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Dedicated to Garland Garcia Hall and Don Southard

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Donnuts 'n a cup o' Joe
Lawrence, Kansas, USA
October 31
Fudgepop stick without the fudge, suck conspirator !
Independent painter & injured asshole
THE LEADING SOURCE OF ANTI- SOUTHERN BAPTIST INFORMATION. GARLAND GARCIA HALL IS A PEDOPHILE THAT AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY SENT ME TO TO 'CLEAR MYSELF' OF THEIR RACIAL REASONING. Social vomit due to a societal poisoning. Some kinds of poisoning require vomiting it up to relieve the body of what it needs to be relieved of to continue living. Unfortunately my stalkers are what they are and this is the response. Dedicated to Garland Garcia Hall, Don Southard and the anonymous blacks the southern baptist church and their conspirators stalking me with whatever their claim is and and intention is regardless of what they claim. I am stalked constantly by them and they don't tell the truth.

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In 1993 I made the misfortunate mistake of actually listening to Don Southard, Garland Garcia Hall, Anita Poe, Sandy Wolters and Tanya Guy Vann.  

This led me nowhere.  

While I was living at 818B Louisana street in Lawrence Ks Don Southard was my roommate.  Melissa (whose last name I… Read full post »

You can bask in the idiocy of your past and how you obsess over it and I won't listen to you or deal with you and if you come to me and be impolite; I will be the same.

AUGUST 28, 2014 4:04PM

Excited about causing me pain...

Have you ever noticed how excited black people look when they know they can cause me pain.

 Let me state this again.  I see black men and they look so excited to cause me as much pain as they can.  This is the facial expression most of them have.  They also… Read full post »

I don't like you lurking around every corner.   

I don't want to like you.  I don't want you around me.  Your smile means nothing to me but that I don't want you around.

You are going to come too late for my liking and I could care to 'hang out'… Read full post »

All you are to me is yet one more creep lurking around the next corner to lie to me if you can manage it.

What should I care about what you want?  Read full post »

So I went downtown to find out what there was.  

Howard sat out front of Henry's Cafe with some people.  One of them was the redhead that showed up walking down the street in front of my place the other day.  I guess she is a stalker and not a… Read full post »

AUGUST 27, 2014 12:38PM

what you're expecting...

the problem being is what you are expecting from me is solely based on what they want to do to me; which has more to do with them and what they are than it has to do with me.

So you all stand there watching, but only seeing what you are… Read full post »

AUGUST 26, 2014 8:29PM

Packin' the toys

842-toys.  Thanks a bunch. Read full post »

AUGUST 26, 2014 4:30PM

Working at Wild Oats Market...

I have had coworkers in the past.....

.... presently..... the future.....

.... a prospective employer left his keys.....

.... I think it might be better to work for him....

..... I am not finding what I want where I am working presently.....

.....wondering what to do....... 


....w… Read full post »

AUGUST 26, 2014 1:01AM

... and not hate on blacks

Opportunities to admire pretty Japanese women and not hate on blacks.


Alright, now all we have to do is decide what I get to study.  Thanks.  Read full post »

I am so excited because it looks like pretty soon I will have the opportunity to meet all these gorgeous Japanese women I see walking around.


It sure will be good to meet somebody that is interesting.  I wonder how I will manage it.  Read full post »

AUGUST 24, 2014 4:56PM

What's Wong? Did you idealize me?

What's Wong?  (Jill eating a cupcake in a photograph in the newspaper UDK January 1993)

Idealize what you expected from me did you?  (I so love that she went the ideological route)  Let's start iFriend Jennifer Brothers.   Let me imagine.... and then you can imagine what you want… Read full post »

You will sit yourself next to me to pretend something is that isn't restricted by your language and the pertinence on your words.    Let me repeat that YOUR WORDS.

You are limited by your words and actions and the relevance of the language you chose to learn and how you… Read full post »

Sinister Minister and Defective Detective..... gumshoe..... ou ou. with a piano wire around my neck.   He oughta.... because.... now stand behind me and chase me to church... with your act.  Act like I should waste my time or care.


and by the way.... is there something in the crock… Read full post »

What is it you want from me? 

I can do anything I want.  
I don't have to be a part of you.  I don't know who you are or if you are one of the people stalking me doing things I don't want done.  I just don't know.… Read full post »

Imagine some monster like that waiting for your 18 yr old to start college..... oh, that's right.  I wasn't a victim of anything and he doesn't exist does he?


Have fun at college.  No, thanks to Busker Fest.  I see enough of it every time I go out and especially… Read full post »

AUGUST 23, 2014 9:35PM

Getting what I want...

Really when I get what I want; I am a much easier person to work with.

 Getting what I want probably isn't as hard as you think it is.  It probably isn't even what you think it is or even was for that matter; but it sure isn't you sometimes or… Read full post »

AUGUST 22, 2014 7:28PM

drinking straws and the scarecrow

yeah, well obviously there was something more important to do than to listen to anything I had to say or was doing.


It seems to be more important what they want to do to me and has nothing to do with anything I ever did, said or was a part… Read full post »

Jessie said something about babbling a few nights ago.  I wish I could sit in my house and read without some idiot obsessed with race bothering me with is idiot drivel. Read full post »

Wow what a night.  I really enjoyed the customers tonight.

thanks so much.  It is almost like a prayer is starting to be answered.

seeing what I did in all the people and one in particular.  I appreciate the wonderful, beautiful and nice people that came in today.  I hope… Read full post »

That rabbit fellow was on 8track and terry wanted something in the pool but it wasn't me... so now that you understand 20 years and a millenium, maybe we could get on with our lives?  Fuk you ! without a 'c'.


oh okay so sorry  Read full post »

wishing you didn't know who I was to you.

boomerang clan  Read full post »

AUGUST 17, 2014 10:34PM

Plant Peanuts instead of Tobacco

whelp...anyway Dr. Absurd and the Frederick Doomsday anticipatory....whelp anyways


Ce ca ceci cela celui leurs se-v'estes leurs ? Read full post »

this is this and that is that.  Wish it could have been an everclear cat.

  Read full post »

So during the sidewalk sale 1993 what was Don Southard chasing me to the corner of 9th and Vermont with a florescent green bike rack for.  I never saw the thing at our place.

Oh, and as I bike to 12th and New York regularly to visit a 'friend' (yeah right).… Read full post »