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FEBRUARY 8, 2012 2:14PM

Jewish Pet Toys: Squeaky Stuffed Animals & Gift Objects Inspired by the Yiddish Language

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Copa Judaica Chewish Pet Toys

Canines and cats can enjoy Sunday brunch with stuffed bagels, lox and Kosher bones.

If you or a friend has a Jewish dog or cat, Chewish Treat Pet Toys from Copa Judaica is a unique collection of Jewish-themed gifts.

Say Shalom to the pets in your life with these plush, durable, embroidered-with-Yiddish, soft, stuffed toys with securely sewn-in squeakers.

As pet owners relax on Sunday mornings with their coffee and the newspaper, they can indulge their dogs and cats with a Sunday brunch buffet of stuffed beige bagels with a white schmear of cream cheese, fish named Lox and Kosher bones.

Dogs love to mouth and carry these soft stuffed squeaky treats while the frisky feline versions feature elastic strings, finger loops, bells, and catnip. Some of the stuffed animals available are listed here accompanied by their Yiddish translations:

  • Meshugeneh Monkey (crazy)
  • Fachacta Platypus (confused)
  • Nosh Goat (snack)
  • Schnoz the Anteater (nose)
  • Schlep the Camel (move laboriously)
  • Trayf the Pig (not Kosher)
  • Zaftig Hippo (plump)

Also for sale are gifts that acknowledge important life events:

Moyel scissors (used for circumcisions), Bah Mitzvah Lamb and Bat Mitzvah Bat (for girls and boys coming of age ceremonies), Hanukkah Menorah (9-branched candle holder), Gelt (money), and Dreidel (four-sided spinning top with Hebrew letters).

Every pet will appreciate a Mensch (good person) who comes in the form of a little blue man, or a Star of David, Yenta Lips (gossiper), or Bark Mitzvah pen.

Word to the wise: if your dog is a tough chewer stay away from the Ostrich named Shiksa (non-Jewish woman). My dog chewed off and swallowed one of the round fabric eyes—Oy, the vet bills!

These Copa Judaica Chewish Treats can be purchased online through many websites including: Copa Judaica and Oy Toys, many come in small, medium and large sizes and the average cost per item is $7.50.

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