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December 04
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SEPTEMBER 29, 2012 11:11PM

The Latest GOP Voter Fraud in Colorado

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( I am unable to get the You Tube video to display but you can click on the URL and be taken to it)

There is a story about this on big Salon today and another on HuffPo, as well as on many other venues. The You Tube video is going viral. The essence of the story is this:

A female voter registration worker in Colorado Springs, employed by Strategic Allied Consulting, in turn hired by the Republican National Committee to register voters, lied by telling an interviewer she worked for the County Clerk’s office and then added, “I’m actually trying to only register people of a particular party because we are out here in support of Romney, actually.”

When this cat got out of the bag, the story hit the news, and the video went public, the GOP made an announcement claiming they were terminating their contract with Strategic Allied Consulting, the young woman’s actual employer.

Nathan Sproul, the firm’s owner, has been well-known in top GOP circles for years. Operating under other corporate names in the past, his firms have been accused of “dumping registration forms filled out by Democrats and other improprieties aimed at helping Republican candidates.” He has a long history of shady operations while in the pay of GOP officials both within states and on a national level.

As a result of his sleazy reputation, the RNC insisted he create a new corporate entity before giving him $3.1 million for voter “registration” in seven swing states.

Strategic Allied Consulting, the new Nathan Sproul front group, is the only group hired by the GOP this past year, despite allegations “going back to 2004 when employees in Nevada and Utah signed up Democrats but threw out their forms instead of turning them in.”

Just recently election workers in Palm Beach County, Florida  “discovered numerous registrations forms that the appeared to be filled out in the same handwriting, some including a Land Rover dealership as a home address, other false addresses and wrong birth dates.  Last Friday the Los Angeles Times reported at least 10 Florida counties had detected fraud in forms turned in by Sproul’s company. Paul Lux, Republican supervisor of elections in Okalosa County, said as many as one in three registrations produced by Strategic were questionable.

It is impossible to say how many Democrat voter registrations were thrown away in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, and Virginia or whether the number is significant or not. We will probably never know.

Despite being publically denounced for fraud eight years ago after employees admitted throwing away forms completed by Democrats, widespread negative publicity, and calls for investigation by Senators Patrick Leahy and Ted Kennedy, the Bush Dept. of Justice did nothing. But President George W. Bush did something else: he invited Nathan Sproul and his wife to the White House for a 2006 Christmas Party and, no doubt, thanked him for his good work.

  The Romney campaign, knowing this, hired him to collect signatures during the GOP primary, before the RNC and the state Republicans hired him afterwards. The only voter registration firm they have employed, at least this year.

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the video, which only runs 67 seconds, has gotten 437,720 views on You Tube as of 9:20 PM MDT tonight. While it is not illegal to seek out and register a particular group of voters, lying in saying you work for the County Clerk's office--a non-partisan public office-- is certainly deceptive and unethical. Obviously destorying, discarding, or altering voter registration forms after they've been filled out is highly illegal. Please note that the most damning info about Sproul's voter registration firms have come from insiders--his own employees, past and present, over the last eight years. This isn't new behavior.
What pisses me off about this video and the story behind it isn't the over exuberant dingbat teenage girl, but the slime ball scumbag SAC fuktards who sent her out on the street with instructions to commit a felony!! Those are the pricks who should be arrested and sent to jail!
When are they going to put these people in jail?
Put THESE people in jail? Not bloody likely!

Of course they'll try to find some excuse to put the whistle-blowers in jail.......

[r] God, Donegal, no evil deed goes unrewarded! White House guest no less. How shameless. This stuff is chilling. my flash is not working. will have to view video later! Moyers said on his show we are now dealing or coping with post-truth politics. Post-truth? Yikes. best, libby
Do you mean to imply that there was ever a time when truth and politics weren't at different ends of the spectrum?

Perhaps it would make more sense to say that we are now reaping the rewards of never allowing truth to interfere with the corrupt, self-interested workings of politicians and political parties.
This is where a lot of fraud takes place, and it's something that wouldn't be prevented at all by all of the new voter ID laws.
and its as bad or worse in Florida, Tea partys are planning to "help" screen at polls- it seems the Republicans have caught some sort of a hypocrisy virus- they get upset that two well known psychotics scream at a corner near a poll in Philadelphia and respond by sending people in tri cornered hats to scream at polling places, they wring their hands about "voter fraud' and set out to prove its a problem by committing it. And Sproul is a consultant to the Romney campaign- huzzah!
Jeanette makes an important point that voter ID laws ignore the real types of voter fraud, such as this, and the problems with electronic voting machines. Fraud continues because there are no real consequences for getting caught doing it. No one's going to jail for any of the many GOP attempts to rig the eleciton, after all.
Thanks for teh reporting Donegal. I've been away for a while and am just now trying to catch up on some posts I've missed. I've said it before - it's a badge of honor in Republican circles to prove just how low they're willing to go.
What Sky Pixel says...
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Sproul and his organizations are still at it, per a story by Brad Friedman on AlterNet 10/12/12. Despite RNC claims they have 'fired' Sproul & ended all ties with him, there is evidence he and operatives simply moved to new front groups with names like Grassroots Outreach, LLC and Issue Advocacy Partners and are continuing their shady operatons in at least seven swing states with the knowledge and financial backing of GOP leadership and Karl Rove's Super PAC. They never stopped.