Donna Sandstrom

Donna Sandstrom
Seattle, Washington, USA
September 10
Born in Brooklyn, raised in L.A. Studied at U.C. Santa Cruz, waitressed in San Francisco, found my way to Seattle in the early 80s. Career in high tech (Aldus/Adobe) until 2007 when I left to do The Whale Trail. Writing on Open Salon since May 2008. Go Obama!


SEPTEMBER 27, 2008 4:02PM

Six for Susan

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Iris, Bloedel Reserve 


Waterfall, Bloedel Reserve


Waterfall, Chiapas 


Palenque in Shrouds, Chiapas 


Puget Sound Sunset 1 


Puget Sound Sunset 2 

  Congratulations, Susan!


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Oh my Lhord, the Chiapas shot is truly otherworldly Donna. Well done, great images, great tribute.

(I added you to the list at the bottom of my post on Susan)
(Thanks, Barry! And glad you liked 'em. The Palenque shot was almost an accident, taking a lot in a row, didn't really see it till I got home...)
Before I tell you how beautiful the others are, I MUST comment on the ghost building in Chiapas. That is amazing. You should get postcards or something made with that photo on them. I have honestly never seen anything like it that wasn't aided by Photoshop. Freaky (but not the troll kind) and very, very cool. The waterfall is also quite startling. At first glance you assume it originates further up the cliff, then you realize it originates within the cliff.

I'm a sucker for lush greenery, and the photos from Bloedel Reserve clearly fit the definition. It sort of reminds me of Ithaca, where the coolness and moisture coddle gentle ferns and similar plants and allow them to keep those rich, paler greens all season long. As much as I love it here, I find that by end of summer the greens have all hardened off to a darker, tougher looking color and almost everything that is delicate has been decimated by the heat.

And I don't know anyone who could argue with the golds and reds of a sunset that spreads through the clouds and shines off the water. I remember when I was well into adulthood and it dawned on me one day that the joy I get from a beautiful sunset had never diminished, not one iota. I realized that makes me very lucky because as long as there are sunsets I should always be able to find something that fills me with joy and pleasure.

Thank you so much Donna. It is so nice to be here among friends like you. Who else would do such a good job of helping me celebrate being (still!) alive?
for those interested, a bit larger shot of Palenque is here. (Sorry, Donna, I couldn't resist, it really is a superb shot.)
Wow! I want to go to Chiapas! Is that one of the places one can visit from one of the cruise boats, or is it inland?
Piling on the kudos for that Palenque shot, Donna, and Puget Sound Sunset #1 is also striking - I want to see them larger!

Susan's heart has to be brimming with all the love...
I'm blown away by the Palenque shot, Donna. Amazing. (By an odd coincidence, I've been scanning a roll of photos of Copan today, so Mayan ruins are at the front of my mind.)
Susan - so glad you liked them! And it is a joy to be able to share them with you here, and add to the celebration.

I had started out thinking I would post only green things from the Bloedel series - love the lush abundance and energy of places like that - but I started wandering around in iPhoto and one thing led to another... anyway, this was really fun to do - thanks for the inspiration, and here's to life!
Thanks for the enlargement Barry, it does do it even more justice. It occurs to me Donna that back in the good old days that photo would have made a great album cover ;)
Lonnie, is exactly right--I am absolutely blown away by all the warm virtual embraces I've been given. Now I am really obligated to keep the cancer at bay! Can't let everyone down now, can I??
Wow, thanks everyone -

Barry, thanks for posting the link to the larger shot. (How do you do that?)

Rich, it's pretty far inland, so I don't think a cruise ship would go there. I visited as part of group trip that friends had arranged with Marilyn Tausend - a combined cooking/eco-tourism adventure.

Lonnie, thanks - I'll add the link to the bigger photo as soon as I figure out how (where oh where is the OS FAQ that users can add to!)

And Rob, yes, they are amazing places. We also visited Bonampak and Yaxchitlan. I was stunned by how much there is yet to uncover, still covered by the jungle...and the howling monkeys at Yaxchitlan! Hmm, I feel a blog brewing...
Susan - totally love the idea of the shot as an album cover. But who? Led Zeppelin (Houses of the Holy) or the Who, Who's Next...(and how long before even the concept of an album, or a CD, is getting released single by single as soon as it's done...)
Donna, I might trade my first-born (without his student loans, even) to have made that Palenque shot!
Wow - thanks, John! The fog was thick the morning we were there, and really added to the atmosphere/experience. I bought a new little Olympus before the trip - a Stylus 720 - and was still getting used to it. So there was more than a little luck in what worked and what didn't...
I don't know that I've ever been involved in such an outpouring of support for someone in such a beautiful, expressive, creative manner. The talent and eye for "pretty things" possessed by so many here is extraordinary, and as such, I kind of feel like we are all in it together with Susan, that it's not up to her to keep the cancer at bay or to avoid letting "us" down. As she said to me, "all you need is love" and I'm just proud to be part of a community that expresses love so well and so freely.
"I'm just proud to be part of a community that expresses love so well and so freely…"

Me too, Lonnie.
Barry, thanks for posting the link to the larger shot. (How do you do that?)

Here's one way, though Barry may do it differently. Right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) on one of your images to pop up a menu; choose the option that displays the image in a new window or tab; look at address bar of your browser. That's your image in Open Salon.

Oh, and this question encouraged me to update my A few basic tips for posting and commenting on OS post. (Pardon the blog whoring. . .)
Thanks, Rob - (and Barry for sending tip offline) - and also, thanks for updating your How To post. No worries, I reference it a lot and am happy to help draw attention to it everywhere possible. We should work on getting Strong American Schools to sponsor it ;) (only half-joking!)
Thanks, Donna. I recall your being one of the first to direct others to that post. Not that I'm a megalomaniac or anything, :-) but I think people might enjoy their blogs more if they can figure out how to work around OS's limitations.
Absolutely, Rob. It's a lot more fun when you don't feel like your formatting hands are tied ;)
And on that note, I'm going to try inserting a link to the larger photo of Puget Sound Sunset 1 for Lonnie, and practice my html at the same time. Lonnie, it is here
Palenque - so ethereal. So fabulous.

I've only been to Mexico City, a shame since I know enough Spanish to get by.

Thanks !
Thanks, artsfish - yes, Chiapas was a revelation; after seeing your photos, I think you'd really love the Mayan ruins - the stone glyphs are amazing. Hope you can get down there someday! (I speak Spanish, too; loved getting the chance to practice it - )
What wonderful pictures. The mystery of Palenque is captured so perfectly by you. And the Puget Sound sunsets are glorious.

Muchas gracias, CCC! Palenque was amazing, and I wish you could have heard those howler monkeys at Yaxchitlan! They would set you growling or howling back for sure.
The sunsets are from the beach near my house that keeps me sane. Relatively ;) Thanks for stopping by...