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June 06
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NOVEMBER 20, 2011 11:30AM

Cody, Cosmo and Chloe

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My Loving Pets Cosmo In most cases your either a dog person or a cat person, in my case I love both.  I don’t understand why some people just do not like cats, they say their sneaky and always prowling around, this is kind of the case in my house, and our cat is using Ninja tactics constantly with our smallest dog, Cosmo the terror Shih Tzu!


We have 2 dogs, Cody who’s a yellow Lab and the kindest and friendliest of all, Cosmo the terror, and our cat Chloe, these 3 pets give me constant entertainment on a daily basis. Cosmo is a 3 yr. old Shih Tzu who wants to hang on Cody’s ears all day! Cody just wants to chill and sleep next to me and be a dog, Chloe the cat is just eluding Cosmo all day.  Chloe will go to use the litter box which we have up on a leather foot rest from our sofa and Cosmo will just wait, looking up to know exactly when the cat is done so he can ready himself for when the cat jumps out of the box.  Chloe must use Ninja tactics and fake one way than jump the other way to elude Cosmo’s wrath!


Sometimes I think Chloe the cat actually lets Cosmo catch her, Chloe knows that Cosmo won’t do much but bark at her and Chloe can just do a standing broad jump right over Cosmo, it’s amazing, if there where animal Olympics I think she would win for longest jump.  The same thing happens at the cat’s food bowl which is up on a microwave stand in our dining room.  The cat will jump from the stand where her food is onto the dining room table and then jump whichever way looks like the best getaway route.  Once Chloe’s paws hit the floor their off and running, through the living room and around through the kitchen and back through the dining room, sometimes 5 or 6 laps before the cat goes off course and under the bed or up way high in our walk-in closet which is her true safe haven where the dog will never in its lifetime be able to reach!


Cosmo will run his laps and after gaining enough speed run right at the big Lab Cody and jump up at his ears and actually hang on his ear lobes.  Cody is so good at knowing exactly how much pressure he can use when biting down on Cosmo without hurting the little guy.  Cody will kind of nudge him with his nose too, good contact will send Cosmo across the wooden floor that has no traction, and it's just too funny! Once Cody stops Cosmo from getting to his ears Cosmo starts at the legs, he runs around the back of Cody and bites him in the back of his legs so much that Cody has to sit down to stop the leg attack!!! As soon as Cody sits to avoid the leg attack, Cosmo starts humping him....I call it, “jump and hump” or “hop and pop”. 


First we got Chloe the cat and had her for about a year or more and then we got Cody the lab, we were worried about the two of them but they got along great right from the beginning.  Those where the quiet, normal days...then we got Cosmo the shiatsu and the house started rockin’.  I mean that in a good way of course, but we knew than the house would no longer be quiet for the most part.


When Cody needs to go outside he doesn’t bark or whine, he just sits and stares at me.  It’s the strangest thing, but he is communicating perfectly with me, I know exactly what he wants when he comes into the “Man Cave” and sits and just stares.  Cosmo has puppy pads, so when he has to go #2, he does like 5 or 6 laps as fast as he can ending up on his pad, then he goes around the pad in a circle and as soon as he stops, he starts going #2!!! All 3 of my pets continuously make my day, they know when I’m hurting, they know when I’m sad, they know when their needed and they know when I’m mad.



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True, our pets are people with personalities! And they too have a place in the history of our families. We've always had dogs in our family, and then about a year ago we got our first cat. She was barely a month old and came to our door and begged to be taken in. And we are so glad to have her!
Love this. Yeah for our pets. Sometimes I think they are the smarter breed. Rated with a Jali Smile of course. :-)
After having dogs for over 20 years, I went through a 5 year period where I didn't share my life with one. When I was rescued by a Pueblo dog, I realized what a hole had been in my life! Our pets make our life brighter!