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AUGUST 20, 2008 2:32PM

Give that 18 year old a beer

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Recently over 100 presidents of universities and colleges, apparently tired of being surrounded by a bunch of underage lushes, have come out in favor of lowering the drinking age to 18. Their reasoning is that the lure of “forbidden fruit” was creating a culture of binge drinking.


Do you really think a college student has never seen one before?


 Gee, ya think?


Mothers Against Drunk Driving has reacted in a predictably pissy manner, suggesting that parents rethink sending their kids to any college whose president has signed onto the initiative because, according to the president of MADD, “It's very clear the 21-year-old drinking age will not be enforced at those campuses”. Oh come on. I’m thinking this person never went to college, or has a serious case of amnesia.


The college presidents counter that the higher drinking age is counter productive because it drives drinking underground, which prevents them from addressing responsible drinking choices


I think MADD is on the wrong side here. Getting pissy isn’t going to change a very real problem. College drinking is not going to go away and it’s time to pull out heads out of the sand and start educating them. Bring it out of the shadows, take away the whole “I’m so naughty I’m getting shitfaced at 19” angle and make sure there is counseling available. Make drinking uncool, I’m sure any college president worth their salt is capable of squishing a fun time like a bug on a windshield, let’s give them the tools to do it.


My son is 18, and quite frankly I think it is silly that I can give him a gun, but not a martini. He could buy a house, if he had the money. He could fight and due for his country, he could get married, but a beer is out of the question. Sorry but this is just plain stupid. He’s an adult, treat him like one.


This is OK
This is OK


Not OK
This is not OK



Drinking is right up there with Mom, apple pie and flag pins in the American culture. If you watched more than 10 minutes of the Olympics, you have seen the Budweiser commercial with the Dalmatian training the horse to join the hitch team. Here’s a tip, Just Say No doesn’t stack up to ponies and puppies, never has, never will. Can we just admit this and move on to some better solutions?

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Oops, did not realize that Skeptic Turtle had posted on this topic a few hours ago.
I never understood why kids could sign up to learn how to kill people and then be denied a beer. Proponents of the laws will tell you that statistics favor the laws.