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Dedicated to Garland Garcia Hall and Don Southard

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Donnuts 'n a cup o' Joe
Lawrence, Kansas, USA
October 31
Fudgepop stick without the fudge, suck conspirator !
Independent painter & injured asshole
THE LEADING SOURCE OF ANTI- SOUTHERN BAPTIST INFORMATION. GARLAND GARCIA HALL IS A PEDOPHILE THAT AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY SENT ME TO TO 'CLEAR MYSELF' OF THEIR RACIAL REASONING. Social vomit due to a societal poisoning. Some kinds of poisoning require vomiting it up to relieve the body of what it needs to be relieved of to continue living. Unfortunately my stalkers are what they are and this is the response. Dedicated to Garland Garcia Hall, Don Southard and the anonymous blacks the southern baptist church and their conspirators stalking me with whatever their claim is and and intention is regardless of what they claim. I am stalked constantly by them and they don't tell the truth.

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While returning from Hutchinson from them ruining yet another college career; one of the monsters that says things to me through the wall said, "If that faggot goes to one more Chinese Restaurant I am gonna puke."

By the way, I am not a faggot.

What else would I be looking… Read full post »

I came back from Pitt State to Lawrence and instantly started looking for a job because my bids and chances in Pittsburg were ruined.   I had lasted the rest of the year not wanting to be there but making the best of it.

I got a job with a former… Read full post »

I have had to live my life inside the lies you tell for over 20 years.   The people watching had no concept of what I would do for a living or how intelligent I could have become they only had plans to do to me and nothing was to get… Read full post »

I have had something done to me that ruined a lot of plans I had in life.

I don't want to be mean, but I have been placed in a bad situation in which nobody would help me the way I thought I needed to be helped.  

They all seem… Read full post »

A refugee by the status of Amnesty International..... the corrupt organization trying to continue to frame me for a sex crime and exploit me isn't recognized as an organization that is corrupt.

Fuck you if you are reading this  !!!!!!!!!! Read full post »

I lived on Colfax & Washington streets in Denver in 1994.   One night while going for a walk I saw "Juliana Hatfield Three" featured on a kiosk at a nearby venue.  I almost went or maybe I missed it.

I thought it would be more like Jazz but it is… Read full post »

Rather than becoming a 'future pedophile' maybe I should be allowed to stab you instead or break that fucking jaw and get away with it.   

After all Don Southard isn't a criminal is he?  Ugh, and to think what Thad Holcombe or Susan Brown Miekesiec could say about recommending Garland… Read full post »

There he is again with some fat suit or something.   He sure resembles that asshole the other place although he packed on a few pounds.  

I guess the blonde does actually work at Dillons I saw last night there.   I thought I saw him telling her to proposition… Read full post »

JULY 30, 2014 7:08AM

Mini Pepperonis and Star Crunch

On a sunny summer morning I was riding through the park on my bike and I happened across this apparition of a woman.   She had hair like sunshine and blue eyes.   Her freckles held a drop of sweat and a gray curly hair beautified by a daughter that was… Read full post »

I was almost hoping to find a roommate to grow with as a person.   Growing in life and love and experience.  I guess my notions of what people are differ too greatly from what they are.  

So instead I am going to harvest snails in the spare bedroom.

What… Read full post »

There is one simple rule.

hatred of you just like you slandered me to make me hated by everyone I see.

By the way,  you are NEVER right and that is the other rule.  Read full post »

My name is Don Southard and I just want to see how deep I can bury a knife in your chest.   I might be pretending to be doing something else under the guise of being a passive loving person as so commonly fake violent underhanded assholes like Marc Austin and… Read full post »

I drive out the cul de sac I live in and some hag I thought might make a good friend mistakenly is lurking outside her house waiting for me to drive by wherever I might head out to..... gaze at the stars and find them on my Tmobile application and through… Read full post »

that was great.   Lemme go be alone and think on it for a moment. Read full post »

I can't wait for you to continue to try to frame me for being a pedophile at the library after it newly opens.

"I wish there was a 666 time so I could scream in your ear when it comes up"   2003 in the parking lot of Target at 3313… Read full post »

JULY 28, 2014 8:05AM

Was it just J.P.? Part 3

I ride by the Knapp's old household and onto the sunrise.  My flute in hand I play as I used to the old fife I had at the bridge for sunrise.

On the way back I ask myself as I had been asked.   How society structures itself.


"Which building… Read full post »

JULY 27, 2014 9:14AM

Falsely led compliments?

Am I a genius?  Not by far.  

Why does he feed me such compliments?

Where is the conversation leading me?

Why does he say he doesn't want to bring up religion at work yet he isn't only the one that brought it up, but continues to reiterate the concept and… Read full post »

JULY 24, 2014 8:42PM

"Was it just J.P.?" (Part 2)

Well, you weren't there at Pitt State when I was living in Tanner Annex with Chuck Moorehead and his idiot friends so I guess you wouldn't understand.

Let me try to explain in brief terms what happened throughout the course of a year.

When I arrived in late August to claim… Read full post »

Somebody has been doing something to me for a long time.   It involves them trying to figure out something about me and how they can hurt me one way or the other. Read full post »

What kind of idiot doesn't foster and grow their ability to read.  What kind of lazy brained ass doesn't read.   

I went to a bar which I so seldom do.   Some jackass got in his truck as he left the bar with three or four other stooges.  He asked… Read full post »

They surrounded me so they could hold me down to hit me over and again until I couldn't get up.

They surrounded me and held me in place so they could introduce me to corrosive concepts and words they invented like "gook" and then blame me for hearing them say it… Read full post »

They want me to commit suicide because they put me to shame with all their inventive lies.

I am not welcomed here..... spit at and lied to and lied about.  

They conspire as to how they can murder me and make it look like an accident.

Shawn "Dragonstar" Micheal… Read full post »

JUNE 24, 2014 7:34PM

The stupidest liars that stalk me

I don't need to hang around you to listen to your blithering lies.


You sound and look like idiots to me.


I don't want to waste more time with you lying about everything you can think up to lie about.


It is so strange to watch you… Read full post »

Insincere person after insincere person.   Time and time again they let me down.  I shouldn't expect anything and take only what there is.  I wish there were something more to give to.   As I had something to offer at one point; I am not sure I have it anymore.… Read full post »


 My stalkers excuse their behaviors because they justify it through their psychobabble.............. to them I did something that warrants being stalked.  They have always done this.  They rationalize their behaviors and excuse their behaviors from when Sheena Davis sat next to… Read full post »