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For MEB, forever.

That's usually the case, that it's never as good as it seems or bad as it seems, although some people don't seem to like that either, if rather often, we regret listening too.

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For MEB, forever. 

That's a good article there by Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute as to not dodging ugly facts, although one could, and the author does, disagree with some of the conclusions, incl… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

Truce is in quotations, because if you didn't get the point before, just because the Soviet Union dramatically changed form in between 1989 and 1991, that doesn't mean that the Russians went quietly into that good night.

That has nothing to do with the security situation, as with… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

Now I was only a flunkie, checking credentials at the Wyndham Franklin Hotel in 2000 in Philadelphia, if it was pretty cool too.

As to why I liked it, I saw Condoleeza Rice in a seemingly unsrcipted moment, and the time she spent with a young black female studen… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

Some here the name Iraq, and foam at the mouth, or want to forget.

That is understandable to a point, if not helpful to thinking about what are American interests in Iraq, which cannot be said to be zero currently.

That matters now, because 60,000 Iraqi Army troops… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

Some people see Fallujah, Iraq appear in the news being taken over by Islamic militants, and instinctively want Fallujah III; one B-52 strike with 27 planes in an "Arclight" type of strike on a target rich environment, if of course after civilian evacuations.

It's Fallujah III regar… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

It's too early to tell if the Iranian nuclear deal will succeed in the long run, if it buys time to see if that is feasible in a time-limited fashion.

While the sanctions clearly played a role, and the changed political environment in Iran, and in the West played a… Read full post »

JANUARY 11, 2014 2:38PM

Ariel Sharon in History

For MEb, forever.

Ariel Sharon, known as are many Israeli leaders by a dimunitive, in his case, Arik, towers now over modern Israeli history, worth a reflection.

He was a little unusual for an Israeli of his era, having been born in Palestine, instead of having migrated. He was a Byelorussi… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

I could care less about who to blame about the security situation that has deteriorated in Iraq. I care that people not have died for nothing.

Secretary of State Kerry made it clear that the United States would not send conventional ground troops to assist the Iraqi government… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

There was an article on MSN the other day that struck me as a really bad argument that might actually get a hearing, which is that faster economic growth could be a bad thing. 

The article does have a point about Federal finances, but how you don't bail out… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

It would be a while before the mass of humanity could go on suborbital flights like the ones that should start soon with Virgin Atlantic's new project, if Paul Allen has a similar design concept.

The Space Shuttle used lift, but very, very much more on the decent, fir… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

The verdict is in from Russia and Our Thing: Chris Christie is a biatch.

Putin was quoted as saying "Hey, I poison people with radiation, and I'm supposed to be impressed by having a biatch close a bridge? He's a big fat pussy."

Tony Soprano was apoplectic, saying "Wh… Read full post »

 For MEB, forever.

"More than 22 percent of NLSY79 men experienced at least one long-term spell of unemployment from their labor market entry through 2009. Black men and men with lower levels of education were m… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

This is not to say that Aggregate Demand does not matter, nor is it to say that income distribution does not matter, although many have criticized Keynesians, and rightly so, for excessive focus on Demand, instead of on Supply.

Both matter, especially in the long run. It is… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

Of course, Rodman wasn't really a diplomat, just one of those things, although for the critics of his antics, let us remember that the alternatives really aren't so great, practically speaking.

To be fair as we wish Brilliant General Kim Jong Un happy birthday, and seemingly say goo… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

I mean what the hell is that, to make people wait in traffic over an election?

Look how soft we've gone. Yes that is the pot calling the kettle black, what with my shrink and all, but still, we've all gone soft.

Back in the day, you… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

Permanent income is short for permanent income hypothesis of Friedman, an important theoretical construct in the analysis of consumption, if only as a boundary condition. That boundary condition may well have slack multipliers much of the time, but in the limit, cannot, absent a tra… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

The Market for Lemons is a classic paper in economics, co-authored by Janet Yellen, now the first female chair of the Federal Reserve Board.

The Federal Reserve System probably has come to the end of it's more obvious measures to stimulate the economy, as is the case with… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

I will say that when I saw the headline, "first woman," I was slightly non-plussed.

That is not because of anything other than the fact that we have experienced a massive economic disclocation, and so therefore, I could care less if a Martian took that role,… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

Let us say for the sake of argument that one opposed the Iraq War, not a bad one here on OS.

That doesn't change the fact that once that war was launched, it might well be the case that various interests would be engaged, again, even if one opposed the… Read full post »

JANUARY 3, 2014 4:15PM

Lil Kim (Jong Un) Goes Doggie Style

For MEB, forever.

Remember back in the day, when they still had forties of Olde English?

Remember those Big Mickey's, the quarts of Bud, a fifth of Wild Irish Rose, and rolling through the 'Hood with the AK on the Southside of Chicago?

Remember back in the d… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

Any time there is a significant political disagreement between the United States and the Russian Federation, it is a matter of MAD Skillz, so to speak.

That is because if the political disagreement were to grow serious, by the nature of our relationship, nuclear weapons become more… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

Three names so redolent of history if in the same place: the city of the Tsar, the city of Stalin, and the city of the River Volga, and this week the scene of a significant terrorist attack, presumably by those Islamists in the Caucasus region who do not wish… Read full post »

For MEB, forever.

Now when I hear lately that Palestinians like Abbas say Jerusalem wasn't Jewish ( and sometime when Jews won't compromise too), I think of Titus.
Yes, the Palestinians didn't get the best deal, if they hardly tried very hard a lot of the time either, manyRead full post »

For MEB, forever.

There have now been two federal District Court rulings on the NSA program of data collection revealed to such storm and fury by Edward Snowden, collectively referred to as PRISM.

It had long been understood in the open literature that such activities were often conduc… Read full post »