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THE LEADING SOURCE OF ANTI- SOUTHERN BAPTIST INFORMATION. GARLAND GARCIA HALL IS A PEDOPHILE THAT AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY SENT ME TO TO 'CLEAR MYSELF' OF THEIR RACIAL REASONING. Social vomit due to a societal poisoning. Some kinds of poisoning require vomiting it up to relieve the body of what it needs to be relieved of to continue living. Unfortunately my stalkers are what they are and this is the response. Dedicated to Garland Garcia Hall, Don Southard and the anonymous blacks the southern baptist church and their conspirators stalking me with whatever their claim is and and intention is regardless of what they claim. I am stalked constantly by them and they don't tell the truth.


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MARCH 24, 2012 7:05PM

Bill Barker, "Go Get Garland"

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The Wizard of Oz came up in a conversation among Bill Barker, Phillip Doty and I.  I tapped my shoes together and Bill turned to Phil and said, "Go get Garland.  I'll get something to record this with.  It will be....." and I had already spaced off with disbelief.

I stood there alone in front of 714 Vermont with a minute to myself to think of what this meant and what to do from here.


Garland came out with Phil and asked something and all I could think of was a phrase Garland used on me when I asked him something I knew he knew about, "I dunnut know nuthin' bout it!"

 Phillip Doty, I had already spent some of my spare time with and I guess what he wanted to do was go downtown and get some Strawbana juicy candy chews.  

 Garland Garcia Hall ended up having to have sex with another one of his clients in order for him to actually help them...... he finally got caught in 2003.

Easter was coming up and everybody knows that a bunny delivers eggs colored and hidden for kids to find.  I remember having a lot of fun on Easter as a child.


Ms. Westregren my 4th grade teacher punished me severely for doing something I didn't do to Cheryl Hunter.  Cheryl's family has followed me ever since.

 In fact Garland Garcia Hall took me to Hastings books (only blocks from where the jumped me in grade school) with Jerry Hunter, whom I didn't know was a Hunter back then, to show me that some blonde girl wearing polka dots was more interested in his mafioso nigger ass than they would ever be with mine.  I guess that is how southern baptist preachers have it in Lawrence.  Selling ass on the street.

The summer after my 6th grade year before entering junior high a strange girl popped out of a car and said, "My brother hates you!" and then jumped in the car and her brother drove off.  They resemble the Slade family who had a mother that was a high school counselor and had connections to other things.  

During track of my 7th grade year Shawn Hathaway told me that I could translate 'Go fuck yourself' in spanish.   He had gone to the same grade school as the Slades and Mr. Mike Brandt the ice cream mussolini.  I think there is somebody in Lawrence Kansas and they hunt down little kids as they grow up to do things to them.  I think it is possibly racially motivated too.

Eugene Cosey had jumped me on the way home from Schwegler with a dozen other older blacks wielding a knife.   They most likely drove there to accost me as they were easily the age to drive as I was a third grader.


Do you think I am going to fall for their line of shit today? 

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