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NOVEMBER 27, 2011 8:00AM

To "Beautiful", and Others

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“I’m so alone,” the Poet cried,

his heart awash in tears.

"The world’s a cold and empty place; 

a hell of dream-fed fears!”


"Oh, why can’t someone love me?

I’ve got so much to share!

Won’t someone come and softly say

those simple words: ‘I care’?”


And through his misty eyes he saw,

approaching as through smoke,

no saintly form: a common man!

A parody! A joke!


"I’d like to care,” the stranger said,

in shy and gentle tone.

"But who asked YOU?” the Poet sneered,

and wandered off, alone.


      --Dorien Grey 



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open call, poem, ego

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A great many of us are guilty of this one ~R~
This will never grow old...
It's what comes of the attitude expressed by a former professor, a poet of some renown, who when asked what poetry is, looked at the enquirer for a few seconds with a look of utter astonishment and said, "It's the higher truth."
Oh Yes, this speaks to me today. Wishing for company and pushing every offer of it AWAY.