FEBRUARY 8, 2013 3:59PM

Why Did Russia Fly Bombers Near Japan? Valentines

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In case you missed that, just like in the old days, Russian TU-95, Da Bear Bomber, nuclear capable, flew over Japanese territory this week.

 According to the ministry, a total of five Russian planes, including two Tu-95 Bear strategic bombers, two Su-24 Fencer reconnaissance planes and an A-50 Mainstay airborne early warning and control aircraft skirted Japanese territory on Wednesday.

They say strategic to not have people think about the nukes too much, except in high places, not wanting to panic anyone of course, as its all like Chicken. 

They say Da Bear Bombers left cards.

Dearest Miko,

Happy Valentines Day. Just don't mess with anything in Korea, the Kuriles, and Senkoku, or we kill you. Other than that, love and kisses, and Happy Valentine's Day again.



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Don-San, I see you are still flogging war as a possible occurrence in many geographical regions of da wurld. Sure, some decision was taken, at a higher level, for this show of Russian power vis a vis Nippon. But it won't amount to anything, as most such posturing never does, except insofar as it works, subconsciously, to exert a minor impact, along with all the other stimuli, on the psyches of Japs and Russians as they deal with the multifarious economic-socio-political issues of the day. Twinkles!...
Yagoda-son, enjoyed your post on race relations, from about 1945 in a bunker in Germany. LOL.
But seriously, I hope you are well, as it's not like I'm going to win any popularity contests around here. We'll see with the NORKs what's next, as that's only ten days or so, and then they have to put up, or shut up, and if the flights were partly about the Kuriles, that ain't the only thing going on right now neither.
And as to flogging war, prepare for war if you want peace is an old theory.
Race relations theory from 1945, in the Fuehrer bunker, really? Why don't you have the COURAGE, oh great Social Scientist, to address the germane scientific issue underlying my post. To what degree is a generalized biological distinction of the African Amerikan genotype responsible for the greater amount of social dysfunction evidenced in Afrikan-Amerikan communities? Do you subscribe to the 100% environmental causation theory. Are 'nature-nurture' questions out of date in the era of the post-modernist epigene? Societal Coward!.....wink
As for being a war-booster I will never forget your serious contention that the US should strategically bomb Afghanistan to dissuade the ChiCom hordes from sprawling into the Middle East...a complete fantasy. If an objective panel somewhere could be empanelled to judge our respective degrees of sanity I'm sure they would find your writing much more fantastical than mine. But I still continue to read you when I log on here for some nuggets of clear thinking, and hugs too!....XOX you swarthy hunkstress!
Ah, that's so tender Yagoda Yezhov, KGB executor.
And who knows, maybe we look soft to the ChiComs and Muslims because they never did the B-52 strike, not once.
I have to live Yagoda-Yezhov, so I don't talk about some things, if my opinion is more nurture than nature, if not totally so either, and they interact, and, it's also most importantly, way, way too early to tell. That doesn't make me a socialist.