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February 25
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APRIL 6, 2012 4:10PM

My Hero - A Portrait of My Father

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16" x 20" Acrylic on Canvas Board


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DuaneArt 2012

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hero, daddy, father, george

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Wonderful. Happy Easter!
Oh, I love this painting! Your Daddy looks like a very kind and loving hero.
I really like the smile...and that your Dad is your hero...
A lot of love went into this one! R
A wonderful tribute to your hero.
Wow, Duane, I really envy your talent. Wonderful paintings.
Everyone should have a hero. Nice work.
Makes me wonder why you started this dedication of one year.Did your dad die of ......?

You have my fullest sympathy.

You are lucky to be able to bring father alive on canvas.
Bravo - he looks kind too. Most people think heroes are just mean and aggressive. But sometimes you get to know the real ones and they are kind.
there is something very likable about him, and he is quite handsome
Great tribute to your Dad. Where ever he is, I bet he's smiling proudly! I would love to know what makes him your hero.....I hope at least one of my kids feels the same way about me. :)
D Art,Admired your work...and that you ρainted your greatest hero..your father..Must be ρroud of you...Best of luck with your work..and a Haρρy Easter!!!Rated with admiration....both on works and feelings..
a true heroes rendering — your year's journey has enlightened us all.
Every week, I think "this" is my favorite. But truly. What a wonderful portrait, I am so glad to see you in the corner and the resemblance, what a nice photo.
That you used the term Daddy made me tear up, as I go back to that childhood term in my mind whenever I see a photo of my dad, touched my heart.
I love how you show the detail. It gives me a better idea of the work that goes into each painting. I'm guessing a lot of love went into this one too.
Your photo has the same sweetness around the mouth. Your affection for him is palpable in this portrait. He looks like a friendly character from a child's picture book. It's a lovely tribute.
Just beautiful. The love you feel is evident.

Who will it be next week???
Wow One more to go. Amazing series. I await next week...
Your writing (yes, it's been a while, but some of us still remember) spoke of your complex but loving relationship with your father. It's wonderful to have a face to put with the words.

And I like how your shift in avatar highlights certain similarities...
Beautiful, somehow I have missed the others, now I will go back and view them all.
rated with love
I have a feeling this looks exactly like your father. I look at each brush stroke and marvel at how it all comes together.

I love it. He has kind eyes, and a gentlemanly bearing.