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MAY 19, 2013 5:56PM

Thanksgiving Turkeys,Public Choice Theory & IRS v Teabagger

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For MEB, forever.

Usually the Thanksgiving Turkey doesn't really volunteer to be the dinner, like the Chick Fil-A meme with Cows and "Ate more chiken."

Thus, if there is a "Teabagger" movement, in the theory of Public Choice, applying tools of rational interest a la economics to public sector activities, it can hardly be a surprise that government workers might not be the biggest fans of Teabaggers in the IRS inclusive.

Really Sarge?

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

That doesn't mean the dreaded "Teabaggers" are right, just that it can't be claimed that its rocket science that government types might not be particularly enthusiastic about their movement, since the government worker types are the Thanksgiving Turkey/Chick Fil-A Cow.

(I think the Tea Party people have lost their mind on national security, if, we may have a weird alliance now Old Left and New Right that is going to have us learning some punishing old lessons again, if hopefully not... .)

It's actually sort of good news in a way as to some "vast Left-wing conspiracy," as opposed to the garden variety "vast Right-wing conspiracy." You don't have to implicate the President, Holder, or any of the Usual Suspects, other than government workers being generally speaking unenthusiastic about being put out of work in mass, like the Thanksgiving Turkey: "Cut that out, and do what the cow says, Et mas pollo."

And, in defense of government workers and other alleged "rent-seekers" so beloved of Public Choice and Libertarian types everywhere, having worked in the private and public sector in a large variety of roles as to being able to observe things, the biggest unsurprise is.... the grass is always greener, and someone else is always allegedly lazier and of less-value.

Some of the hardest working people in the world are government workers, called soldiers and K-12 teachers in urban school districts, when they stay with it, when no one else in the country will, parents sometimes included.



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There is no vast Left wing conspiracy. The Left can't come together on anything to enough of a degree to do a vast anything. That's our problem.
Oh no, the Left can come together pretty well, if like all conspiracies, it is difficult.
The Left is better at collective efforts, because they think that way more, if, because they like to argue, they spend a lot time deciding what to do.
The Right does not share that orientation as much, if the Right also is more authoritarian, and so follows direction better, on average, if, they are more selfish as to supporting people with their views.
I submitted a 501(c)(3) application during the Clinton years for a non-profit educational foundation to serve poor, primarily black neighborhoods of Boston. We got the full IRS Inquisitor treatment, in poorly hand-written notes, requests and comments; why were we doing this, was it really helping, who were we, etc. I could never figure out the resistance and the petty animosity of the process until--dawn breaks on Marblehead--I found out during the Clinton years that the largest segment of Democratic Party delegates were teachers union officials.
That would not be a terrible surprise Con, if such people often think they mean well too, if those are famous last words, alas.