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THE LEADING SOURCE OF ANTI- SOUTHERN BAPTIST INFORMATION. GARLAND GARCIA HALL IS A PEDOPHILE THAT AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY SENT ME TO TO 'CLEAR MYSELF' OF THEIR RACIAL REASONING. Social vomit due to a societal poisoning. Some kinds of poisoning require vomiting it up to relieve the body of what it needs to be relieved of to continue living. Unfortunately my stalkers are what they are and this is the response. Dedicated to Garland Garcia Hall, Don Southard and the anonymous blacks the southern baptist church and their conspirators stalking me with whatever their claim is and and intention is regardless of what they claim. I am stalked constantly by them and they don't tell the truth.

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MARCH 27, 2012 6:16PM

So then why....

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So then why was there a fight with Shawn Jaimez at Hillcrest in 1988 as I was graduating high school?


So then why did Dan Eckstein, Chris Smith and Chuck Moorehead try to get me to sleep in a bed that was propped up on two desks my first year in the dorms in 1988?  Was this because they wanted to arrange an accident?  They obviously were already arranging something else with Craig Endacott.


So then why did I have to deal with Garland Garcia Hall?  Were they trying to force me into a situation?

So then why did I go and try out a Fender Deluxe Stratocaster and they not do besides what they did?  I guess because that is what they want done.   They want me to get hurt and for it to look like an accident.  That's why. 

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