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Empire is in quotes because we are not an empire in the sense of territorial annexation or overlordship, per respectively the Romans and the British, even as the scale of our alliances makes us functionally similar to an empire.

All empires have difficulties at times with varying op… Read full post »

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A lot of people died in Cairo today, as the Egyptian security forces cleared out President Morsi's supporters from their protestor camps.

It's unsettling, and tragic, and as old as time, like, when the question in Chile was: Allende or Pinochet?

When politics comes down to brass tac… Read full post »

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The Obama Administration clearly hoped to avoid an Israeli preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear programs long enough for the Iranian elections to possibly alter Iran's course.

The new Iranian government's offer this week to "engage in serious diplomacy" means that strategy was not wi… Read full post »

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It's not the most exciting topic, bugdeting that is, if without a budget, no government can survive for long, failing ultimately in the first function of all governments, national defense.

As to the Sequester, which is a set of across the board cuts in domestic and military spending… Read full post »

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There was a very interesting article in the New York Times this Sunday about the development of the New Silk Road.

The New Silk Road is like the old one, not so much one road, but many paths across the interior of the Eurasian landmass, if… Read full post »

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My home county of Jefferson, Alabama, had the previously largest filing of a municipality in history, 3 billion dollars.

There was a lot of hardship associated with that, and still is.

There are lessons in that filing that are important, including the cost of federal mandates, as… Read full post »

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That would seem to be the basic typology of who leads in politics, viewing scholar broadly.

The Medici of course refers to the moneyed class, which exists anywhere and everywhere, even in the Soviet Union.

As to that case, there was a joke in the Soviet Union that… Read full post »

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If you go back in time to when the Sequester was made as a deal, that was because one part of capital markets, the market for government bonds, in effect had actors voicing concern about the path of federal finances.

That matters to the majority of Americans, since… Read full post »

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The one who has knowledge uses words with restraint, and whoever has understanding is even-tempered. Proverbs 17-27.

I thought the President said exactly what needed to be said, because in the end, as a teacher... beyond race, guns or anything else, as that's not my paygrade,… Read full post »

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Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations wrote about many things, because he had a general theory of society, not just economics. That doesn't mean he was right, but he was more than any other single social scientist in history the one to raise the right questions.

Smith… Read full post »

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That Interest" question is as usual is the question that is mainly asked in circles that deal with such things professionally, e.g. the State Department and Pentagon: what's in it for us?

There are short run and long run considerations in such things, in which of course in… Read full post »

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I only write in Spanish, and English, for practice of a skill, and so some people I know can read it more easily, if hopefully, they find it "good" Spanish, porque yo se un medio nivel del espanol de los reyes, al fin,… Read full post »

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As to the past, prior to 1924, essentially if you get get here with what would now be about $300, had no obvious health issue, mental or physical, and had no criminal records that could be found, you were good to go, onto the street to fend for… Read full post »

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Because that's where he taught before, from 1982 to 1985.

His presence in Egypt is not any longer consistent with public order there, as one set of people insist that he go, and another that he be freed to resume the Presidency.

Given the gravity of a collapse… Read full post »

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Democracy in America of course refers to the 1831 study by Alexis DeTocqueville of the United States.

Democracy in America remains the single most important work on the United States in the author's view, for having raised the correct set of questions about the young co… Read full post »

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To the student of power, Talleyrand's perspective made the correct call: "It was worse than a crime, it was a mistake."

President Morsi to be fair wasn't really a politician for very long, and spent a long time teaching civil engineering in California, as to probably not getting… Read full post »

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America's relationship with Egypt has been a complex one since the United States first ventured into the Middle East on a serious military-political basis during and especially after WWII.

Many saw Nasser as what Egypt needed when he was preparing to launch his coup to overturn… Read full post »

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This is a thought piece, although if you chain 10 SG8 generators from the proven Ohio class submarine design, that is 450 Megawatts; even 45 is nothing to sneeze at for one, and the Trident-Ohio has a very good safety record, and it's design automatically floods with boronated… Read full post »

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I read Gerhard Ritter's Schlieffen Plan, maybe for the first time, if the historiography in general has always been an interest, since it is to intimately tied to the origins of WWI. I probably read it 20 years ago at SAIS, like with Calleo and the German Problem… Read full post »

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The answer is simple, practicalities of daily life, if Republicans who think it gets them much are in for an unhappy surprise too; more on the latter in a moment.

As to practicalities, to cash a check requires an ID of some form, unless one knows a store… Read full post »

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Let go of bitterness is the lesson for the world, easier said many times than done.

Nelson Mandela won't live forever, which concerns some people as to South Africa's future. Hopefully, as has been the case to date, the doom and gloom people will be wrong. India is… Read full post »

For MEB, forever. Note, this is merely a macroeconomic analysis and policy suggestion, a radically different thing than investment advice. There is a reason people don't usually do both, as the motives are very, very different.

I don't usually do this, but on reflection, this $Metals notion is the co… Read full post »

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Of course Alabama is my favorite football team, just one of those thing. I always like to hear of them doing cool things later in life, which of course for most is just life, not NFL, if I always wish them well, for playing for Alabama.

No… Read full post »

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Remedied is in quotes because no voting system exists that does not have a non-trivial critique, as a general result of political science.

See Positive Political Theory for gory details.

Much of it depends on how you conceive of "voter interest," in which the decline of the Democrat… Read full post »

JUNE 24, 2013 9:41PM

Snowden's Trap in Moscow?

For MEB forever.

And now you can see Snowden's potential trap, the error of going too far from home, or from friends, so to speak.

He could have stayed in America and merely released PRISM.

Whoever told him to flee, and to collect more material, partly the journalist's responsibility too, gave… Read full post »