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December 04
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NOVEMBER 9, 2012 6:59PM

Repost: Mental Illness Does Not Take Place in a Vacuum

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(This is a slightly revised repost of something I originally posted on my old Word Press blog The Edge of Cedar Mesa,, 01/17/11)

“What is government if words have no meaning?”

“The government is implying mind control and brainwash of the people by controlling grammar”

 It is very clear now that the Tucson shooter’s beliefs and rants are not inventions of his own disordered mind. They are not”disjointed ramblings” or “loose associations” or evidence of any mental confusion unique to him. His seemingly bizarre obsessions are straight out the ultra-right-wing Sovereign Citizens movement: contempt and hatred of the government, the assertion that government is trying to drain language of all meaning by control of grammar, sinister manipulations and deceits of the monetary system, the hidden evils of the 14th Amendment (“the ratifications”), secret sell-outs to a hidden world government, etc.

To true believing “Sovereign Citizens” these are not “disjointed” but each one is an interlocking m vital component that all fit together in making up a giant, evil government conspiracy. To their followers these beliefs are evidence of mental clarity and excellent mental health, not craziness or confusion. Many believe that ordinary people are “unreal” because they are not sovereign and don’t know it. Many Sovereign Citizen followers have routinely refused to pay taxes or obey multiple court orders; others get in shoot-outs with law enforcement officers, asserting there is no legitimate police power, no legitimate laws, no authority they need respect, much less submit to.

And while reportedly more of a loose association of like-minded groups than a tightly run organization with formal membership, Sovereign Citizens have many adherents across the nation , many websites, videos, speakers bureaus, books and articles–in short, an energetic and widespread publicity and propaganda machine. Jared Loughner fits right in, even making and posting his own videos on You Tube. 

If he’s mentally ill, so are they. If he’s paranoid, so are they. If his beliefs, obsessions, and rants are crazy, they are not unique to him, not the unpredictable product of a presumed “biochemical imbalance” in the brain. He didn’t invent them. He found them in his cultural milieu and adopted them. He took them in, took them seriously, and then acted upon them.

Echoing the Sovereign Citizens beliefs, he asked Congresswoman Gifford, “What is government if words have no meaning?” Dissatisfied with her (unrecorded) answer, he decided she was an enemy he was justified in hating, a part of the conspiracy, that needed to be “taken out” through what Tea Partier Sharron Angle called ”Second Amendment solutions. ” He succeeded in removing her from office (permanently) by his own “Second Amendment solution.”

Of course it wasn’t just the Sovereign Citizens that influenced him, but dozens of other rage-filled conspiracy theorists he listened to, like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Glenn Beck, and the creators of films like Zeitgeist: the movie who constantly and loudly demonize elected officials, fuel paranoia, encourage rage, and advocate “Second Amendment remedies” to the “wrong people” being repeatedly, democratically, elected to public office.

It may well be that Loughner is either schizophrenic or a paranoid personality, but the culture he lived in was what fueled, shaped, legitimized, and funneled his frustrations and rage into the specific form it took. That subculture gave names, meaning, and direction to his previously confused rage.

Mental illness never takes place in a vacuum. There is almost always some meaning to the apparent madness.

For more details:

Justine Sharrock’s very revealing article “Explained: Jared Loughner’s Grammar Obsession,” Mother Jones, 01/11/11

Carrie Budoff Brown, “Jared Lee Loughner’s Statements Tied to Conspiracy Theory.” Politico, 01/09/11

Michelle Goldberg, “The Cult Film That Inspired Jared Loughner,” The Daily Beast, 01/13/11

The take-away is this: political paranoia and severe mental illness are not mutually exclusive.

They routinely co-exist.

They feed on one another.

The presence of one does not nullify the importance of the other.



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Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean that the government isn't out to get me......

Excellent post. Years of mind control experiments show that anyone can be rendered "psychotic" if subject to sufficient stress and removed from a cultural milieu offering constant feedback on perceptions, beliefs and appropriate behavior. As you point out Loughner was the product of a cultural milieu in which he was made to feel under constant threat. The milieu dictated how he should respond when his level of personal stress became intolerable. With genuine mental illness, violence is actually quite rare - except with mania.
"Mental illness never takes place in a vacuum. There is almost always some meaning to the apparent madness".
Well said because it has been proven to be true.

The mental condition of the man who's name I refuse to acknowledge because I refuse to add to his history is irrelevant. That he draws his rhetoric from Sovereign Citizens speaks for itself. These people are all criminally insane each in their own way. That they do unprovoked violence to innocent people they see as their enemies gives those who truly suffer from mental health disease a bad name. That this one casually slaughtered a child is pure evil. Enough said. R&R
You can add Alex Jones to your list of Conspiracy Nutjobs.

As for Loughner, he may well be a psychopath, but what I find far more concerning is that a major political party in this country nominated a sociopath -- and nearly half the people in this country supported him. Yes, I know I'm not qualified to diagnose Mitt Romney, but what else but a sociopath would you call a person who exhibits little real emotion, shows little care and concern for others, and who lies habitually, outrageously -- and yes, pathologically?

Far more importantly, what does that say about people who support such a person? As the Inquisition, the witch-burnings of Europe and the Salem witch trials make clear, mass hysteria can produce mass psychosis. Certainly, we witness that sort of thing today among religious fundamentalists of every stripe -- and I'm sorry to say in our blood-lusting reaction to 9-11.

In short, Loughner is very much a product of his environment, and his mind -- like our environment -- is polluted with much more than chemicals.