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March 13
Author, performance artist, poet, Dr. Ramona L. Hyman serves as an Associate Professor of English at Oakwood University in Huntsville, AL.


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JUNE 24, 2010 9:40AM

Annie D. Powe-Hyman: A Prayer for My Mom

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My Mom: Today I pray for my Mom. It is the possessive word my followed by the proper noun, yes Mom is a proper noun, that brings me humbly to these pages.

Let me tell you about my Mom. When I was a teenager, she told me that her life belonged to the world. She has spend most of her 76 years as a servant to the world. In elementary school, she was the girl scout leader who took loads of girls (and boys) on educationally stimulating trips. In the North Philadelphia community, she is Momma Hyman, the woman of courage who founded the Temple University's Pan African Studies Community Education Program some thirty-six years ago; for many children in Ghana, she is the queen from America who has taken up the cause of the poor.  For immates at the Gratesford State prison, she has been a positive advocate; for many African students coming to America for an education, she has been the woman who housed them, fed them, nurtured them, became what they needed in America, a mother.  For her brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, she is  Monnie. For her grand children and great grand children, she is the angel that they call nana. 

Today, my Mom is ill in her body: About 8 months ago my Mom was diagonosed with unterine cancer. Her doctor, now I do understand that medicine is not an exact science, explained that all she needed was a hysteretomy, radiation and she would be well. Today, my mother's physical body is not well. The cancer has spread through her body, she is being given medicine  for pain, and she is bedredden. The doctors, who love her dearly and have served her well, have given up.  I want to emphazie that her body is not well; however, her Christian spirit is quite well.  In my sisters home, we can hear the prayes of my mom utter.

My eldest sister and I, Aleah, sat on the steps last night searching for what else we could do.   We talked through the  "maybes," and we pondered the possiblity of healing.  We thought of Jairius daughter.  The doctors saw a dead girl. Jesus saw life. To my mother, I repeat the thoughts of Jesus--"Little girl (MOM) arise" (Luke 8).

Today,  the daughters of Annie D. Hyman, Aleah,  Ramona, and Madeia are praying for our mother to be healed; on Friday, we will have a special healing prayer and fast for her.  I invite you to pray for her also. 

Healing Blessings,


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