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THE LEADING SOURCE OF ANTI- SOUTHERN BAPTIST INFORMATION. GARLAND GARCIA HALL IS A PEDOPHILE THAT AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY SENT ME TO TO 'CLEAR MYSELF' OF THEIR RACIAL REASONING. Social vomit due to a societal poisoning. Some kinds of poisoning require vomiting it up to relieve the body of what it needs to be relieved of to continue living. Unfortunately my stalkers are what they are and this is the response. Dedicated to Garland Garcia Hall, Don Southard and the anonymous blacks the southern baptist church and their conspirators stalking me with whatever their claim is and and intention is regardless of what they claim. I am stalked constantly by them and they don't tell the truth.


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MAY 24, 2012 6:28AM

Focus 4

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(What local law enforcement can't seem to solve or consider a crime.  In trying to profile the criminals stalking me.

My stalkers seem to have a racial perogative.  

My stalkers have a leader or former leader that has to be much older than I am as they chased me home from grade school from another school district.  Therefore they were mobile in a motor vehicle themselves before I was out of grade school.  My stalkers seem to pass a certain mentality on to their offspring and teach their kids to harass and do damage to people as well as elders in their community.  The concept here is that they will just spend time in juvenile detention instead of prison.

My stalkers don't mind targeting children of parents they don't like. 

My stalkers seem to have lots of time to do what they do so I don't think they hold jobs aside from harassing me.

My stalkers seem to be well equipped.

My stalkers seem to have violent intrusive racial fantasies and sexual fantasies mixed together.

My stalkers seem to have the element of vigilantes.

My stalkers seem to have succumbed to a racial prioritized charismatic leader bent on the destruction of people that don't bow down before him.) 

Focus on them being enabled stalkers wreaking havoc in your life with their lies.

Focus on remembering the black dude in the 87 Pontiac Fiero driving madly by your house in the rain in 1993.

Focus on remembering that they were enabled to be black creeps just the way anyone else would chose a profession such as art therapist,art teacher, MRI technician,  fireman, doctor, lawyer or nurse.  They 'graduated high school' to become black creeps.  Ol' skool.

Focus on remembering the fat black girl at the Holcombe sports complex bus stop with her feet up in the glass of the cubicle.  There were three black girls.  She drives around the 19th street the other day.  Her fat shows in her voice.  Focus on the skinny black girl with her that day as she trapses through Checker's grocery store.    Remember the black  mom with her two boys screaming, "Aren't you a monkey; where's your banana?"

Never forget the black man lurking around the Overman Student Center when you were at Pitt State coming back from the cafeteria.

Never forget LeRon and how he mumbled under his breath and lurk around the halls and had to have some shaving creme so early on in the year but then you never saw him for a long time after that. 

 Never forget that Don Southard couldn't get you to do something (probably regarding Melissa or Sandy Wolters) and so he had to kick you in the chest and then proceed to the kitchen and grab one of the several kitchen knives he had then laid out in preparation for what he had planned that night when you came home and he wanted to 'talk to you'.  Then Don Southard proceeded towards you with the kitchen knife pulled and pointed in your direction and since Don had a brother named Mark Southard on the sheriff's department they chose to put you in Topeka State Hospital.  Officer Warren Burkett then also chose along with three other police officers to ignore Don Southard's threats, "I am gonna kill you!" as well.  I was laughed at as I tried to get a restraining order against Don Southard.   Using the knife the way he did I suppose he either knew Jeff Glykherr or James Patterson and I know he knew Eugene Cosey who pulled a knife with about 10 older blacks one day in grade school.  I have yet to figure out how much older Don Southard is than I am as I can't find him in any high school yearbook up to 5 years older than I.  Knowing that is their offering aside from what I experienced at Pitt State, never forget this.

 Never forget them because they stalk you and are every black person you have known in your life and ever going to be.  Include the list of un named black people that continue to harass you including the one sticking his butt out as you enter the field headed towards the apartment on Alessandra court or the one at the entrance of the movie theatre watching Rise of Planet of the Apes and the scenario they went through.  

Never forget the blacks in the black sedan with tinted windows that followed you around a Uturn near the malls as you first got to Frederick.  Tall black dude with tall afro and short squat fat black dude with buzz cut.  

Never forget punk guitar player with mohawk liberty spike as he played along the waterside in downtown Frederick and was then approached by Joe black looking character.

Never forget running downtown Frederick when the black dude passed you and the blonde girl was walking along the walkway making it so you would have to pass one or the other.  Never forget him saying "I knew you would chose that."

Never forget the cyclists by the park in Frederick on the way to downtown with the Don Southard kid look a like with their green bike and claims that ''they fuck niggers''.

Never forget coming back from Hutchinson and the black in the cadillac cornering you with the girl in the older Toyota 4runner by Piasano's.  Never forget them because that is what they are like and that is what they are trying to do to you. 

Never forget after watching the movie Elizabethtown and having the girls behind you in the SUV imitating the photographer and then letting the black dude in behind you telling you that is what they think of you.  You need to be around blacks to  have them push you around.

Never forget Della Clayton and 'Black Cat Bone' at Omega '92 and who filmed it and what they filmed when the had Joe Worker on with the head being hit and who the camera had in the audience. 

Never forget the Milwakee's best nigger in Omega Movie and who filmed it and how they feel about you just being yourself without niggers. 

Never forget the van and the black girl that said, "when the cat is away the mice will play" trying to get you to let her into your life instead of your present girlfriend after you first met.

Never forget the girl in Aldi's parking lot with the yellow pine air freshener that waited until you went in to go in with Glass in the car. 

Never forget the bouncy bouncy LeRon look a like in the conversion van with his kids pretending to be tigger because he was around back when my parents had a conversion van.

Never forget the mom with the little black girl that asked you to help her find a Bengalese tiger and then dropped the book on your head. 

Never forget the sewer rat cadillac.  

Never forget the back porch screened in with the cutout apes hanging around the porch in Hutchinson by the house you rented. 

Never forget seeing this fellow in the Bronx with a boxer dog by the bike trail over pass 

Never forget the two black girls in the car near Lee's Summit as you are your girlfriend's dad's place waiting in the car under the overpass to leave for Lawrence.

Never forget the woman saying, "that was the best $1.35 I spent all day" referring to the muffin. 

Never forget the black people waiting outside the parking garage after the Spryo Gyra show.  (this might be the same woman as was in front of pioneer mart with her kid waving a gun around)

Never forget the black on the Harley motorcycle zooming around you in Frederick by the church by the cemetary. 

Never forget the blacks you saw pull up to the Fullertons and pretend to have a gun and shoot you.  

 Never forget the two black girls in downtown NYC chanting, "you chose.... you chose".


Never forget the blonde with the black man on the playground at the school on City Island one of the first times you rode the bike out to City Island.

Never forget the black dude with the blonde up the street as you were drawing the Music Hall in Tarrytown.   Never forget the blonde waiting as you almost went to the art studio that one night.

Never forget the black fellow walking towards downtown from the walkway parallel to you while walking from Bryan's to the library in Frederick. 

Never forget the same black man in Lawrence at Vanderbuilit's while looking at boots.  He said before hand that he had to "be there for this one" and he was. 

Never forget the bronze SUV chasing you to the cemetary as you are on your morning jog.  never forget the character out front of Wailing Jennys.

Never forget the black and the fat blonde down the main street downtown Frederick as you jog one night.

 never forget they chase you everywhere because they are dangerous and they lurk and stalk just like the black hiding around the corner by kaplan school at 10th and mass and never forget what Eugene Cosey and Garland Hall did to you or Ron Barfield or the ones you can name because they have ruined your career and tried to put you in an early grave and you have no career or wife or kids because of them.  

Never forget them for what they have done because they continue to interrupt you as you lay in bed.  Remember them for what they have done and are doing because they are doing what they are always going to be doing.

Never forget the black girl with the big nose waiting as you are trying to go to the DMV at Tangier.  Never forget UR2Nosy stalking you and the comment about the Missionary Southern Baptist Church featuring R. Rambo at 17th and Mass and never forget the black SUV turning the corner with the Iowa state license plate and never forget the same fellow by that church showing up at the community center playing basketball.  

Never forget all these nameless black people stalking  you because they aren't your friends and they aren't going to be your friends.  

Never forget the two in the SUV at Walmart in Manhattan, Ks that popped up in the seat as you went one night and the Gorillaz CD.  Never forget the Kruller donuts truck.  

Never forget that Leo Barbee and his sons did what they did in their church and remember it is always about them and that you can always be about you.  

Never forget the woman in the lobby at Victory Bible Church where the Barbee's preach claiming "Jordan" and laughing at your situation.  

Never forget you have been to St. Luke's AME and what they chose as well.  

Never forget that fear around your neck when Eugene Cosey pulled a knife and surrounded you on the way home from third grade and that is how they will always be.

 Never forget them for least you forget them they will have the opportunity to sneak into your house and steal your flashlight, knife you, steal your tent, paint on your paintings, leave you a milwakees best can, steal your pencil sharpener, lie about a pack of cavalier cigarettes, lie about mud, never forget the three at the bus stop by 19th and Delaware humping and never forget that they started before high school when Ron Barfield found out where your 4th hour class was to threaten you and that you had never dealt with him before.  That is all of them and that is what they all have done ever since.

 Never forget the woman that said, "you are going to hate that man when you grow up." because that is what they teach their kids to do and that is why Cheryl Hunter was the way she was. 

Never forget the black man out front of Pioneer mart with the big eyes that claimed you called him a nigger.  

Never forget the blacks with their kids pretending to be monkeys as I am at Pathmark in the aisle back behind the bean rice mixes and soda.

Never forget the same blacks asking the cashier to get set my sliced turkey aside after I paid for it to give to them.

Never forget the same kids blocking the corner store on Williamsbridge with his bike and how close they need to be to you to do what they do.  Enabling black creeps and their kids that they raise to be creeps.   Just like the Hunter family did and the Walkers obviously did too. 

Never forget  the fat black girl in the car along the bridge to City Island reading Dostoyevsky is the same as the one with the kid outside by Pioneer with her kid waving around a gun in front of the church. 

Never forget the black woman walking by after your mail had been broke mainly the 12 monkeys DVD from Netflix.

Never forget the black woman with the kid out front of pioneer mart across from the church with the kid with the mock gun yelling.

Never forget the fat black woman.   She is completely one of their stalkers.  The last four are the same woman. 

Never forget the old woman out front of Pioneer mart that walked by and was laughing because the elliptical broke.  

Never forget the fellow at Jeremy's grocery store that barked.  

Never forget the fellow with the umbrella that was going to poke your eyes.  

Never forget the polar bear stuffed animal that showed up in two california bus stops oakland and other.  

never forget the invitation to Modesto california and never forget that they want you to take one of them into your life so they can do more damage than they already are.   That is all they will do is damage too.  

Never forget the door to door solicitor in Frederick selling magazines.  

Never forget the black man walking out of the restaurant making Jeremy leave at Heibest's going away party.  

Never forget that same man out front of Foreschiemer telling his story about a confederate flag to the mexican that already knew him as I go swimming.  

Never forget the people as they drove by in front of Foreschiemer and Falk while you leave the pool.  

Never forget the black man at the Hagerstown YMCA or the Tonya Brown look a like there either.  

Never forget the fat black man at YMCA Frederick with his young daughter or never forget the young thugs in the lobby of YMCA.  

Never forget the news station law office up the street and the three blacks climbing into it by your apartment under Bryan Larkin.

 Never forget the blacks in the cadillac trying to get the police and filing a false complaint in Frederick the first time you went to see the Sheriff of Frederick county.  

Never forget seeing the same blacks as you jog up by the court house and never forget you have to keep stopping jogging because of them.  

Never forget Charlie Rayton showing up before 6th grade when you started jogging and that his parents dropped him off to threaten you.  

Never forget them !  NEVER !  

Never forget Bea and her chauffer in the magenta van and that they actually painted their house yellow too.  

Never forget the day the van pulled in closer and closer and closer to the garage.  

Never forget the man wanting you to buy his sub standwiches in Hutchinson.  

Never forget the DVD thief at Hastings in Hutchinson or the blacks on the way to get smokes at the kwik shop or Dead cat scrawled in chalk because that is them they are blacks and they suck.

Never forget Shawn Jaimez part or the "mixed" couple walking by the field by the apartment at Alessandra because that is how they feel about you having a future of any kind and that is how their community has always felt about your future that is why you have none.  Don't listen to nay sayers and people that tell you to shut up and stop blogging because this is to remind you of where you have been and what you have been through.

never forget you were working for one of the richest land owners and men in Lawrence  and digging out of the trash for food because that is where they will put you again and worse of they can.  Knowing that he and his friends all knew what you had been through in Pitt State not giving the ability to observe what Brent (?) was really up to with LeRon and all of them pretending all along not to know anything about it. 

 Never forget Amy Simons or her sister.  As all Amy Simons is going to do is walk down the street with a white coat as you return home with Sylvie, or her lurking around the Union or her lurking around the back of the Full Moon Cafe as you have a map and minivan and just say, *-you are here, because that is all they are going to offer.  She had someone come around the corner that said they could fund following me everywhere I went.  They can't seem to fund my defense or any kind of effort to collect true information.

 Never forget her roommate Jen Papanek or her friend from NAMI Liz Smith Fabri.  

Never forget Sarah Nocktonick and Liz Schaeffer from Omega 1992 or who filmed it.  NEVER.  

Never forget in the union when speaking to Amy they offered you condoms without an explanation and snickered behind your back stalking you the whole way.


Never forget the black dude and the blonde next to him standing at the entryway of the lobby of the union as Zoe walks by and you duck behind a pillar because they are stalking you and they already were.  They never think I see anything like this and won't give me the credit of having seen them do it at Pitt State either.   The black dude and the blonde dude you saw there are absolutely two of them.  

Never forget the blonde dude with the black dude peeking into Outback Steakhouse in Frederick.  That's them.

Never forget the black man in the white SUV near Johnny's bar and the blonde from the microburst photos of the LJW walking by with her cake.  

Never forget the day you went to Johnnys and the blonde and her black man with the tramp stamp.

It occurs to me that there is a problem with being stalked and it seems to be racially and they have people that started much earlier than when you graduated high school, yet the police like Warren Burkett fully knowing this chose Don Southard and allowing him to burglarize you with his friends and then beat you up and threaten you continually.  The also chose not to allow you to put a restraining order against him.  I have a problem and want protection and can't seem to go to the police to have the problem resolved or even acknowledged.  It becomes apparent that I am part of no organization that will not only not allow me to have dug out of the trash for food but protect me from this group of people that decides I need no training outside of high school for anything and nearly need to die of what they are doing.

Where do you think I should go?  Have any healthy suggestions or information for me?  Oh, that's right.  You won't admit it but you actually have no concern for my general welfare and could care less if I die on the street or suck dicks.  I would expect caring from the general stranger in danger but you seem to know I am going through this and have no sympathy or empathy or general remorse for having seen me in the situation and yet in addition seem to endorse them being able to put me in the position.  And continue to support their efforts day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day.  You actually support blacks chasing kids around everywhere they go to commit crimes against them and when they are older too, just because they don't like him or his parents.  That is absolutely bizarre. 

Never forget standing in front of the Fullerton's apartment that they shared with Clayton McHenry at 1118 Tennesse when you met John Fullerton in 1990 having Scott Fullerton ask you, "Is there a group of people you don't like?" and actually answering "Hicks" thinking of what Brent and Willy had done with Chuck Moorehead and the others from Pitt State.  Then meeting  Christopher Quinn as he walked up with a pack of Bugler tobacco and know that every moment from that point on they were setting you up with no regards to the truth and biased by the jaundice of the person  stalking you from high school and before that planned what happened at Pitt State.  Knowing full well that when Scott or John asked you if you hated a group of people you might just well have said.....niggers (**)because that is all they are ever going to  be in your life and you don't need another three year stint at Larned State Hospital to learn that.  

There are more jokes that include Kerry Triplett and a picture of him on a pole at School Specialty Supply and some asshole named "How ya Ben?" and Brian.  There is an even more funny joke with Jason some black dude that worked at Pizza Hut lurking in the background as Scott came in to meet me for the first time since 3rd grade.  Funnier yet is when Jason the black man lurking back there started working at Pizza Hut.  There is something even more funny than that with Mike Brandt driving by with the drummer of the Which Doctors and Brenda Butler's last words....."See you in court!" 

**- Never forget the girl getting in the car at Commerce Bank in Bronx that yelled, "Hater" at you hoping to get you to yell something at her (like nigger) as her black buddies a couple of cars away were getting ready to get out of their car so they would hear me yell nigger back and pretend that I was talking to them as they were also going to pretend they didn't know her and try to beat me up with all four of them getting out of the car.  Niggers.  It wasn't choreographed well enough.  almost as well as Jerry Hunter and Garland Hall at Hastings in Lawrence in 1993. 

**- Never forget the black girl in her car that left the little black glove on our car the day my mom died.  Her little tight chocolate waterfall of hair as she is enabled to stalk me like the creepiest girl on earth.

**- Never forget coming back from Tonya Guy's place with the black kids singing "never gonna get it never gonna get it" by J.Hood Bookstore in 1993.... as if I would want it. 

I will never forget it as much as I was told they weren't all doing it and it didn't happen and I hallucinated it all.   (yeah, we all know that is  a lie but I guess I have to hire my own police department or something)

Ever hear of The Who's Tommy?..... "YOu didn't hear it, you didn't feel it, you didn't see it, didn't happen. " It is a reference of somebody else doing something to somebody they shouldn't be doing telling the kid to shut up because he doesn't want anybody to know he is doing it.

 Rather than to allow me to seek training out in any field of my desire; you decided to subject me to this as if it were a priority above learning a trade and profession and sought me out in the ways that you did.  Fully having cooperation from the police to subject me to such behaviors and clandestine operations as to lie to me and give false accounts abroad of our interactions to others and an organization that would allow you to do such.

For everything that goes wrong in my life I am going to blame the dirty unidentified black man hiding around the corner telling lies with his friends and I am going to go ahead and say that he started when I was in third grade as well when I met Harold Harris and Carole Lash, or Eugene Cosey and his gang after school just out of eyesight of the school, or just Cheryl Hunter a year later when Ms. Westregren was my teacher at Schwegler.  I sure will blame them.   Or we could go ahead and wait until I am in 6th grade and say that they started chasing me around while I am jogging when Charlie Rayton started in 6th grade....after all they are right this day chasing me around when I jog in the mornings..... wouldn't it be almost safe to say that they started earlier or say the habit started at some point.  I mean....what do I mean.  I mean that if they are doing it now what would be to say they hadn't done it before and got away with doing it to me so that it became a habit to chase me while I am jogging?  So if not 3rd grade or 4th grade maybe they started in 6th grade.  For that matter what on earth could a 6th grader do to be chased his whole life long for?  Maybe we could just go ahead and speculate that it might be even before then that this individual was chased..... and to assert that an individual doesn't deserve training merely because another individual accused that first individual of something or other?  Where is the evidence that supports the belief that prevents the individual from receiving the training it asks for?

That's life and never forgive them because they don't deserve it and they will always hurt you if they can. 

They don't want me to know these people's names; then I will make any assumption as to the people around me and who they are affiliated with and what they are doing that I want to and distinguish and exclude anybody I want to in order to protect myself from them that I feel necessary in order to protect myself seeing as how there isn't anybody else out there that is going to explain or protect me from them. 

They targeted you and you did nothing to them and they aren't going to stop and they don't need anything from you.    

They want to remain nameless so I can't tag them; then I will think of them as everyone that looks remotely like them in my vicinity every time I leave the house. 

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