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June 06
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DECEMBER 19, 2011 5:34PM

Bill O'Reilly: My Hack of the Year

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Without too much thinking about this at all, my man is the short-tempered; right-wing influenced Bill O’Reilly.  I could give it to all the employees under Roger Ailes for their obvious political agenda, but I understand I could only pick one.  One of the reasons I picked Bill O’Reilly is due to his ability to repeatedly miss the facts.  It really bothers me when someone has a show, but never gives the facts unless it helps his or her own interest.  Time and time again O’Reilly wants to add Bush’s 2009 budget to President Obama’s 2010 budget, which most people who watch his show have no idea is just an inaccurate way to tally up Obama’s budget, nor is it fair. 


O’Reilly claims that President Obama has added 4.2 trillion dollars to the debt when he took office.  This is simply “NOT TRUE”.  The Obama policies since he took office have only added up to below 2 trillion dollars, the other 2.5 – 3 trillion dollars was added by Bush, his policies and other government debt that would have been added no matter who was elected into office.  O’Reilly wouldn’t be so loose with his reporting and his facts if a republican president was voted into office.  President Obama has only submitted 2 budgets since being in office, the 2010 and the 2011 budgets, Bush submitted the 2009 budget of 3.1 trillion dollars!!!


This is Bill O’Reilly’s problem, he is adding all the spending while Obama was in office from Jan. 2009, and this is not right because most of it was from the Bush budget.  President Obama and Congress had some add-on stimulus for the 2009 budget that came to about 175 billion but was drafted by the Bush administration.  The budget is always submitted the year prior to that fiscal year by the President of the United States, which was George Bush in 2008 who submitted the budget for 2009.  All the debt, spending numbers and deficit being used to come up with Obama’s increases should start with his 2010 budget, not Bush’s 2009 budget, that just makes me nuts.  O’Reilly is taking the 2009 Bush budget and adding it onto the debt numbers of the President. 


The National debt in 2000 before Bush’s first budget was under 6 trillion dollars, for the last Bush budget in 2009 the debt had increased to 11.9 trillion, a 110% increase, these are facts Mr. O’Reilly!!!  From 2008 to 2009 we saw a 17% decrease in federal receipts, this is something President Obama had nothing to do with yet O’Reilly throws it out there like it’s a game, just throwing mistruths all over the fox studios, you think the man would have some morals or loyalty to truth being that he is in the journalism profession?  He’s just like an extreme right-winger Tea party lover and that’s why he gets my vote for hacker of the year. 



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He is a worthy candidate but then there are so many, how did you ever whittle it down to just one? Great post, Don.
Awww, you stole my hack! =o) There are so many things about O'Reilly that irritate me besides his willingness to cherry pick his facts are all his tough talk during the Iraq war about how we needed to torture prisoners for information. From a guy who sits in a suit and tie in a TV studio and who, for all his onscreen machismo, would probably dive under his desk if he ever heard a shot go off in anger.

Perfect. He should be in the Hack Hall of Fame.
God, I hope you get more support for your thesis than that represented by these anemic comments. But maybe they fit your fairly anemic post.
I've watched maybe 1 full hour in total of O'Reilly's ranting, and found that to be all I could stomach. Nice choice.
Wow Gordon you sound like a cranky, lonely old man with an attitude, sorry about that I really feel sorry for you, sometimes it's better to keep that thing under your nose shut rather than say something rude, good day
Thanks for writing this because I didn't want to. He is my favorite (ahem) hack.
Middle America doesn't care who had what budget yesteryear.

What we care about is next year, and very few words are printed on the front page about this most important issue.

At least he is talking about the huge deficit. Most politicians and talking heads pretend it doesn't even exist.
Gerry, I don't know what channel your watching but yes, everyone is talking about the deficit and the Republicans are the ones that are and have been holding up everything, how about 3.9 million jobs, oh the nut jobs said no to that, or the infrastructure bill, they said no to that as well, just like every other bill the don't even vote it thru the house to get to the Senate so what the hell does this say for our Republican obstructionists, why not talk about yesteryears budget, we must defend against all the lies that come from the Right-wing media such as O'Reilly himself,, Enjoy The O'Reilly Factor tonight Gerry and good luck come election time!!!
Thought I'd publish my response to your intemperate PMs.

"I'm embarrassed that I took the time to comment on the post of such an obvious illiterate who doesn't even know the difference between You're and Your. Don't bother to respond. Someone with your intellectual resources has nothing to add to my world. Your bio tells it all--middle class mediocrity to the power squared. Enjoy and wallow in it.
Gordon is a cranky, lonely old man who has nothing better to do with his time than to spread negativity to all of OS!! He's the kind of man who wouldn't hold the door open for an old lady or any lady for that matter, he's the kind that tries to bring people down to his level, sorry ole Gordy, not here, I don't hear people like you, what gives you the right to say something about the people who comment, I mean really, get a life, try Shuffle Board or swimming pool exercise I hear it's great for our elderly...
Oh and Gordy!!!! I forgot to tell you that this sign (") is called a QUOTE, and this sign (") is called an END QUOTE, you never put your end quote after your hideous comment to the kind people who commented on this post, therefore I have come to a conclusion about you, the lonely old man, you're, (YOU'RE) not a former lawyer, former publisher, former tennis ref or a former Superhero, your a shallow fake who needs to try to be a decent person. Who comments with such negativity? Some rude people like you who think they're entitled, who think the world owes them something, you should really take a look in the mirror and think hard, I doubt it very much that you will like what you see unless you start to act like an adult instead of a child. Good day Gordy

P.S. You criticize me for a mistake in grammar yet you do the same exact thing, Good day, enjoy Bingo tonight at the senior complex and enjoy the pancake social on Sat!
"...your a shallow fake..."
There are none so stupid as those that will not learn.

My bio is 100% correct. Apparently you're too thick to know there's a difference between "published" and "publisher." Oh, well.

I gather you're some sort of liberal. I guess that gives you the right to make claims without any supporting evidence. And as for lonely, I'll stack my personal life up against your cheesy family portrait any day. GAG!
He could be the hack of any year, though "hack" is a kind word.
I agree Bellwether Vance, he could be hack of the year for the past decade. Thanks for reading, Happy holidays to you and your loved ones!!!
Why would you want me to "Enjoy The O'Reilly Factor tonight " as you say? I never watch him, and I seldom watch Fox. I get 90% of my news from MSNBC, and no, they hardly ever talk about the deficit, they talk primarily about jobs that can't be recreated, because they are cheaper in the Middle East, and they talk about those Tea Party obstructionists.

And, I stand by my observation that they seldom talk about the real issue of the deficit.
You hit comprehend out of the most construction topics.
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How did you ever whittle it down to just one? Great post, Don.!!Worldwide Directory
Obama’s increases should start with his 2010 budget, not Bush’s 2009 budget, that just makes me nuts. O’Reilly is taking the 2009 Bush budget and adding it onto the debt numbers of the President.
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Obama’s increases should start with his 2010 budget, not Bush’s 2009 budget, that just makes me nuts. O’Reilly is taking the 2009 Bush budget and adding it onto the debt numbers of the President. Relationship Bus Tips