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JULY 26, 2010 3:04PM

Huffington Post supports too much woo

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I like Huffington Post for their political coverage. That’s what drew me to them in the beginning. Even as they changed their view point to be harder on the Obama Administration, I still read it every day. However editorial changes over the last few months have pushed me to stop recommending the site and to avoid linking to them in the future.

What changed my mind was when they added a religion section. At first I thought, since it was a liberal blog, it might give a fair shake to religion, instead the first articles I saw were from people bashing so-called “new atheists” and articles supporting creationism. Like the article by David Klinghoffer, from the creation shills the Discovery Institute, blaming Darwin for eugenics and the Nazis.

Then there is the Living section that is full of pseudoscientific crap one sees regularly on Oprah and “The View”. As Joshua Holland wrote:

I’ve long been a critic of HuffPo’s “Living” section, where fake doctors peddle snake oil cures and vaccine conspiracy theorists spread their poisonous misinformation. Those who read the Huffington Post solely for its (usually good) political content often don’t even realize that a couple verticals away is a den of quackery and pseudo science…

But publishing the new agey holistic naturopath crystal-healing Beverly Hills quack-to-the-stars bullshit of Adriana’s good friend’s nutritionist is one (stupid, potentially dangerous) thing. Giving a platform to the anti-science creationist dingbats at The Discovery Institute is a step in a darker direction.

Huffington Post Publishes Creationist Nonsense; Touchy About Criticism

Then today what should I see but in a prominent “above the fold” place a link to a live chat with the “positive thinking” huckster to the stars Tony Robbins. Here is a screen cap:

When it comes to science and medicine I have to insist on the truth and articles based on actual evidence that has been peer reviewed. Sometimes science doesn’t feel good – that isn’t its job. Science is suppose to inform us on the world in which we live.

And as blogger vjack noted:

I admit that I have been slow to act. I was torn because I continue to find excellent political content on HuffPo that I do not always see elsewhere. I have tried to avoid the woo and focus my attention on the good stuff. But now I have reached the point where the quackery simply couldn’t be avoided any longer. It is too pervasive, and it makes me question the credibility of everything else the blog does. PZ is right; it is time to walk away from HuffPo.

Huffington Post is no friend to reality

I agree the quackery taints what is good about HuffPo and so I can’t quote or link to it any longer.

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I must confess, I was recently banned from commenting upon posts by HuffPo. Why? Because, in a casual comment upon an announcement regarding Arianna and Tony Robbins teaming up for some BS crap, I used the terms "ESL dingbat" and "huckster" in the same sentence, without mentioning either of their actual names anywhere within the comment. Ooooh! Me so bad!

Aside from that, in my humble opinion, HuffPo is nothing but a typical tabloid crap rag, no better than anything cranked out by any trash generated by Fleet Street or Rupert Murdoch.

Just because HuffPo dreck is digital doesn't mean it's clean- au contraire- it sucks just as badly as any other filth propagated by the Rupert Murdoch media Propaganda Outlet,
Place has definitely nosedived. Comment sections are sometimes hilarious but even a lot of those have turned into libtard-nazi insult fests. I hadn't been commenting for a long tie and then the other night I couldn't take the Kyl and Mitch wanting to take a look at the 14th ammendment. i
uh, resuming after i somehow so rudely interrupted myself, I left a somewhat snarky comment that the 14th ammendment was kind of the foundation of our rights and freedoms. I even told them it was the 14th SCOTUS quoted to overturn McDonald vs Chicago.
Had not realized so many undocumented haters had infiltrated huffpo. They all claimed under the jurisdiction of specifically meant there could no birthright citizenship. I said that's why there is. Everybody in the world who enters a state is under the jurisdiction and protection of that state. Did not penetrate. Very amazing experience. A couple other posters and I exchanged lines about when did Arianna come out against birthright citizenship. Is she that desperate to get that show with Mary Matalin off the ground? I'd already found out by calling Adrianna Big Boss Lady on one post quite a while ago, that once you dis her, you're cut off for the night which was ok with me.
But even stats did not convince these people. I told one guy you need 2/3 yes votes in Congress just to start it -- with this bought and paid for Senate, anything could happen but I'd flap my arms and end up on a roof before they got 2/3 yes votes on repealing the 14th in the House I don't care if they massacre the Dems this fall. And then if that major mircle occurred you'd need 3/4 yes votes from both congressional houses in 34 states to change it in anyway. Even in an election year you wouldn't get more than 15 states. Well, there was where I wrong because us libtards live in ivy towers and have no idea how many Americans want the 14th repealed. I asked him you'd change America into Poland ( no offense to Poland of course) because of babies? Damn, right he would.
That was enough for me.
Oh, that and I think Blago should be acquitted because the prosecution was so lame een I was embarassed. They'd have been lame in Vermont, but in Chicago this was close to epic suck. I don't know what that jury is trying to get straight, but if i was the foreman, I'd have told them we can be out of here in an hour unless any one of you can tell me the prosecution proved him doing anything beyond being a hothead jerk - still not considered prison offenses yet.
But anyway, this is my two part by mistake, long winded way of agreeing that huffpo has really hit the skids. These days I read Greenwald and Arthur Silber and that's about it. I don't give a flyin about Levi and Bristol and I swear I don't know 99 percent of the "celebrities huffpo is always writing about and if I did know them, why would I care if they were so stupid the wrote FU on their fingernail when they went to court and let somebody photo it? Six momths just for total idiocy.
anyway. yes, huffpo took a wrong turn somewhere and it's more popular than ever and that shuld tell you about all you need to know.