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JULY 29, 2012 9:26AM

You've Been Trumped: Donald Trump bullies & destroys land

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'You've Been Trumped' is a documentary by Anthony Baxter about how Trump bullied a small village in Scotland in order to build a golf course.

Scotland is the birthplace of golf. In this documentary by filmmaker Anthony Baxter, a small Scottish village, steeped in history, is dissed and trampled by Donald Trump who charges in to build a golf course and destroys the natural environment including breathtaking sand dunes. Trump sneers, shrugs his shoulders, name calls, then levels the dunes with bulldozers into a flat, muddy, ugly mess. He stomps on dignified and proud simple folks in the local fishing village like cockroaches.

Humorous, heartbreaking and inspiring, "You've Been Trumped" is a powerful award-winning movie.

"This isn't just a local Scottish story," said director Baxter, "it's an international tale that resonates with people all over the world. Government officials who should be protecting their residents are lying to them and rich tycoons have way too much power."

Like the Occupy movement, this smal village proves that people can join together and fight for their rights. This film demonstrates the courage it takes for people at a lower socio-economic level to stand up to über-rich bullies like Trump.

When asked who funded his documentary, Baxter said, "Nobody. I remortgaged my house. It's been a battle from start to finish."

Baxter felt this is a story that needed to be told. Trump lied. He convinced the Scottish government that he would be creating 6,000 jobs by building his golf course, but said Baxter, "The numbers didn't add up. How many jobs could you possibly need for a golf course? People to serve drinks in a clubhouse, caddies, and grounds-keepers. That is not 6,000 jobs."

Local villager Michael Forbes has a working farm. Trump mocked him, calling him a "pig" and labeling his property "a slum." Susan Munro is a local resident who has lived her whole life amidst the natural environment of the beloved sand dunes. She too was tormented by Trump. Her water and electricity was shut off and she was told to obtain a security pass to access her own home.

Magnate Trump, as a real-life unscrupulous Gordon Gekko, not only bullied the villagers but also threatened to have the government eject them. He found them irritating obstacles on land that he wanted to decimate.

"People in Scotland didn't really know what was happening," said Baxter. "Scottish government officials refused to see the film. It's a disgrace. They even refused to go to public screenings. It was so disrespectful to the people in their constituency. Government officials never once visited the local homes that were being destroyed."

Baxter wants to see more action. He hopes many people will see the film and remember how important it is to fight for their rights. "We cannot let ourselves continue to be trampled by the Trumps of the world."

Opens August 3, 2012 in New York City at Angelika Film Center. Not rated. Running time: 100 minutes.

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But how did it come out, or is it still a fight in progress? There are no words for what I'm thinking right now. No more Celebrity Apprentice, that's for sure.
Hi Phyllis, I promised the filmmaker I would not give the ending away. It's a good film. If you get a chance, check it out.
Hi Lisa. His is so creepy, creepy, creepy and evil.