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The Market for Lemons is a classic paper in economics, co-authored by Janet Yellen, now the first female chair of the Federal Reserve Board.

The Federal Reserve System probably has come to the end of it's more obvious measures to stimulate the economy, as is the case with… Read full post »

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I will say that when I saw the headline, "first woman," I was slightly non-plussed.

That is not because of anything other than the fact that we have experienced a massive economic disclocation, and so therefore, I could care less if a Martian took that role,… Read full post »

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Let us say for the sake of argument that one opposed the Iraq War, not a bad one here on OS.

That doesn't change the fact that once that war was launched, it might well be the case that various interests would be engaged, again, even if one opposed the… Read full post »

JANUARY 3, 2014 4:15PM

Lil Kim (Jong Un) Goes Doggie Style

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Remember back in the day, when they still had forties of Olde English?

Remember those Big Mickey's, the quarts of Bud, a fifth of Wild Irish Rose, and rolling through the 'Hood with the AK on the Southside of Chicago?

Remember back in the d… Read full post »

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Any time there is a significant political disagreement between the United States and the Russian Federation, it is a matter of MAD Skillz, so to speak.

That is because if the political disagreement were to grow serious, by the nature of our relationship, nuclear weapons become more… Read full post »

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Three names so redolent of history if in the same place: the city of the Tsar, the city of Stalin, and the city of the River Volga, and this week the scene of a significant terrorist attack, presumably by those Islamists in the Caucasus region who do not wish… Read full post »

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Now when I hear lately that Palestinians like Abbas say Jerusalem wasn't Jewish ( and sometime when Jews won't compromise too), I think of Titus.
Yes, the Palestinians didn't get the best deal, if they hardly tried very hard a lot of the time either, manyRead full post »

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There have now been two federal District Court rulings on the NSA program of data collection revealed to such storm and fury by Edward Snowden, collectively referred to as PRISM.

It had long been understood in the open literature that such activities were often conduc… Read full post »

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Praxis is the mixture of theory and practice, clearly important in any economic policy, particularly unemployment policy.

Keynes correctly pointed to labor markets as having peculiarities compared to impersonal market exchanges, such as the dreaded Kansas wh… Read full post »

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The North Korean nuclear weapons program is one of the more serious issues facing American foreign policymakers.

One way or another, that program is a matter of grave concern. 

That is because not only could such weapons someday pose a direct threat to the territory… Read full post »

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I never met Craig's new wife, if I'm glad she still shares Craig's pictures on Facebook, if it's a happy-sad sort of feeling, since Craig passed away this year.

It's happy, because you see Craig has two sons, amazingly grown, if sad... as to not being there. Then again, it… Read full post »

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It wasn't really very nice, or gentlemanly, if a brilliant tactical and strategic move, and so fateful too, that Christmas preemptive strike George Washington ordered on the British contractors at Trenton on Christmas.

It sure was fateful too, since it caught the Hessian contra… Read full post »

For MEB, forever. Expedia donjia zipline not a sketcher.

Now one shouldn't make foreign policy on the basis of Hollywood movies of course, or classic books, if such things are often a hint of things to come, for a variety of reasons.

Tears of the Sun I thought grossly underrated, as to… Read full post »

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Walter Mondale once said that anyone who claimed to understand North Korea was an idiot, a liar, or both.

Now that's too much, if few fields of analysis offer more grounds for making tea-reading seem like an advanced science, if the DPRK has its conventions too.

One o… Read full post »

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Now as to Pussy Riot being released, that I have a hard time taking seriously, since they were the Russian equivalent of Miley Cyrus, not that you should lock up Miley Cyrus, just not really something that makes me lose that much sleep.

If you go into a church as a&nb… Read full post »

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First Infantry, Big Red One, Ft. Riley Kansas, Marne, D-Day, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, twice, Afghanistan, every time they were called, the Big Red One was there.

You see the press cover one thing and not another, and wonder why, as to some families at Ft. Riley, Kansas to pra… Read full post »

DECEMBER 20, 2013 10:02PM

A Memorable Story For Sure: Lone Survivor

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There's likely to be a movie coming out soon that if true at all to the book should be very memorable, Lone Survivor.

Hollywood may find it hard to do such a thing justice, as to the interesting background of the SEAL in question, a hardscrabble childhoood existence i… Read full post »

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Chile elected a new president this week, who had served before, if it marked ongoing  hope that the shadows of Augusto Pinochet and Salvador Allende have faded.

That is the case even as Bachelet's father was on the losing side of the Chilean  coup led by Pinochet on… Read full post »

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The diplomat in question from India was accused of a felony, visa fraud.

Now it may well have seemed like not a big deal to the diplomat, sort of a "nanny-gate" type of thing, if violation of host country laws is always grounds for a declaration that said person… Read full post »

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It is being reported that the Congress and the President have seen that asking the Armed Forces to cut their pensions while they do not take exactly the same percentage cut was a very bad idea, and therefore are altering the budget deal accordingly. 

That is beca… Read full post »

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President Pbama had asked Congress to do three things after the last government shutdown ended, one of which was immigration reform.

That there was a budget deal at all, one that avoids more financial uncertainty, was a good Christmas present, save… Read full post »

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There's no question that Nelson Mandela will be remembered as one of the most important political figures of the twentieth century.

He was also much more than just a politician, as to symbols. 

The longer South Africa remains democratic, governed by the rule of law, the more and mo… Read full post »

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De Doubus Malis, minus semper eligindum. Of two evils, chose the lesser. 

That's a clever strategy, to release jihaddists, and probably create them too, in order to rationalize his existence, as the lesser of two evils. 

Of course Assad isn't the only one to have… Read full post »

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It seemed fitting to write about Lawrence, of Arabia of course, since Peter O'Toole passed away today. (The Stuntman is an awesome movie, btw.)

Peter O'Toole of course was famous in no small measure for his cinematic portrayal of Col. T.E. Lawrence, Distinguished Serv… Read full post »

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Who's there?

It's your NOC.


You know, your man in Tehran, the NOC. Help.


Recently it came to light that the former FBI officer who vanished on an Iranian island seems to have been a NOC, the hardest job you could ever hate, depending on how it… Read full post »