JULY 16, 2010 3:39PM

Beck Co-Stars with Ingraham in "Life Imitating Art"

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Glenn Beck



I was going to start out with “this is just outrageous.”

However, in the spirit set by Laura Ingraham’s new book--which shall remain nameless--let me say that this is “informative and hugely entertaining” and it is meant to “inspire both laughter and critical thinking about the future of the nation and the man currently at the helm.”

I am talking about Glenn Beck’s appearance last night on the O’Reilly Factor.

Glenn Beck discussed President Obama’s depraved “Collective Salvation” plans for our nation–part of his “Black Liberation Theology”–under which “when [Obama] talks about health care, when he talks about cap and trade–collective salvation–it must be done otherwise we all go to hell!”

But soon the discussion turned to more sinister left-wing plots, such as the First Lady’s “attack on desserts,” i.e. her campaign against childhood obesity and, oh yes, the most insidious "plot" of them all: the White House vegetable plot garden with all those red things: tomatoes, etc.

This is when Glenn Beck really came to life and joined Laura Ingraham in imitating what I had satirically predicted would be the right-wing reaction to the First Lady’s initiative to fight child obesity.

Here, I wrote how Ingraham did a “life imitating satire” act on The View yesterday, complete with gratuitous comments about Michelle Obama’s arms.

My words will not do justice to Beck’s life-imitating-satire-act on the O’Reilly Factor last night, complete with authoritative statements on how desserts are protected under the Constitution and, of course, with the inevitable gratuitous remarks about the First Lady. This time calling the black-and-white sleeveless shift she wore while visiting the Gulf coast outrageous, “the most Marie Antoinette thing I have ever seen.”

At least O’Reilly appeared somewhat taken back. “Laura Ingraham came on here last night and said that Michelle Obama’s garden is a left wing plot. Now you are here saying Michelle Obama’s dress is an outrage?!”

Black Liberation Theology, Collective Salvation, Collective Desserts, Nanny State, Dessert Czar, Twinkies Squads, Marie Antoinette, we are all going to hell…

Good stuff. It’s all here. You must watch and listen to really appreciate it–and understand it.

Image: Courtesy houseofpolitics.com


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