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Douglas Berger
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January 14
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MAY 23, 2012 4:09AM

Dusting Off The Cobwebs Of My Corrs Page

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image of The Corrs
The Corrs

Before I started using WordPress and having a blog, I use to hand code static HTML web pages for my web site. The other day I decided to go through the tribute pages I did for some of the music and film people I like. The first refreshed tribute page is for one of my favorite bands – The Corrs.

When I converted over to a blog the tribute pages were the only ones I didn’t bring over and they have been online so long I really didn’t want to mess around with redirects to move them into the blog. So I am taking each page and rebuilding them from scratch with fresh links, images, and some of the new CSS tricks I’ve learned while building themes for this blog.

Check it out:

image of the masthead for My Little Tribute To The Corrs

You can find links to the other tribute pages in the Other Links box at the bottom of the page. Just remember they won’t all be refreshed yet.

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