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dad and me

I posted about my dad last year for Father’s Day, “Daddy don't you walk so fast”  and its still one of my best and most personal posts.

But today I spent the morning with some friends, new parents, and as I wished Ben a happy father’s day I started thinking about my dad again.

A while back I found our memory books, mine from sixth grade, his from eighth(? - don’t know for sure.) Mostly filled with silly poems from our friends, they also capture a lot about ourselves (like our horrible handwriting) and our family.

Sam's favorites

I’m a little surprised at Dad’s favorites. I didn’t know he liked to spell. His hero is Achilles or Thor? No wonder he laughed hysterically when one of my neighbors was named Thor. He didn’t make it Columbia, and I never knew he wanted to.

dorelle's favorites

My favorites seem almost like another person. I know the book “Me and My Little Brain” is about the younger brother of a genius - not surprising I liked it. Sixth grade was one of those good years when my brother Chip wasn’t in the same school as me, so I wasn't always compared to him. I did go to RISD, and I still have billions of favorite songs.

note from dora

His mother Dora was one of the first to sign his book, and its sounds very formal: Mother. Also I note she calls him a good boy - he had a hard time always being so good for her.

from naomi

My mom is far more effusive and expressive. She still writes me notes like this.


My grandfather, who I died long before I was born and a year or so before my parents married is also very formal, signing his full name. My dad loved him very much, and I’ve always felt sad I never knew him.

from sam

To me, my dad is sweet - and says he’s proud. I was so daddy’s girl back then.

silly message

The rest of both books are really silly. Lots of Roses are Red poems. I like this one though - obviously in NY (with the local and express) and the Hitler singing God Bless America message. 1943 was smack in the middle of the war - and plenty of kids must have had brothers or even fathers fighting.

cool girl

Course there was plenty of silliness in my book too. When you peel back the fold under “To a dirty Kid,” there’s a drawing of soap.

Ok, enough sentiment for one afternoon. Back to my regularly scheduled cynicism.

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Two posts in one day!
You're on a roll!

This is so poignant. I have some similar artifacts, but not from my time...I have the memento hand-me-downs from my mother's mother and beyond.

Well done, sweet Dorelle. I love your stories. (what great smiles on both of you!)
dorelvis! I love the memories this inspires! Great post. Thank you and the happiest of days to your family......
You the Great, indeed!
Aw shucks everyone, thanks. Lately Lonnie I am trying to summon the spirit of the 12 year old who had no qualms about telling the world how great she is. Am working on it, truly.
no need to consciously think about working on it dear...you're there--it is what it is.
I assume those are your parents in the first pic -- they're beautiful

nice remembrances, thanks for sharing
Thanks Roy. Its actually a pic of my dad and me - around 12 yrs ago. I guess I am looking way old...(Here's a pic of me and my mom - in the middle - and I guess we look so alike its an easy mistake.)
I forgot about a memory book; I don't have mine, but I have my yearbook, and it has silly comments as well. What I wrote then is still true now. You are still a beautiful, talented, kind, caring girl (now woman).

I'm amazed you have those notes from Dora and Irving. They're priceless.

Your everloving Mom