Douglas Berger

Douglas Berger
Columbus, Ohio, USA
January 14
Living in the Midwest watching TV and noodling on the computer. This is also a narcissistic attempt to create a cult following to hide my lack of talent and intelligence about a wide range of topics.

image of Scrooge McDuckSome people think the Occupy movement and the issues brought up by the protests is something new. I know I’ve been talking about corporatism and income inequality for many years. While archiving some past writings, I found an essay I wrote in 2003 which has ideas in it that wouldn’t seemRead full post »

image of letter clipartOne of my hobbies is political debate. I would rather debate in person and I often do but I also like using ‘Letters to the Editor’ in local newspapers. Every so often I will read a letter that frankly pisses me off and I have to respond. One such letter inRead full post »

image of The band Jingle Punks Hipster OrchestraElevator music is named for the instrumental arrangements of popular music used in common public spaces like medical offices, stores, and elevators. When I was kid there was a radio station that played a lot of elevator music so whenever I heard instrumental arrangements of popular music I getRead full post »

image of a Woody Hayes impersonatorHerman Cain made a campaign stop at The Ohio State University in Columbus on Wednesday 11/30/11 and a Coach Woody Hayes impersonator introduced him. Woody Hayes endorsing Herman Cain? Is that really appropriate for a public college icon? Does this mean that Brutus Buckeye will be endorsing RomRead full post »

image of President ObamaI found out tonight that the so-called "professional left" has the power to keep President Obama from being re-elected and those on the left who criticize the President, like me, are the enemy. It seems that there are some on the left that wish there was a propaganda machine like weRead full post »

imag of the cast of NBC's CommunityTwo shows I like on NBC are being affected by mid-season schedule changes. “Community†that was on the killer time slot of Thursday at 8 PM has been put on hiatus while new show “Prime Suspect†that was on at 10 PM on Thursdays has been canceled and will only haveRead full post »

NOVEMBER 14, 2011 6:09AM

Louise Brooks: An Icon

image of Louise BrooksToday, November 14th is Louise Brook’s birthday. Although her film career lasted only 5 years, her iconic bob haircut defined the 1920′s flapper culture and influenced film making in the decades since her highpoint in 1929.

Louise Brooks appeared in 24 films between 1925 and 1938.

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NOVEMBER 13, 2011 11:50PM

FOX Lies About Occupy Protests

image of FOX news logo modifiedOn FOX “news†Sunday, the panel decided that the Occupy movement was un-American and maybe even Marxist but during the Tea Party protests FOX “news†fell over itself to promote them. There is no difference between the Occupy movement and the Tea Party protests – in that they both werRead full post »

image of a movie cameraVeteran’s Day is a time to honor and remember all the men and women who have fought for their country. Today also reminds me of some great war movie theme music. In fact a movie about war or the military isn’t the same unless it has some music with power. HereRead full post »

image of Michael Shermer Michael Shermer is founder of The Skeptics Society, and Editor in Chief of its magazine “Skepticâ€. He is a BIG NAME in the freethought community and is well known for debunking pseudoscientific and supernatural claims. Shermer has been an advocate of Scientific skepticism – questioningRead full post »

NOVEMBER 11, 2011 12:41AM

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow…

image of my Dad in uniformOn the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 the guns fell silent across the Western Front in Europe. That’s why we mark November 11th as Veteran’s Day to honor not only our war dead (like my father, pictured on the right) but to celebrate theRead full post »

image of Joe Paterno in happier timesPenn State University has a mess on its hands and many heads rolled as a result – as they should have – but many people on the Internet either falsely claimed that Coach Joe Paterno was accused of molesting the children or that his lack of action upon finding out madeRead full post »

NOVEMBER 7, 2011 1:20AM

One Day Until Ohio Votes No On Issue 2

image of Ohio with a vote no on 2 logoTuesday is election day. Ohioans will be going to the polls to hopefully overturn Senate Bill 5, the massive over reach by cheap labor conservatives to punch unions and public employees as the GOP tries to further enrich their wealthy check signers. Here are a few last minute notes to supportRead full post »

NOVEMBER 5, 2011 5:30AM

The 3 Blind Mice Of Congress

Saw an image on another site of the three Republican leaders in Congress together at a press conference – Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), and Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) – and it gave me an idea for an image that expresses my frustration with the obstructionist GOP. Enjoy!
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Clip art of a TV setNovember is a sweeps month in the TV world. This is one of the four times during the year when local stations have their advertising rates set. They pull out all the stops to increase viewership. My local station tried to create a major case about a Teacher, accused of havingRead full post »

image of a Celtic CrossIreland announced on Thursday that is was closing its embassy at the Vatican – headquarters of the Catholic Church – due to economic reasons. However some believe it was the result of strained relations between the majority Catholic Ireland and the Church over a bad report about thRead full post »

image of the wall of separationThe Republicans really are in their own little world. Instead of trying to help the 99% they instead voted on a “God check†bill titled “H.Con.Res 13 — Reaffirming ‘In God We Trust’ as the official motto of the United States.†The jobs are where…???

The resolution, which went

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image of Utah Trooper Latin CrossesA private non-profit association in Utah, the Utah Highway Patrol Association (UHPA), had been placing 12 foot tall white Latin crosses along roads and highways controlled by the state. The Utah Highway Patrol allowed the UHPA to use the trademark logo of the patrol as well. American AtheistsRead full post »

screencap of Grace Helbig on Attack of the ShowBelieve it or not I’m not hip. When it comes to pop culture I can be slow on the uptake so forgive me if this is not new to you, but Grace Helbig makes the Internet a better ‘place’ to visit.

Grace Helbig is an Internet personality who I like.… Read full post »

I am a big fan of “The Good Wife†on CBS. I love the stories and the case-a-week is interesting. Last night (10/30) in Episode 6 titled ‘Affairs of State’ there was a reunion of sorts. Alan Cumming, who plays Eli Gold, had to work with his character’s ex-wife, played byRead full post »

Image of President Obama speakingJoshua DuBois, Executive Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, responded to two recent citizen petitions asking that ‘In God We Trust’ be removed from the currency and ‘Under God’ be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance. As IRead full post »

OCTOBER 30, 2011 5:12AM

Chuck & Grimm – An Odd Friday Pairing

image of David Giuntoli & Russell Hornsby in 'Grimm'
David Giuntoli & Russell Hornsby in “Grimmâ€

Two NBC shows that were the last to arrive for the fall season started Friday October 28. “Chuck†returned for what will be its fifth and final season. “Grimm†is a new show that is a modern take of the Brother’s Grimm fairy talesRead full post »

image of  Speaker Boehner cryingOn Thursday US House Speaker John Boehner stood before reporters and, in an attempt to deflect growing pressure on his party’s obstruction of President Obama’s jobs plan, demanded the President help pass 15 so-called Jobs bills passed in the House and stuck in the Senate. The bills that BoRead full post »

Poster for the movie The Change-UpI saw the previews for the movie “The Change-Up†and it drew my interest. From the director of “Wedding Crashers†and writers of “The Hangover†I thought how could I lose since I loved both those movies. While not a horrible film, it was not a “Wedding Crashers†or “The HangoRead full post »

OCTOBER 28, 2011 2:47AM

Booger Has Some Rules

Adam and Booger on Rules of Engagement
Adam & Booger!

One of my favorite TV shows, Rules of Engagement (CBS) had great stunt casting for their second episode of their 6th season. I have just one word: Booger!

Curtis Armstrong, who played “Dudley ‘Booger’ Dawson†in four “Revenge of the Nerds†movies, plays himself/… Read full post »