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Laura Ingraham: How Life Imitates Satire

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A few days ago, I wrote a piece of satire describing what I believed would be the conservative reaction to the First Lady’s latest initiative to assist parents in improving their kids’ health by doing something about one of our nation’s biggest challenges to their health: child obesity.

Michelle Obama published a letter to announce her most recent effort.

This is some of what I said about the letter and about her project to fight child obesity:

I have just received a letter from the First Lady–as I am sure millions of other unsuspecting, righteous Americans have.

The insidious letter starts innocently enough with the words:

As a mother, I know there is nothing more important than a child’s health. But today, obesity threatens the health of one out of three American children. That’s why we launched Let’s Move! — a nationwide effort to solve the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation.

But very quickly the insatiable desire of the Obama administration to monitor, control and regulate every aspect of our society and of our private lives becomes readily apparent when the evil “features” of the new site are divulged, despite them being couched in innocuous terms such as:

[I listed some of the effort's objectives]

Be careful, Americans!

“Let’s Move!” is just the latest socialist organization hiding behind the façade of do-good-sounding names such as “The President’s Task Force on Childhood Obesity” and the “President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition” to come along to indoctrinate you and your children.

(Remember the word “façade”)

I should point out that some misunderstood my satire and I had to issue “an appendix” explaining:

It has been brought to my attention that my satire is entirely too subtle.

I want to make it perfectly clear that I fully support the First Lady’s commendable efforts in this area.

Anyway, I had pretty much forgotten the issue when, yesterday, my wife called me to watch ABC’s “The View,” because Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham was discussing the First Lady.

Ms. Ingraham was appearing on the program to promote her new book “hilariously skewering” Michelle Obama and her husband. The book shall remain nameless, although I know that my Conservative readers will be more than happy to supply the name.

It was uncanny, eerie and déjà vu. It was life imitating (my) satire.

It was Ingraham belittling, disparaging and ridiculing Michelle Obama’s efforts and initiatives to promote healthy lifestyle ideas and habits, starting with the White House vegetable garden and including, you guessed it, fitness and health and childhood obesity initiatives.

Reminders by the other The View regulars, including conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck, that other First Ladies—Republican and Democrat—have championed similar initiatives could not placate Ingraham. For good measure, Ingraham gratuitously threw in the infamous “strong arms” derision.

I said “life imitating (my) satire,” because it was as if Ingraham was using my satire as her script.

But of course I know that is not the case. Ms. Ingraham must have script writers who are a thousand times better, and meaner.

Furthermore, Ms. Ingraham probably used ideas and words from her recently published book, a book proudly described by the various publishers’ sites as revealing the carefully constructed Obama façade to “remake America.” (There is that “façade” again.)

More from those sites:

In [her book,] Ingraham “hilariously skewers the president and his minions.”

She takes aim at:

•the cynical “razzle-dazzle” marketing of Obama’s radical agenda

•the use of the Obama “brand” and family to obscure Obama’s true aims

•Michelle Obama’s gardening and anti-obesity initiative; and much more.

Informative and hugely entertaining, [her book] will inspire both laughter and critical thinking about the future of the nation and the man currently at the helm.

I am sure it will, with some…

And I hope that this post will help sell her book. We all know how much America needs “both laughter and critical thinking.” Ingraham’s book will most certainly meet both needs.

Warning: This last paragraph is satire.

Image: Courtesy spokesmanreview.com

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