For MEB, forever. 

And for Honduras Lee and Pedro, who I worked with as a professor turned landscaper, in one of the best experiences of my entire life. Amigos siempre.

It's funny as I finish this that the Migos were still laying a roof across the street, at seven… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

The answer for me as to the question "Is the Republican abortion measure reasonable or not?" is yes but ultimately no, based on conclusions I drew from teaching Constitutional Law and researching the history of the politics of abortion, the latter especially in the context of curren… Read full post »

JUNE 18, 2013 9:05PM

Happy Waterloo: For RW and Madden

For MEB, forever.

Now RW likes military history, and today set me to a thinking, about Napoleon a Waterloo.

Parle francais un peu.

So anyway, there is Bonny as Wellington affectionately said, out there in Belgium, and its like Belicek and that nightmare with the Giants with that weird head catch… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

Snowden is a former NSA asset, not source, which even as a contractor asset means you know certain life drills, since he was paid on a regular basis and such things. Or even paid, like with a contract and such things.

When he admitted to breaching NSA travel… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

The victor of relative to the Islamic of Iran Mr. Rouhani is a powerful signal as to who he is, a nuclear negotiator, if perhaps f a kabuki too.

It is rather convenient that the head of Iran's nuclear diplomacy came from nowhere to win right as clearly… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

There are no risk-free decisions in life, foreign policy included.

Clearly, there was a long process of debate about whether to overtly arm the Syrian opposition, a debate which ended this week in favor of doing so.

The author thinks that was almost inevitable, if there are concerns… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

That's how it stands right now for Mr. Snowden, a choice between a maximum of 10 years in Federal priosn, or the possibility of a life, or death, sentence.

Of course Scooter Libby did a lot less time than that, and to date, Mr. Snowden it would… Read full post »

For MEB, forever. This is based on teaching the public goods part of microeconomics classes, and extensive research in that discipline as the preparation. Of course, there would be a few exceptions along the lines of the superweapon question, for a hypothetical.

Oil is allowed to be property, if not… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

It's a pun of course, if you are an economist, i.e. a geek, and know the point about the Principal-Agent game, and the associated Agency issues.

In the Principal-Agent game, there is a Principal, the citizens of the United States in the case at hand, who have an… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

It's not very nice to motivate people to reveal secrets, as someone once said at an information session.

"What we do is motivate people to commit treason."

He let that sit there for a while, and of all those naïve college age people, you could almost feel… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

The author did a lot of research between 2002-2005 on the topic of Intelligence Reform for a private non-profit that had many dedicated professionals from different fields.

CENSA was an interesting idea, to try to bring together younger people working in fields with an interest… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

One can have unpleasant experiences dealing with any government, although the American government still has much to admire in it, especially compared to what the world would more than likely look like if it were the case that the American government either went out of business, or j… Read full post »

For MEB, forever. e v oskana na menya, e kangaroo. kangaroo rosskaya, hop, hop. oichin smeshno."I told them it was a kangaroo I saw hopping in the snow?" Oichin smeshno. And for the Americanets Con Chapman, if his advice column is the best. 

It is always sad when couples fall upo… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

Perhaps it is fortuitous that the NSA blow-up has occurred so near the anniversary of the Battle of Midway, which was earlier this week.

That doesn't mean that the NSA program PRISM or its antecedent ECHELON were perfect, merely that they serve an ancient function in warfare, decodi… Read full post »

For MEB, forever. There is no classified information in this briefing. Get it? This is based mainly on research done for a private non-profit group on a project about Intelligence Reform, if they didn't like the idea of giving the Director of National Intelligence full budgetary authority, alas. The… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

Before everyone freaks out over the National Security Agency's (NSA) PRISM program of Communications Intelligence, think about 9/11 a little more.

No Such Agency refers to how people used to call the NSA, before its existence was revealed in 1984, although if you had ever driven by… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

The point is not that 9;11 was activated by other States, merely that other States have intelligence activities in the United States, some of which are problematic, especially in wartime, as to attacks on what is known as C4RSI, which stands for Command, Control, Communications, Com… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

They actually only awarded only three at Omaha, maybe because it was hard to distinguish, just as it's hard to say which one is your favorite hero of D-Day, sixty nine years ago today.

Lincoln probably had the best formulation of… Read full post »

 For MEB forever.

 "Our landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops. My decision to attack at this time and place was based upon the best information available. The troops, the air and the Navy did all that Bravery and dev… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

You could have done much worse, if President Bush did better than almost anyone on OS will ever state, believe or understand, if he did commit one very serious error, which was to not commit the resources necessary to achieve a reasonable outcome in Iraq, or of course… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

You could have done much worse, if President Bush did better than almost anyone on OS will ever state, believe or understand, if the author remains convinced that his Presidency will be defined in the long run by the fact that he did commit one very serious… Read full post »

For MEB, forever. I grew up in two suburbs mainly, if also on Southside and in West End.

You could say it's progress to have African-American politicians arrested in Birmingham, and be sarcastic, if that isn't my take at all. People sometimes like to do that, maybe especially in a place… Read full post »

For Lem Stabler, who flew with Chenault, and came back home, if not to itsty bitsy Ft. Deposit, Alabama and lived a good life with church and family always central, kind of corny, but a good life too.

The Battle of Midway was sixty nine years ago today. It… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

It's a long history of military involvement in Turkish politics, almost unsurprising given the origins of the Turks where we know them geographically as ghazi warriors of the steppes that traveled from Mongolia to establish the Ottoman Empire (and also played a large role in Indian… Read full post »

JUNE 4, 2013 3:08PM

Obama's Difficult Turkish Dilemma

For MEB, forever.

The protests in Turkey put the Obama Administration in a difficult position because of the confused engagement of interests elicited.

On the one hand, we like democracy, if that turns into a mess right there.

The protestors remind us of the Arab Spring, except that the AKP governmen… Read full post »