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APRIL 15, 2012 5:06PM

Reciprocation; trading words for concepts

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The other day I volunteered at the American Legion in Lawrence as part of my community service for getting a bike ticket.

I went there to work; not to socialize.  I had to socialize anyway.  The nature of interacting with people.

So I asserted that I played guitar.  I thought maybe it was to go to learn music.  They taught me a new word in imitating a person one of them had encountered.  

I learned the word 'coonass'.  I hadn't ever heard the word coonass before.  I wanted to tell them I came to play guitar but that wasn't listened to.  As well we watched ESPN classic and watched Eli Manning in a college bowl game before he was a pro.  I  don't know much about football.  I can read thought and read on the screen that Eli Manning was a 2004 1st draft round 1st draft pick.  I told them when they were trying to figure it out what year it was.  They claimed it was 2008.  I told them it said 2004, but to them I couldn't possibly be right.  One of the people working there turned the remote on for information and  found that the game was in 2003 which made me right as the season for the draft pick was 2004.   However to them I can never be right.  


Teaching me the concept that I can never be right when I am.  Yet without crediting me with the ability to perceive what is there and share with the others.  What I got out of the interaction was a new word.  Coonass.   Coonass is a southern Louisiana term for a nigger and it comes from a French word that means cunt.  I researched it afterward at home.  

The concept that none of them were smart enough to learn or understand was that if you don't listen to what someone has to say; then how do you know what they know, even if they are right about a silly thing like when Eli Manning was drafted and when a game was from.


So I left alone with nobody  concerned about what I had to say or think which was illustrated in the adversity I had in convincing anybody I could read the television screen.  As well the whole community knowing I went through the entire process nobody stood by me to help me deal with it; so I don't know so much as to why I should care what others think if they just feel I should be subjected to such rubbish.   Honestly I lived with an indian named Corliss in an apartment near Dillons on 23rd street.  Corliss just decided to say nigger in my presence both of us knowing full well that he was sent by a nigger to say it and insist whatever it is they do based on this.   So the charade continues. 

So tell you what.  I don't much care either.  I don't see anything going wrong if you don't because  you are doing the wrong and they are ALL so in on it just as they were before that there is no reason to say anything about it as there wasn't in Pittsburg.  They will just hold me down socially so the other can give me all his punches and stick his dick in my ass as they hold me down for him to do it.  Some black dick. 

Yet these people will turn around and give some account as well so this is mine. 

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