or is that a bad idea, to identify that one is alive, for the OS Zombies, lurking in cyberspace, speaking Arabic and munching on leftover brains, to pounce, when we least expect it?
Be careful out there Alan, and don't let the Zombies get you!
I don't know what caused it but I'm told by the usual "reliable sources' that Jake lit seven candles and prayed to the IT Goddess Zekaitek for a week straight.

The reliable sources of OS skypixeo...hmmmm methinks they're really Zombies, burning candles to ...what was that name the IT Goddess Zaikatek, awful close to Zombietek.


:) @ _safe bet amy