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December 04
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NOVEMBER 5, 2012 1:26PM

Voter Suppression Kicks into High Gear

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Voter suppression is kicking into high gear:

As expected, the Republican plan seems to be working like a charm:

*voters are being forced to stand in line as many as nine hours to vote in heavily Democratic areas of Florida, as planned—check.

*Harassment and illegal challenges from Tea Party voter vigilantes in Ohio and at least two other states--check.

*Voters vigilantes trained by the Romney campaign are told to deny their partisan affiliation and pretend to be neutral “concerned citizens”—check.

*Vastly reduced voting days, hours, and precincts has the intended result of discouraging millions of voters--check.

*In Arapahoe County, in the Denver Metro area, Republican officials reduced the more than 200 precinct polling places to only 32 and those with an artificially inadequate number of machines, so as to ensure long, long waits. God help you if you don’t know which new “voting center” is yours, or if you naively assume it’s the nearest one to your residence. Surprise!—check.

*A flood of false information intended to suppress voting sent out by mail and phone: “you can vote over the phone with me right now! You can vote after Tuesday! Your polling place has been changed! You can’t vote if you have unpaid parking tickets! It’s a felony to show up at the wrong polling place! Are you sure you’re an American? You have a foreign accent.”—check!

*An intentional onslaught of confusing and conflicting misinformation about what kind of ID will be demanded to be allowed to vote—check.

*Arizona officials mail out notices in English telling recipients to vote on November 6 and notices in Spanish telling those recipients to vote on November 8—check.

*Bomb scares close polling places for hours at a time—check.

Isn’t our democracy great? No wonder we are the envy of the world.

I really hope the whole world is watching.

Watching the process, not just the outcome and watching carefully.



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It's scary, isn't it?
Being a CO resident has its drawbacks today, I can tell you. Bain Capital needs to get its dirty fingers out of the voting pie.
If things are totally screwed up in enough places, there's a good chance that come 2014 we can rid ourselves of these bat-shit crazies!!
What really curdles one's blood is that this is the "democracy" we westerners want to shove down other countries throats at the point of a gun! Hell man, even the citizens of Iran and China don't get treated this way.
I have my confinement area ALL mapped out for the vigilante "poll watchers"... I'm confining them (as allowed by LAW) to a 4 foot square area... inside the restrooms of the polling place...

The law says I have to allow them IN the polling place... it does NOT say I have to allow them to see a darn thing once they are in there AND specifically states they cannot under any circumstances CHALLENGE any voter.

*Grins Evilly*

And if they protest TOO much I'll just call the state police and have them hauled off in cuffs... for committing felony election fraud!
And then there's the computerized voting machines with no receipt. As Joe Stalin pointed out: "Having the vote is nothing; counting the vote is everything." It's high time the UN started overseeing our elections.
It's this sort of shit that has me really worried about the vote. These slimeball Republicans are indifferent about turning the country into some Eastern European or 80s Latin American faux democracy. The meaner the voter suppression tactics, the better. It's a badge of honor with those scum because they get extra macho points for playing hardball. let's hope that Obama's binders full of lawyers are up to the task.
Are they trying to incite a riot??