clipart showing a scaleNot only did the recent Burwell v. Hobby Lobby US Supreme Court Decision give corporations religious rights that only individuals had under the 1st amendment, but the decision confirmed the religious have extra-consitutional rights. It’s all because of the Religious Freedom Restoration A… Read full post »

image of a Hobby Lobby store
US Supreme Court said Hobby Lobby owners know more than your doctor

The conservative propaganda machine is trying like mad to minimize the Hobby Lobby court decision. One argument is that women can still get contraceptives, they just have to pay for it. I wish it was that simple. Kind of… Read full post »

image of a the Holy Bible with a warning stickerA link to a post titled ‘Bible Verses That Atheists Love’ showed up in my Facebook feed Monday and just the title made me throw up in my mouth a little. We atheists complain when theists cherry-pick the Bible because they tend to focus on the ‘good’ parts and downplay the… Read full post »

image of two guys out in public with their loaded rifles
Two Dudes With Rifles Who Have Man Issues

There have been news reports of gun nuts walking into various quick service restaurants with assault rifles strapped to their backs like they are on an army patrol in Fallujah Iraq. The incidents have taken place in Texas, where carrying a rifle in… Read full post »

old photo of My grandfather Wilbur C Arrington in 1944
My grandfather, Wilbur C Arrington in 1944

June 6th is the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings on the coast of France. The amazing thing is that the whole operation was kept secret and it was a huge gamble. It was such a gamble that General Eisenhower wrote two letters to… Read full post »

image of Ohio Christian Alliance President Chris Long
Ohio Christian Alliance President Chris Long – a failed political candidate who wants to keep you from voting because – RELIGION!!

It is well known that some fundamentalist Christians, like their Muslim counterparts, The Taliban, don’t want democracy. They want to impose bibl… Read full post »

Undated photo of My 3rd great grandfather Jonathan Lydick (1846- 1914) and his wife Anna Marie (1852 – 1944)
My 3rd great grandfather Jonathan Lydick (1846- 1914) and his wife Anna Marie (1852 – 1944)

Usually during holidays honoring veterans, I like to honor my Dad who served in Vietnam. However, for this year’s Memorial Day, I want to honor my 3rd great grandfather Jonathan Lydick (1846 – 191… Read full post »

MAY 20, 2014 11:00AM

Draw Muhammad Day

Tuesday, May 20, is ‘Draw Muhammad Day’ which is used to point out the restrictions on free speech and open dialogue concerning religion that exist in many countries. Blasphemy is a victimless crime. Blasphemy laws, however, harm real people for having different ideas about religion and faith tha… Read full post »

City council members praying before a meetingThe recent US Supreme Court decision, Town Of Greece, New York v. Galloway, opened the door to ‘legislative’ prayer that can be said at the beginning of a government meeting or event. Although the court said that government can’t proscribe the content of such prayers, it did… Read full post »

The other day conservative talking head Ann Coulter decided to mock the social media effort to spotlight the issue of hundreds of missing girls in Nigeria. Social media didn’t appreciate being mocked so it mocked Coulter. Here is my contribution:

created image of pundit Ann Coulter holding a sign
My Views Are For Sale To The Highest Bidder… Read full post »

Religion in government is okay if it is genericIn a 5-4 decision on Monday, the US Supreme Court said that the Town of Greece New York could open their town council meetings with a religious prayer. The majority on the court held that legislative prayers were not unconstitutional because they were traditional acts performed at government m… Read full post »

Thursday May 1st was the National Day of Reason (and for theists it was the National Day of Prayer). Since the majority of people observe the Day of Prayer, our local newspaper had a story about the God pep rally held on the west plaza of the Ohio Statehouse. A building… Read full post »

Logo for Tree of Life Christian SchoolsThe city of Upper Arlington is a land locked suburb of Columbus Ohio. Because of a lack of room for expansion they have passed ordinances to protect their property tax base by controlling how property can be used. Tree of Life Christian Schools purchased a seven building office complex in 2010… Read full post »

image of the poster for The Punk Singer (2013)The other night I watched the 2013 documentary ‘The Punk Singer’ about the life and times of activist, musician, and cultural icon Kathleen Hanna, lead singer of bands such as Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, and The Julie Ruin. The film blew me away and gave me a huge appreciation of Hanna’s… Read full post »

screencap of Ohio State Senator Cliff Hite and challenger Corey Shankleton explaining what other rights they would like to restrict in the 1st Senate District.
Ohio State Senator Cliff Hite and challenger Corey Shankleton explaining what other rights they would like to restrict in the 1st Senate District.

A news story concerning a Ohio state senate primary race for Republicans caught my eye the other day. I didn’t attend the luncheon hosted by the… Read full post »

APRIL 2, 2014 1:00PM

My Book Is Now Available On Scribd

Dancing in the Banana Factory bookcoverGood news. My book of short stories, ‘Dancing in the Banana Factory’ is now available on is known by most people for being the place to upload documents in order to embed them on websites, but it also has a book subscription service that operates like Netflix –… Read full post »

image of a man and woman arguingA tendency with organized atheists that burns me up sometimes is the need to tone police other atheists. Basically someone will have a problem with how someone says something – especially if it’s provocative or might be offensive to believers or even other atheists. So it might seem ironic… Read full post »

MARCH 29, 2014 8:41PM

Have You Hugged An ABBA Today?

image of the pop group ABBAToday is International ABBA Day marking the 40th anniversary of the single, ‘Waterloo’, that brought international fame for the pop group ABBA. It is also the 15th anniversary of the opening of the musical ‘Mamma Mia!’ that used ABBA songs. Celebrate by enjoying a video for the song Wa… Read full post »

image of billboard with Jesus is Muslim message
Religious Pissing Contest Erupts Over Billboard

This week a group called ‘Ask a Muslim’ put up a billboard on the North side of Columbus that stated ‘Jesus is Muslim’. Of course some evangelical Christians got the vapors. They plan on holding a rally and prayer vigil ag… Read full post »

image with the text Human Rights Are Not Optional
Human Rights Are Not Optional

Back on March 11th, Hemant Mehta, over at his Friendly Atheist blog, had a guest post by Kristine Kruszelnicki that attempted to give some secular arguments against abortion. Naturally Mehta received some heat for the post. However his need to ‘debate’ abortio… Read full post »

image of a Hobby Lobby storefrontThe Hobby Lobby religious exemption to covering contraception case will be heard in the US Supreme Court starting on Tuesday. If corporations are given a right to religious freedom there is no telling how bad this will be for people. One bad result, that hasn’t been reported on by the me… Read full post »

image of a street sign showing Church and State streets crossingThose of us who are concerned about and study separation of church and state issues, here in the US, know that complaints by Christians about religious persecution are, for the most part, fits of fantasy by people on the right. Claims of persecution seem to increase when there are large cultur… Read full post »

images of the Hancock County Ohio commissioners
Hancock County (OH) commissioners (clockwise) Phillip A Riegle, Mark D Gazarek, & Brian J Robertson

It seems the now secretive work of economic development to hide giveaways to corporations who may or may not create any jobs in Ohio has arrived in Hancock County. On Tuesday, the county com… Read full post »

MARCH 11, 2014 1:00PM

My Free School Lunch Horror Story

MARCH 5, 2014 1:00PM

At Midnight Is A Good Time

A screenshot from @Midnight Show
A scene from @Midnight Show

One new show I’ve been digging this winter is @Midnight on Comedy Central. It is shown at Midnight (natch) after The Colbert Report and is hosted by hot Internet star Chris Hardwick. It’s a ‘game show’ made of a panel of three comedians riffing on whatever/… Read full post »